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29 September 2009

Coming Soon... New Items at the Blackstar Store

The Avril Lavigne Blackstar Store will be coming soon, with two new additions which you can see above. Thoughts?

28 September 2009

DKNY Collector? Read!

I have noticed some DKNY items from the first season do not have DKNY on the tag, instead they say "Pretty in Pink". Are they really from DKNY?

The answer is... no, and yes. Although the tag does not indicate that those items are from DKNY, it is because Pretty in Pink had a bunch of stuff that read "Inspired by DKNY" (or something similar) shortly before Stardoll decided to open the DKNY store. The items disappeared from Pretty in Pink and moved to where they really belonged. So, actually, the pieces have the same value as the ones with the DKNY tag.

This was just to clear things up for collectors. These pieces are DKNY, but they do not have the tag, so go ahead and buy them... if you only buy DKNY because of the label, then that's another thing.

Stardoll versus GirlsGoGames.com

More adventures in the land of Copyright! Remember the 3 dresses above, which were supposed to be released when Stardoll reached 40 million members?

Where are they now? The only explanation so far is that Stardoll ripped off the dresses from GirlsGoGames.com. Or maybe, the other way round - we'll never know for sure. So, probably they had to pull off the dresses to avoid a lawsuit. Although I'm pretty sure Stardol would not miss any of the money lost. The new LE, Miss Sixty, and Red Carpet items were major sellouts!

Who is to blame?


1. There's a very similar looking Hermés Birkin on the Spoilers. Thoughts?

2. The LE Spring/Summer 2009 Necklace is still missing... apparently, it is the one below. I personally don't like it, but do you?

3. Still want to buy the Red Carpet red bow, from the Luella Spring 2010 runway? Well, you can - but hurry! You will find it on Splendid in the Headwear section, for a whopping $10. However, this piece was supposed to vanish from the StarPlaza today, so it won't last long! There's also a glitch on the tag - the headband is not inspired by Josh Goot!

September Sale Finds

This month's sale isn't really great, but you can still find some amazing finds (a Balmain dress for $4, for example). See them above!

Coming Soon... Baby Phat

Baby Phat, the brand by Kimora Lee Simmons, is coming to the StarPlaza soon! Check out some spoilers above. The brand will feature great jeans, awesome bags and cute logowear. Will you buy?


After a though decision we are not closing down!

Moving on to what happened this week...

- Miss Sixty has finally arrived! It's superstar only and prices range from $6 for a bangle to $30 for a dress!

- The October HotBuys have arrived! Check them out here!

- There will be more Kohl's coming on the October 1st! Stay tuned!

- There's a Sale at the Starplaza! A post with great deals is coming soon!

- Baby Phat's coming soon to Stardoll! A post with spoilers is coming soon!

Keep checking Club Free Stuff for posts about daily Stardoll Free Stuff, News, Spoilers, and much more! Thanks to everyone who supported and still supports us!

26 September 2009

Do you want to run the blog? IF SO, READ!

Firstly, thank you all SO MUCH for the amazing support.

To everyone who owns the blog, it will be 100% yours - you can change everything, if you want to!, but you'll need to follow these standards:

- post daily, or at least when there's free stuff, new Real Brand/Limited Edition StarPlaza releases, important Stardoll news, etc.
- have a good writing. No grammar errors, please!
- Be nice to every follower and member (of course!).
- Avoid the blog becoming a total mess!

You can:
- invite new writers
- change the layout
- do every kinds of contests!
- Remember, the blog will be yours!

You can't:
- change the blog's purpose. Remember, it's Club FREE Stuff, not Club Fashion Stuff.
- copy other blogs. ALWAYS tell from which blog you've got information, or pictures!
- Always feature members who told you about free stuff or news.

Apart from that, you can have the blog for 2 one-month-only superstar codes, one for me and another for marudoll. No fake codes please. And remember, first come, first served!

Contact me (soovintage) through a friend request with the following text: "I want to own Club Free Stuff". If you write a long text about how much you want to own it, I'll delete the request! If you are my friend already, just dollmail me with the same text.

Passwords - both from the blog and from Twitter - will be disscussed via dollmail.

Go to my suite clicking here.

With love, soovintage.

23 September 2009


Hey guys!

I must say, Club Free Stuff has been a wonderful experience, and it was a lot of fun for me and marudoll. However, good things come to an end. We are super busy with school right now, and between other issues, we don't find the time to keep the blog updated, without feeling we are doing it for obligation rather than pleasure.


Yes, we are closing down - however, it doesn't mean me or marudoll won't be around on Stardoll anymore. So, feel free to talk, chat, whatever on guestbook or dollmail with us!

And... does someone want the blog? Contact me or marudoll!

xx soovintage

21 September 2009

LE Fall/Winter 2009 is OUT!

LE has brought once again what is possibly the most coveted pieces in Stardoll. Clothes inspired by Marc Jacobs, Louis Vuitton, Balmain, Chanel, Alexander Wang, Rodarte and many more, from prices that start at $30 for a cuff and end in $275 for a dress.
Our must-haves?
- Chanel bag, $175
- Single Shoulder Sequin Dress, $275
- Blue strapped boots, $100
Will you buy?


Go there and buy until it's sold out!

Review coming soon

20 September 2009

LE: Coming Tomorrow?

LE is closed for renovation... and also there's a big rumor that LE might be coming tommorrow, so start selling clothes and saving cash!

More LE Spoilers! + Where's the LE Necklace?

Thanks to kurd_sava I realized I missed some beautiful items that are soon coming to the Starplaza! The dresses are inspired by House of Holland, Alexander Wang, Balmain and Markus Lupfer.

But... remember the LE Necklaces? We got one for every LE Collection - except the Spring/Summer one. Will we get it? What will it look like? Because I can't find it on the Spoilers...

19 September 2009

LE Mail


18 September 2009

Coming Soon... Moxie Girlz Free Stuff

Marc by Marc Jacobs and Betsey Johnson items available for everyone!

UPDATE 19/09: Everything has gone superstar, and it will be available until 20/09.

What a surprise! Not only we have got loads of inspired by designer items on the LE Spoilers, but now everyone can buy dresses from Betsey Johnson and Marc Jacobs' spring 2010 runway shows - to see them, go to style.com.

You can also buy a Marc by Marc Jacobs headband and shoes, and a Betsey Johnson belt and shoes.

However, the prices are not so friendly: $17 for a dress? I know it's designer and it has a really good quality, but why so much?

Will you pay? If you do, hurry because Stardoll has had some serious copyright cases....


Start saving your Stardollars, because LE Fall/Winter 2009 is coming soon! With items inspired by Louis Vuitton, Rodarte, Marc Jacobs, House of Holland, Christian Lacroix, Chanel, Christian Louboutin and more, I'm sure it's going to be an instant sell out - so stay tuned!
What do you think?
by marudoll

15 September 2009


Stardoll has reached 40 Million Members!!

However, the only FREE thing is a 40 Million Members sign (thank you Mia) - you have to pay for furniture, and what's more, the tops are only for superstars! WHAT?


13 September 2009

BIG Copycat Alert

There's another site copying Stardoll! But this time, it's not just a dress: it's everything! Look and see for yourselves:

gamesbunch.com has had this Ashley Tisdale clothes for a while now, and I'm surprised no one has noticed that the doll's body and face features looks very similar as Stardoll's. Also, the clothes are almost all the same, except for some that have been recolored or modified. Even the background is the same as Stardoll's Bohemian Interior!


Thanks to anneke-de-hamer

12 September 2009


Hey Everyone,
Currently I'm facing some connection problems so I won't be able to post.

To get the Free FAME Stuff, just go to daveproxy.co.uk, put stardoll.com/en/cinema, log in, wait a few seconds & then log out.

I'll tell you when I'll be back.

- soovintage

09 September 2009

Coming Soon... Free Fame Stuff

Coming Soon... free fame Stuff, from the new movie! Do you think we'll get to join a club? Do you like the clothes?

08 September 2009

Coming Soon... 40 Million Members + More

We are reaching 40 Million Members soon, and obviously, we are getting some clothes to celebrate. Will this dress be free? Because I wouldn't pay for this shapeless dress. The spoiler below looks much better:
80's Rock'n'Roll-ish outfits, with sequins, over-the-knee boots and studs. Do you like them? I sure do!

07 September 2009

FREE Pet Awards Poster

You can get a FREE Pet Awards poster following this steps, if you're not from the UK:
1. Use a manual proxy, like port 80 (learn how to use a manual proxy here). If it doesn't work check more proxies on the sidebar! Or use goproxing.com, however I'm not sure if it's safe.
2. Log into stardoll.
You have it!

HURRY! Non-Superstar Hot Buys Dress!

The Rainbow Hot Buys Dress has been released for non-superstars. It still costs $15, which is so bad, but hey, at least everyone can buy it!

I'm sure it's a glitch, since it's tagged as a 30 Million Members clothing. So if you want it, hurry!

BARGAIN: Brazilian Independence Clothes

The clothes from the limited Brazilian Independence line range from $1 to $3, and they are BARGAIN BUYS! The over-the-knee boots follow one of Fall's hottest trends, and the militar-like tops and skirt remember me a lot of the obvious militar influence seen on the runways.

New Kohl's In The Shop!

... The prices are somehow more expensive, but the clothes are awesome! Do you think this means Kohl's will stay for a while, or will it leave soon?
Also you can find old Kohl's clothes if you search in colors (thanks co0ol_soso)
Thanks Glossy87, co0ol_soso,

06 September 2009

Have you noticed...

... that we're soon reaching 40 million members? Thanks to Shloggy

... that there's a new gift, a Blue Shooting Star? thanks monrose4ever

04 September 2009

FREE Lilac PSP Bag

Just go into schoolunlock.info and type: stardoll.com/en/campaigns/psp. Log in, then log out - you have the Lilac PSP bag!

Thanks to: christina_candy and monrose4ever and crabsgetsmart

Coming Soon More Kohl's!

What do you think?

By marudoll

03 September 2009

Stardoll vs. Kipling

Browsing through the Spoilers, I noticed this hoodie from the Space Oddity theme. What is interesting, is that the monkey on the lower right looks really similar to the nylon backpacks brand Kipling's logo.


02 September 2009

Hot Buys Beret: Non-Superstar!

Finally, a Hot Buys item everyone is able to buy - for cheap! This Sonia Rykiel Beret costs $5, and you can find it under New. Do you think Stardoll will make it superstar, just like Philosophy shoes? Or is it the next step towards more non-superstar "rights"?

NEW Space Oddity Styled Outfits

Stardoll Says: Space Oddity has the tightest body dresses and sharpest shouldered jumpsuits in the galaxy. It’s time to explore a universe smothered in sequins and bathed in body con dresses – featuring strong shoulders , slim silhouettes , audacious prints and alien colors.

Club Free Stuff Says: In the new Space Oddity Styled Outfits, you can expect jackets á la Michael Jackson - and his doll, sequins, silver and gold, and an obvious 80's influence, including Balmain! Also, neon colors and David Bowie!

What you say: post in comments!

FREE Jonas Brothers Poster & Drum Set!

You can get the FREE Poster by going to daveproxy.co.uk and entering www.stardoll.com/cinema into the Proxy URL bar, then log in & close the window. If you believe it's a risky website, just use another UK manual or normal proxy in the sidebar.

To get the FREE Drum set, use the manual proxy port 80, then go to http://www.stardoll.com/en/cinema/?id=103, log in & log out.

Did it work?Image via The Stardoll Insiders

01 September 2009

Coming Soon... Interior (?)

Found it on the Spoilers. They're too big to be interiors, and too good, so what do you think they are?
UPDATE: Thanks to anniehjj1997, you now can buy the second interior. It's called High School Cafeteria.

FREE Wizards on Deck TV

To get this Wizards on Deck Disney TV, log into Stardoll with myproxy.ca (but beware, since the page can give you a virus) or schoolunlock.info.
Did you get it? & Thanks to Chryspi, crabsgetsmart, _doll_face,