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02 September 2009

NEW Space Oddity Styled Outfits

Stardoll Says: Space Oddity has the tightest body dresses and sharpest shouldered jumpsuits in the galaxy. It’s time to explore a universe smothered in sequins and bathed in body con dresses – featuring strong shoulders , slim silhouettes , audacious prints and alien colors.

Club Free Stuff Says: In the new Space Oddity Styled Outfits, you can expect jackets á la Michael Jackson - and his doll, sequins, silver and gold, and an obvious 80's influence, including Balmain! Also, neon colors and David Bowie!

What you say: post in comments!


  1. This is like the 20th 80s theme they've done. YAWN.

  2. ahhaha okay so in the space styled outfits thing on stardoll the third page.
    uuuum . haha that suit look SUUPER FUNNY why is there fire in that part?

  3. LOL i just notice the fire is in a strange place..lmao like he farted or something :D so funny

  4. is i just be that think the ginger person in a dress looks like a dude?