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15 January 2010

FREE America's Next Top Model Dress & Coat

EDIT: Seems like we're going to get ANTM free stuff every week? Keep tuned to see! We should watch the video every week...

You can get these free America's Next Top Model clothing if you live in the UK and go to stardoll.com/en/cinema and watch the entire video. If you don't live there....

1. Go to goproxing.com
2. On the Proxy URL bar, type: stardoll.com/en/cinema
3. Log into your doll
4. Wait a few seconds (edit: in some computers if you wait 3 minutes you get the coat too!), then close the window
5. You now have the dress!

To have the coat, you'll need to watch the entire video with a manual proxy:
- Port 3128
- Port 8085
- Port 80
- Port 9090
- Port 8080
If you know one that works, please tell us on comments!

The coat comes as a gift, and the dress is in a bag.

Thanks to Underneath Stardoll


  1. I get the coat with the last proxy

  2. I get it too.
    thanks so much!


  3. what is number?i get only dress,