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02 September 2009

FREE Jonas Brothers Poster & Drum Set!

You can get the FREE Poster by going to daveproxy.co.uk and entering www.stardoll.com/cinema into the Proxy URL bar, then log in & close the window. If you believe it's a risky website, just use another UK manual or normal proxy in the sidebar.

To get the FREE Drum set, use the manual proxy port 80, then go to http://www.stardoll.com/en/cinema/?id=103, log in & log out.

Did it work?Image via The Stardoll Insiders


  1. I want the drumset badly, i tried using the manual proxy for it but i only get the poster, no drums. i'll try again later.

  2. I put the drumkit in storage, and it disappeared, and it won't come back, wtf? Tbh i'm not really bothered cause i don't even like the jonas brothers but...

  3. omg the same things happened to me too!

    now my storage is just showing an empty space!

  4. There is no more a video from the Jonas Brothers it is away and I didn't get the poster or drums :(
    Xx JoJo_2805

  5. I went back on today and the drumkit is there now! Wierd... x3

  6. i put the drum set in storage and when i went to the other room to put it there i opened the storage and didn't find it the i tried the manual proxy and watched the video agian but it didnt work even though i hate them i want the drum set plz help me!!!!!

  7. thats long time ago by the i'm

    MileyCyrus345_1 on stardoll