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30 June 2009

Fresh & Fabulous New Elle Spoilers!

I am absolutely head over heels (and how fabulous these heels are!) in love with the new Elle Spring 2009 collection.
And you'll ask why? Not only because they feature pieces from Louis Vuitton's Spring show, a Chloé-inspired hot pink blazer, and that fierce Lady GaGa corset, or those amazing heels, or those refreshing colours (which means a lot, from what we've seen lately on the StarPlaza), but I really love and appreciate the quality of these clothes. They are very well done, look extremely real - like I could feel the texture of that deep gold Louis Vuitton skirt, or the amazing green ostrich leather of the bag -, and are very high up the normal Stardoll Clothing Standards.
I'm sure that if this was LE - let's admit it, the level of quality is LE worthy and so are some clothes - it would be gone in 3 blinks. I'm sure I'll see lots of members trying to "get the runway look", "being creative", or the thing I love the most, "trying to think so out of the box that it will look like a desperate fashion citizen wannabe".
But what about the price? ELLE has been well known for being a chic but cheap Real Brand, but with this highly coveted pieces, will Stardoll milk the cow while they can? I'm sure they will, but let's hope this time it won't be like that!

27 June 2009

Fashion Rocks Stockholm Dresses

The Fashion Rocks StockHolm Dresses are here, and available for everyone! They cost $7, and they are okay.

I'm going with the blue one, it reminds me of YSL. You?

26 June 2009

FREE Flowers

Go to the StarPlaza, search Pink, and on page 5 you'll find these flowers. Buy them, and when you go back to your suite, you still have your money!

UPDATE: Since the June Monthly Sale has ended, I reccomend trying this with a spare account first!

FREE Princess Protection Program Top & More!


New Shop: Basics!

New Shop! The Basics store! It is, basically, a store which features basic and cheap clothing in different colors. I think it's genius! It is available for everyone, which is great because non-superstars can create a wide range of outfits if they buy 6 pieces!
There are totes, tops, dresses, shoes, skirts, pants, etc. and the cheapest price is $1 and the highest, $5.
I think it's great that Stardolls is starting to realize that more than half of those 33 million are not superstar and that there is not a wide range of basic but colorful clothes for them (Stardoll Shop: grey, black or white, so dull)!
What do YOU think?

NEW Play & Earn Game

The NEW Play & Earn game is about guessing where is each country, pretty easy and fun.


24 June 2009

Top Sale Buys

Weird Spoilers...


Marc by Marc Jacobs Bag on the Shop!

Who doesn't love Marc by Marc Jacobs? Their bags are simple, chic, and cheap. And I couldn't be happier when I found that the new RIO Day Bag is, in fact, the Classic Q Grovee Bag! Slightly different, of course, but it is pretty obvious what was in Stardoll's mind.

To more non-superstar designer bags, go to Stardoll Shop, where you can find the "Logo Bag" for $5 which in fact is from Louis Vuitton, or to Stardoll Boys where you can find another Louis Vuitton tote for $4.

Did you buy this bag?

Vivienne Tam is HERE!

The Vivienne Tam Spring Collection is here, and I love it. I think it is femenine, floral, and some accesories bring the edgy touch.

Of course everything is SuperStar, but the highest price is $22 - not too bad, comparing to Philosophy. Also, the quality of the clothing is perfect, not like Philosophy, too.

What do you think about the new Vivienne Tam? Did you buy anything? And is it fair for it to be Superstar-only?

23 June 2009

FREE Simple Swimsuit & Hat

Get your Simple FREE Swimsuit and Hat by following these steps:

1. Type http://www.simple.co.uk/stardoll/?u= (after the =, put your User ID, which can be found in My Account/Account Settings. DO NOT put your username!) in your URL bar.
2. You'll be redirected to a Simple website in which you have to fill a form. You can use fake info, just fill it!
3. Once you click "Submit" go back to your Stardoll Suite. You will find a 2 Simple Bags!

No need to use a UK Proxy!
Did it work for you?
Consegui tu Bikini y Sombrero GRATIS de Simple siguiendo estos pasos:
1. Escribi http://www.simple.co.uk/stardoll/?u= (despues del =, pone tu User ID, que está en Mi Cuenta/Opciones. NO ESCRIBAS TU USERNAME!), en tu barra URL.
2. Ahora estás en la página web de Simple. Llená el formulario, podés usar información falsa!
3. Cuando hacés click en "Submit", volvé a tu Suite. Listo!
No es necesario usar una Proxy del Reino Unido!
Lograste conseguir las cosas gratis?

Coming Soon... Jonas Brothers Stuff

Also found in the Spoilers... Jonas Brothers Stuff! I'm sure the poster and the top will be free, but the guitar...?


What's Next... Stardoll Babies??

This is so weird! BABIES? ON STARDOLL? Will Stardoll make babies which we can buy and care for? And will we pay to buy them and feed them? Unless we get some kind of reward for this, I don't think it will be very succesfull.

What's Next? Stardoll Marriages? We could request to marry some member of the opposite gender (of course Stardoll won't allow same-sex marriages), and if the other person agrees, both pay to have a "legal Stardoll certificate", and we would get a wedding dress for free, and every month we could get extra $$ because of the marriage!

Not such a bad idea, don't you think?

Coming Soon... Free (?) Princess Protection Program Dress

Found in the Spoilers... This Princess Protection Program dress worn by Demi Lovato in the Disney Movie. I believe it'll be free, since we already got an "invitation" to watch it in the Cinema... maybe on French or Australian servers?

What do you think?

Coming Soon... Vivienne Tam Shop

Thanks to Stardoll's Top Designers we can see what will the Vivienne Tam Shop will look like.... what do you think?

22 June 2009

Coming Soon...

I loove this spoilers, specially that leather jacket!

And why is there a Brazil Flag clutch? Accordind to Wikipedia, on the 24th June there is a Holiday called "Festa De Sao Joao".... maybe we'll get more than only a clutch? And will it be free?

Opinions please!

Louis Vuitton Tote, Non-Superstar

You can get this RARE Louis Vuitton Tote for only $4... I already bought it!

HotBuys Skirt: Non-Superstar!

Stardoll is being generous lately, as I said before! An addition to non-superstar clothes, we can get this HotBuys beautiful, trendy skirt by.... $12!! I am a sucker for purple, pencil skirts and HotBuys so I bought it, but will you?

What do you think?

Coming Soon... Vivienne Tam Spring 2009

I love these Vivienne Tam Spoilers! And you know what this means... it's arriving soon to the StarPlaza!

UPDATE: According to this previous post, we will get Vivienne Tam before or on the 24th of June! That's in... TWO DAYS!!!

More Hotbuys...

Check: http://hotbuysbazaar.blogspot.com/2009/06/other-summer-2009-hotbuys.html

Non-Superstar NEW StarDesign Shape

Get this $6 Available For Everyone Bikini at the Stardesign... hurry, tomorrow it might be Superstar!

July HotBuys

- Sun Hat, Bisou, 1 July

- Pants, Pretty in Pink, 3 July, Inspired By Topshop

- Record Necklace, Splendid, 7 July, Inspired by Rock n' Retro

- Ruffle Bikini, Pretty in Pink, 10 July, Inspired by Marc by Marc Jacobs

- 80's Dress, Bisou, 15 July, Inspired by Topshop

- Tiger Body, Rio, 17 July, Inspired by Topshop

- Plastic Purse, Bisou, 21 July, Inspired by Jimmy Choo

- Sandals, Folk, 23 July

- Jumpsuit, Fudge, 28 July, Inspired by H&M

- Gold Platforms, Rio, 30 July
What do you think about July's HotBuys?

21 June 2009

What's next?: Callie on Twitter

I know this is late news, but I wonder, what's next for Stardoll? They had (wait, they still have) ads everywhere, they have real-life gossip from Posh24 on the magazine and now they have a Twitter account!

In fact it is Callie.Stardoll's Twitter. No, no Stardoll news or updates... she only posts about what she bought on the StarPlaza or new Stardoll features with links to the Shop or Stardoll. Didn't get it? It's just another way to make people join Stardoll.
Now What's Next? Maybe we could have StarBlogs! But not the diary-like ones which we already have, but a real mini-blog! Opinions?
See Callie's Twitter clicking here.
by marudoll

20 June 2009

Decades: No Longer Superstar

First Stardoll, then StarDesign, and now Decades: Stardoll is making up for all their Superstar-only, expensive clothes, turning things non-superstar and giving us free stuff!

What do you think?
Thank you sposha123

18 June 2009

FREE Sunglasses!

Get your FREE Sunglasses, just go to the StarPlaza, click on "New". They are there!

Consegui tus anteojos GRATIS yendo a la StarPlaza, haciendo click en "Nuevo". Están ahí!

Coming Soon... Pamela Anderson Doll

Pamela Anderson Coming Soon.... thank you Stardoll's Top Designers

MidSummer Clothes & Furniture

Grab this summery, cheap and available for everyone beautiful clothes on the Shop, just clicking on "New"! And you can also get cheap and non-superstar furniture on the MiniShop!
What do you think?

New Hairstyles & Face Features!

Stardoll is being generous lately! Just check out the latest Spoilers, the new clothes from Midsummer, or the new Styled Outfits!

So, we got 4 new hairstyles which are from the Dance Attitude doll, Cascada, Lena Gercke 2 and Georg Listing! And 1 new nose and 2 lips....

What do you think about them?
Thank you kurd_sava, petshop110

FREE Dress

Get your FREE Dress by going to the Starplaza, click under new, and then you'll find this dress who won the Water Competition!
Consegui tu vestido GRATIS! Solo anda a la Starplaza, hace click en Nuevo y encontraras este vestido que gano la Competicion Under Water!
Thank you Celina.Stardoll!

17 June 2009

We Love... Striped Shades

Just like we told you yesterday, the Striped Shapes are here to cause major damages! Stylish Stardoll users were seen sporting them, but babuci1992, *hara-ken*, and biroi4itu_be got the cool look.
*hara-ken* looks parisian chic in this ensemble, but the shades gave it a summer-y feel to it. The pink details also pop in this black outfit. To get the look, buy the Markus Lupfer "Darling" Dress, the DKNY Runway Tights, and the black boots. Not superstar? Buy a black top, a black skirt, the Voile Tights, the boots, the shades and pink or red accesories, and you're ready to go! Outfit Highlight: making the color pink pop, and bringing a summery feel with them.
biroi4itu_be looks unique in this outfit, with those animal print tights and summer's it sunglasses. She wore a Candie's Dress, animal-print DIY tights, and a DKNY HeadBand. You can get the look by wearing some cool leggins or tights which stand out from your outfit, a Splendid headband, and of course, the sunglasses. Outfit Highlight: the mix of styles in just one outfit, from preppy to unique to summery. Loving the tights!
babuci1992 looks trendy and girly in her outfit, which has bows, daring cuts, and a pink, black and white mix. She wore the Bow Swimsuit, a vintage Surf Skirt, the DKNY Marina Print Bag, the ASOS Bow Necklace, and the LE Charm. How can you look like her? Grab the pink Striped Sunglasses, mix black & pink, add some bows here and there, and don't forget those "daring cuts"! Outfit Highlight: making black & pink look girly, summery and daring in a tasteful way.
What do you think about this new trend?

Coming Soon.. Picks Of The Day

Picture from Stardoll i my
I love these picks of the day! I really like the 24.06 Shoes, they are awesome. What do you think?

16 June 2009

Coming Soon... Walk on the Beach Styled Outfits

Thank You Stardoll's Top Designers

Coming Soon... Walk On The Beach Styled Outfits. It looks like a "tribal punk" sort of theme, and also it features the glasses that will be all the rage - check more spoilers here!

What do you think about this theme?

Coming Soon... Summer Spoilers

Summer is here and the summer clothes Stardoll will store in their shops will be here soon.
Spoiler #1: Bathing Suits. Stardoll gives us 3 different styles to wear in our pool, from preppy and daring with the bright strapless bathing suits which come with lovely bows. Then, you can be a retro babe with the 50's-inspired black and white bikini, or choose to be classic and elegant with the white trikini. Or, if you want to be a total rebel choose the black, but at the same time colorful trikini which has daring cuts and colorful tribal prints.
Spoiler #2: Heel Love. Stardoll chooses heels this sumer with these 3 versatile shoes: wear them with a beach-inspired outfit or wear them like you're strutting in New York's streets.
Summer's IT Glasses: Remember last year when the Pop Sunglasses became all the rage? They were cheap, available for everyone, came in a bunch of colors and every celebrity was wearing them. They are still available in Splendid, and I guess Stardoll is still getting a good amount of money for them. Well, seems like the IT glasses trend will come back: you can now get Kanye West's sunglasses in pink, black, white, green, yellow and blue, and if you are not too keen on that look you can also choose these vintage looking sunglasses, which also come in blue and brown.
Are you excited for Stardoll's Summer Releases?

15 June 2009

Bye Bye DIY!

The "oh-so-fabulous", "artsy", "Luella and Lanvin inspired" DIY Boutique is now gone. But really, is anyone going to miss it? Typically, it was Superstar only, so non-superstars don't care a lot. Then, the ones who could buy it also didn't care too much about it - sure, it was a new shiny thing to play with a while ago, but did you ever see someone wearing DIY after its release? And I'm sure it was pretty cheap, but if you realize, if one half of a basic dress costs $3 and the other half part of the basic dress is $6, you're paying $6 for a basic and ordinary dress, just one StarDollar less than other beautiful and unique dresses you can find in the StarPlaza.

And, have you ever found something in your wardrobe that can pull of a DIY Boutique garment? Yes, DIY just matches DIY. Except, of course, for the flowers, clips, and studs, which actually were useful. However, those pieces are hot this season, and I'm sure you'll later regret spending $1o on clips. Also, the clothes are hot, runway-inspired NOW, not next season - and, as seen before with DKNY, Philosophy and Vivienne Tam, I bet it would have taken a while for Stardoll to give us more trendy DIY pieces next season.

So, really, is DIY going to be missed? I don't know. Not many people could actually pull off the pieces, and the ones who can just wore them once when it was all the rage. Then, the prices who look cheap but really aren't, and not really "unique" and "trendy" pieces. I think that although some creative Stardoll users will miss these store, most of us aren't. Will you?

However, you can still buy some pieces by search in StarPlaza. Example: search yellow and look out in pages 5 or 6. I guess Stardoll still wants our money.

by marudoll

FREE Hannah Montana Dress

English: Just days ago we posted about the FREE Hannah Montana T-Shirt, and now you can also get the FREE Hannah Montana Dress following this steps:
1. Go to a French Proxy. Two great proxies are 123proxy.info and http://www.proxy-gratuit.fr/
2. Type stardoll.com/en/cinema in the Proxy URL Bar.
3. Now you're in the Cinema. Log in.
4. Wait a few seconds, then log out.
Now log in again in your normal browser, and you have the FREE Dress!

Also French users can participate to win Stardollars, and you just need to Dress Up Miley!

Español: Algunos dias atrás te mostramos cómo conseguir la Remera GRATIS de Hannah Montana, y ahora te mostramos como conseguir el Vestido GRATIS de Hannah Montana siguiendo estos pasos:

1. Anda a una Proxy Francesa. Podes ir a 123proxy.info o a http://www.proxy-gratuit.fr/
2. Escribi stardoll.com/en/cinema en la barra URL de la página proxy.
3. Ahora estas en el Cinema. Entra en tu doll.
4. Espera algunos segundos y salí de tu doll.
Ahora tenés el vestido!

Stardolls Francesas tienen la oportunidad de participar en un concurso y ganar Stardollars. Lo único que hay que hacer es vestir a Miley Cyrus!

Thank you / gracias .scherzinger.

Coming Soon... Money Bags and Gifts... AGAIN?

Again, we get a spoiler of this "money bags" and gifts, which we later found out that were gifts new members got. But, really, what do you think these are for?

13 June 2009

StarDesign Top: No Longer Superstar

This $8 StarDesign Top that was released with the Carpe Denim Theme is now available for everyone! I love this top but I love that Stardoll is finally recognizing non-superstar's rights! You can check other SuperStar-no longer items clicking here.

Stardoll Store: No Longer SuperStar

Certain items from the Stardoll Store, including the Lady GaGa High-Waisted Nude Skirt and the Rare Olsen Twins Leather Jacket, are no longer Superstar. Yay! What do you think? Is this a glitch? Or is Stardoll finally realising that non-superstars exist too?

12 June 2009

FREE Hannah Montana T-Shirt

Wow! So many Free Stuff Lately!
Well, you can get this FREE Hannah Montana T-Shirt by following this steps:
2. Type stardoll.com/en/cinema on the Proxy URL Bar
3. Log In
4. Wait a few seconds, then logout.

Wow! Tantas cosas gratis!
Para conseguir la Remera GRATIS de Hannah Montana, segui estos pasos:
2. Escribi stardoll.com/en/cinema en la barra Proxy de links
3. Entra en tu doll
4. Espera algunos segundos, y luego sali.

11 June 2009

FREE Water!

You can get your FREE water (yes, water) by clicking on the Start Page "Water" add and writing a haiku. Easy, huh? Will you ever put this water thing on your suite?
IF YOU CANNOT ACCESS THE PAGE GO TO http://www.stardoll.com/en/campaigns/water/index.php/!!
Consegui tu agua GRATIS (sí, agua) haciendo click en cualquier propaganda de la campaña "Agua", y escribiendo un Haiku. Facil, no? Usarias esta "agua" en tu suite?
(Thank you/gracias monrose4ever & marie.antoinete)

10 June 2009

Coming Soon.. Princess Protection Program

On Stardoll i my I checked out this Spoiler from Disney Channel's upcoming movie Princess Protection Program. What do you think we will get? Stardoll never made such a thing for a Disney Channel movie, so it better be special!

FREE Confessions of a Shopaholic Disney Video Player + More

Picture from The Stardoll Life


Some days ago we posted about this Disney Video Player on the Spoilers page. Now, the mistery is solved: it is a FREE Video Player from Confessions of a Shopaholic! An actual video player, where you can play videos! But, how can you get it?

Hace ya un tiempo hablamos sobre el Disney Video Player en los Spoilers. En realidad es un Video Player GRATIS de la película Loca Por Las Compras (en inglés Confessions of a Shopaholic)! Pero, como se consigue?

Picture from The Stardoll Life
Well, if you are from the USA, just open the "Stardoll Newsletter" dollmail and click on the "Find Out More" arrow, with takes you to the Disney Club. Then, join the club. But if you're not from the USA, go to myproxy.ca, put "stardoll.com/en/clubs/home.php?id=1288416/" on the Proxy URL bar, log in, join the club, and log out. You now have the DVD player!
Si sos de EEUU, sólo abri el mail "Stardoll Newsletter" de Stardoll y hace click en la flecha, que te lleva al Disney Club. Unite al club, y listo! Pero si no sos de EEUU, anda a myproxy.ca, pone "stardoll.com/en/clubs/home.php?id=1288416/" en la barra de Proxy. Cuando ya estas en el club, entra en tu doll y unite. Listo!

But there's more. When the club reaches a certain amount of members, you get prizes which include StarDollars and Confessions Of A Shopaholic Accesories which cost $4 and $5 on the StarPlaza! And you can also join the Scenery Competition to win an....
I think I will die. The competition is USA only... lucky guys!
Y todavía hay más: cuando el club tiene un cierto número de members, te llevás premios que incluyen StarDollars y ropa de Loca Por Las Compras que valen $4 y $5 en la StarPlaza! Y los miembros de Estados Unidos pueden competir por una CARTERA GUCCI, sólo haciendo un Scenery! Creo que me muero.
What do you think about this? / Qué piensan ustedes sobre esto?
(Thank you heheemogirl, ForeverSecret and DinosaursSayRawr!)