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02 September 2009

Hot Buys Beret: Non-Superstar!

Finally, a Hot Buys item everyone is able to buy - for cheap! This Sonia Rykiel Beret costs $5, and you can find it under New. Do you think Stardoll will make it superstar, just like Philosophy shoes? Or is it the next step towards more non-superstar "rights"?


  1. Hi Soovintage! Did you noticed that Dylan and Cole and PCD's have no more RC account?

  2. Hee hee love the beret! I am wearing it right now! (username- prettycherry7)

  3. I have just noticed that the bag you get from the wizards on deck club if you put it in the storage it appears as a coat aswell.

    im nicknack12

  4. lovin' the hat ;P xxx