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26 September 2009

Do you want to run the blog? IF SO, READ!

Firstly, thank you all SO MUCH for the amazing support.

To everyone who owns the blog, it will be 100% yours - you can change everything, if you want to!, but you'll need to follow these standards:

- post daily, or at least when there's free stuff, new Real Brand/Limited Edition StarPlaza releases, important Stardoll news, etc.
- have a good writing. No grammar errors, please!
- Be nice to every follower and member (of course!).
- Avoid the blog becoming a total mess!

You can:
- invite new writers
- change the layout
- do every kinds of contests!
- Remember, the blog will be yours!

You can't:
- change the blog's purpose. Remember, it's Club FREE Stuff, not Club Fashion Stuff.
- copy other blogs. ALWAYS tell from which blog you've got information, or pictures!
- Always feature members who told you about free stuff or news.

Apart from that, you can have the blog for 2 one-month-only superstar codes, one for me and another for marudoll. No fake codes please. And remember, first come, first served!

Contact me (soovintage) through a friend request with the following text: "I want to own Club Free Stuff". If you write a long text about how much you want to own it, I'll delete the request! If you are my friend already, just dollmail me with the same text.

Passwords - both from the blog and from Twitter - will be disscussed via dollmail.

Go to my suite clicking here.

With love, soovintage.


  1. Hi, I cannot send requests due to an internet error but I want to apply. What can I do? Thanks!

  2. "I want to own Club Free Stuff" I cannot friend request anyone due to an internet error. Can I still apply here? I am sorry! :(
    I tried writing in your Starblog and Album but my comment will not go through.

  3. Hi Soovintage I do not want to run the blog because of school but on stardoll can you send me a message with the new owners username thank you so much!


  4. who would give you 2 superstar gift codes just for a blog. Your asking for too much.

  5. well i sent you request and i didn't receive an answer.:(

  6. i want this blog
    i luv it
    i'm DanaMontana