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18 January 2010


Hey guys, how are you?
I will leave for a family vacation today and I won't be on Stardoll as much, however I'll still try to update the blog daily. Remember, tomorrow (?) there's a new ANTM gift so read how to get it here.
Thanks for reading the blog and following! You are truly the best!


17 January 2010

Going too far?

jose-io, well known as a past Stardoll "elite" and a big Real Celeb & DKNY Collector is selling all her rares. How, you ask, since she's no longer on Stardoll?

Well, she's selling them on eBay.

First off, how can you buy Stardoll Clothing from eBay? How does the piece arrive to your suite? It seems like a risky method. Remember, the ONLY place to buy and sell Stardoll stuff is the StarPlaza StarBazaar or a user's StarBazaar.

Second of all, the price? Who would pay 55 POUNDS for a Stardoll dress? That's 89.58 Dollars! It's insane! Go buy something in real life for that price - an iPod shuffle, 10 or 9 jeans from Forever21, food, or donate to Haiti, there are people who need those 90 dollars! And that's not the only expensive thing - a Mary-Kate white tank for 37.45 pounds (61 Stardollars), and Ashley Olsen Leather Jacket for 15.50 pounds ($25.25), and the list goes on...

I understand that jose-io wants to sell her stuff, but the prices are way too high, and the selling method is far too risky!

If you want to see the item's she's selling, search "stardoll" on ebay.co.uk!

What do you think? Would you pay? Do you think that eBay's a good selling method for Stardoll stuff?

(jose-io's picture from Stardoll Fashion Forward)

16 January 2010

New Superstar Price + MiniShop Sale

The Superstar Upgrade price goes from $5.95 to $6.95... and I was quite surprised that 6 superstar months costed $5.95, until I saw: 6 x 5.65 = $35.70.
Yet again, Stardoll is misleading us with their prices and confusing limited offers (35% more stardollars? How much is that?).

What are your thoughts?


Also, there's a superstar only minishop sale.

15 January 2010

FREE America's Next Top Model Dress & Coat

EDIT: Seems like we're going to get ANTM free stuff every week? Keep tuned to see! We should watch the video every week...

You can get these free America's Next Top Model clothing if you live in the UK and go to stardoll.com/en/cinema and watch the entire video. If you don't live there....

1. Go to goproxing.com
2. On the Proxy URL bar, type: stardoll.com/en/cinema
3. Log into your doll
4. Wait a few seconds (edit: in some computers if you wait 3 minutes you get the coat too!), then close the window
5. You now have the dress!

To have the coat, you'll need to watch the entire video with a manual proxy:
- Port 3128
- Port 8085
- Port 80
- Port 9090
- Port 8080
If you know one that works, please tell us on comments!

The coat comes as a gift, and the dress is in a bag.

Thanks to Underneath Stardoll

14 January 2010

OTTO Store is OUT!

Even though it's only available for Germany, you can still get all the OTTO clothes on your dressing room clicking here!

Almost everything is non-superstar, the clothes are very cute and cheap!


13 January 2010

NEW Decade of The Teens Floor

I like this collection! And all accessories are non-superstar!!

12 January 2010

Bargain of The Week

Introducing our new section... Bargain of the Week! Every week, we'll show you stylish items that cost $3 or less!

This week... a classic black belt from Bisou, just $1

Deleted Accounts?

UPDATE: More accounts deleted! See them all here. Thanks to binababy87

Some member's accounts are disappearing misteriously. According to friend94, her account was deleted by Stardoll because she had "severely broken" their terms of use... however, she claims she hasn't done anything! More accounts have been misteriously deleted:

- masaamira
- Annemariiiiie
- BinaBaby87
- larsa_gurl
- Kryzzy80
- xhellokittyx

... and most of them for the same reason: violating Stardoll's terms of use, although they claim to have done nothing!

Also, Kryzzy80 and Masamira had paid to get Stardollars. If they account is deleted, they wasted money for nothing, and Stardoll has both their money and Stardollars. If so, they could take legal action against Stardoll, because their account was deleted with no apparent reason (since Stardoll didn't offer details of what they had supposedly done), and Stardoll took the girl's real-life money with them.

So, to avoid YOUR account getting deleted, check the Stardoll Terms of Use below:

When you are at Stardoll you SHOULD:
  • Enjoy yourself and have fun!
  • Be creative: Inspire yourself and be an inspiration to others
  • Create and dress up the coolest dolls ever!
  • Hang out with your friends and make new friends
  • Respect other people's views and beliefs

When you are at Stardoll you must NOT:
  • Swear, use sexually graphic language or be racist
  • Bully other Stardoll members or in other ways make them feel uncomfortable
  • Ask other Stardolls for their (or give out your own) password, email addresses or other personal information, including photos
  • Type your password anywhere except in the log-in box on www.stardoll.com
  • Break the law at Stardoll or talk others into breaking it
  • Claim you belong to the Stardoll Staff

And, just to make sure, I'll also show you what Stardoll considers inappropiate:

"All content that breaks the Stardoll One Stop Rules, i.e. content that is either racist,sexually graphic, swearwords, or in other ways offends and hurts people."

However, what offends or hurts people? What content do they consider racist? If they do not specificate what is considered inappropiate, how can people avoid being so?

And what can we do to help the people who are being deleted?

1. Write to Stardoll, asking why they were deleted (file your letter under Others, so Stardoll won't give an automatic response!"

2. Write to Stardoll and ask them to specificate what they consider inappropiate (file your letter under Others, so Stardoll won't give an automatic response!)
"Dear Stardoll,
I write to you asking to specify your One Stop Rules, so every member can know what is considered racist, sexually offensive, swearwords, or offending. With this change, members will behave better towards other members and Stardoll will become a peaceful website!
(your doll's name here)"
Send it to them as many times you can until they send you a reply!

Stardoll members have the right to know specifically why they are deleted, and what really is considered inappropiate!

Seriously, Stardoll is having a lot of technical problems! Chat problems, inappropiate (ha!) ads, and now this?

Read more about this:
friend94's blog entry (use Google Translator to read it)
Masamira's blog entry(use Google Translator to read it)

Info from The Medoll Master

Coming Soon... More Decade of the Teens

A new Decade of the Teens floor will be added to showcase the other Design Contest winners... I really like this designs, specially the cute Lilac Dress, the Black Jumpsuit and the Pink Bandage dress.

What are your thoughts? Do you like these designs?

Credits to Underneath Stardoll

FREE Moodiwear Mannequin!

Get your FREE Moodiwear Mannequin following these instructions:

1. Use the following manual proxy: Port 8080 (to learn how to use a manual proxy go here)
2. Now, type http://www.stardoll.com/en/clubs/?e=-311 onto your URL bar
3. Log into your doll
4. Join the club
5. You have the Mannequin in your suite! Turn off the proxy.

Did it work?

Thanks to Underneath Stardoll & Ikaty11

08 January 2010

Your Best MeDoll Ever! Medoll Tips & Ideas

Today, non-superstars seem to get nothing: clothes, rooms, accessories... and nice MeDolls. Make-up stores like DOT and Doree are Superstar-only, and many jewelry from Splendid is exclusively for Superstars too. Make-up and hair styling choices are very limited for those who are not superstar, so how can you have great MeDolls without becoming Superstar first?

One of the biggest mistakes people do when creating a MeDoll is making it look odd or washed out by choosing make-up (yes, there's more than just lipstick at the MeDoll styler, just keep reading to see) and hair color that clashes against its Medoll's complexion. And no matter how much you accesorize it, you MeDoll will look off. So, to have a beautiful MeDoll, you need to make it have flattering features first. Read our guide to get advice for your Medoll and to have your Best MeDoll Ever!

1. First of all, choose your medoll's skin tone, eye shape, lips, nose, and face shape.

2. Now, go the the "Face" tab on your MeDoll styler. You'll find 3 shades of blush under the picture of a doll's face. Even though this blushes are different from DOT's and do not give you color on your cheeks, they still give your MeDoll a polished finish. The lightest blush is too... light for any skin tone, so we won't use it. The dark and beige blushes work best... but for which skin tone?
- The beige blush looks great on fair, tan and light skin.
- The dark blush works best on bronze & coffee-colored skin.
While applying blush, please avoid choosing one that is too light or too dark for your skin! It looks too odd.

3. At the same tab, you'll find the Freckles option. The trick with freckles is to find a freckle color that fits your complexion and is similar or the same as your haircolor (example: red hair, red freckles). Try not to overdo freckles, especially if they’re dark and more noticeable. Another tip?: Dark complexions can look odd with freckles, so avoid them if you wish to.

4. Now, it's time to pick your hairstyle and hair color. Just like in real life, not every hair color suits every skin, so which hair color works best for your Medoll's complexion?:

1. Fair skin works better with hair colors that have a warmer tones. Avoid dark brown, which comes off as too harsh, or very light/ash blond, which washes you off. However, black hair color can be pulled off by this complexion – match this hair color with light eye colors such as blue, green and grey that brighten you up.

2. Tan skins looks great in almost every hair color, except white-blond, which makes you look like a fake Paris Hilton circa 2004 (and that's not good, trust me).

3. Light skin goes with every hair color, but look carefully which lipstick you'll wear or you'll look washed off (read more on lipsticks later on this post).

1. Bronze skin looks great with darker hair colors, but some edgy girls will be able to pull of the dark blond hair.

2 and 3. Dark complexions work best with dark hair colors such as rich brown or black. However, beware of sporting hair that has a similar coloras your skin! Auburn brown hair might work on a lighter brown tone, but not on dark complexions.

5. Now, it's time to choose your lipcolor. Like hair, not every skin tone works with every lip color, so here's what works best for you:

1. Fair skin works best with light pink lip colors. Avoid darker lip colors with violet undertones and the dark beige lip color, which washes you off.

2. Tan complexions look amazing in pink and violet lip colors, but avoid nude and beige lipsticks (they’re too similar to your skin tone), and don’t even think of wearing the dark violet lip color!

3. Light skin is pretty in pink and beautiful in berry shades, but please don’t wear nude and beige lipsticks, since they’re almost the same color as your skin, and the dark violet color.

1. Bronze skin looks gorgeous with berry and violet lipstick. Avoid pink and beige-ish lipstick, which don’t match you at all.

2. Dark skin skin looks its best with almost any color, but stay away from light pink lipstick. For a pop of color, put on a dark, almost-plum pink lipstick (as seen in the picture). For a nude look, try the beige lipstick!

3. For dark complexions, my advice is to avoid light lipstick colors such as pink or beige, and go for the win in dark violets, plum , and berry.

6. Every eye color matches everything, so I won't even go there!

7. Now that your MeDoll's done, let's see what we can buy for it at a bargain price at Splendid:

1. Piercing, $2: If you want it, why not?

2. Cat lenses, $1 each: on close-up they look weird, but from afar they look like an unique, bright olive eye color.

3. Diamond or Pearl earrings, $5: okay, okay, it’s not a bargain, but you can still buy it with your Play & Earn money. They make your doll look instantly elegant and stylish, and remember… pearls and diamonds go with every look.

4. Mouche (beauty mark), $1: it makes your MeDoll look glamorous and unique, and for $1, it's quite the bargain.

5. Oyster Pearl earrings, $3: if you’re not willing to spend $5 on the diamond earrings (see #3), you can get a similar, trendy and chic look for less with these earrings.

6. Hoop Earrings, $3: they make any look funky, sporty, and funny at the same time. Its pretty violet color is a plus.

7. Pearl Necklace, $2: this thrifty necklace might not be the classic pearl one, but for edgier girls who like to give everything a spin, it'll definitely work.

8. Hair Rose Clip, $2: This romantic clip brings girlyness and spice to any outfit.

9. Elegant Glasses, $1: Geek chic is totally in, so why not make your medoll trendy for such a low price?

10. Fake eyelashes, $3: Splendid gives us fake eyelashes for our eyes in three different lengths at the same price ($3). Buy this if you constantly try on mascara at DOT, because it is the same thing in different packages. However, beware: some eyes do not fit the mascara!

BONUS BUYS!: Keep stylish in the $4 Pop Sunglasses, which are Stardoll’s version of Rayban’s Wayfarers. They come in lots of vibrant colors (including basic black and white, too), and sure you’ll find one you like. If geeky is more your style, the Buck sunglasses will take you from nerd to instacool for just $2!

This is it! I hope this guide helped you! Leave a comment to tell me what you thought!

New Stardoll Layout

Check out Stardoll's new layout... thoughts??

07 January 2010

New Ideas for our Medolls!

Today while changing my MeDoll I've noticed some stuff: there are not enough good hairstyles, hair colors, and eye colors.

Firstly, the most of Stardoll's hairstyles are old, outdated and with a bad quality. I have been wearing the same hairstyle for a month now, because I can't find anything trendy with a great quality! My hairstyle suggestion would be the following:

1 and 2. A long braid, side swept or not. From the Alexander Wang and Miu Miu Soring 2010 Shows.

3. A french-twisted, high bun. From the Chanel Spring 2010 show.

4. A messy chic bun, from the Fendi Spring 2010 show.

5. The typical bun with a pretty barrete, from the Dolce & Gabbana Spring 2010 show.

6. A side-swept hairstyle, from the Valentino Spring 2010 show.

7. The new, updated ponytail, from the Prada Spring 2010 show.

8. A hairstyle with BANGS, from the Valentino Spring 2010 show.

Also, non-superstars have a small range of hair colors to choose from - while there are 3 dark shades, there is only one red shade and two blonde shades. So my hair color suggestions would be:

1. A light chestnut hair color, seen on Daria Werwoby.

2. A deep red or auburn hair as seen on Miley Cyrus.

3. A natural-looking, ash blond color as seen on Dorothea Barth Jorgensen.

And what about eye colors? Hazel, light green, amber, olive green, and aqua (a mix of green and blue) are missing... And how fun it would be if we could have pink, purple or red eye colors for our medolls? Or maybe navy blue or forest green, really light brown, etc. Here are some colors that would be really fun to have on Stardoll (even though they're not realistic):

Or maybe we could have an eye color shop? What do you think? What stuff would you like to see for our MeDolls?

Hidden Dolls + Hidden Dot Stuff + More Hidden Clothes & Accesories!

Want to play with dress up dolls that you can't find at the Dolls&Games page? Well, here we got 4 hidden dolls:

Also you can find hidden DOT Make-Up by searching: blue, pink, green, and orange.

To find the hidden Stuff by Duff leggings, search black + Stuff by duff.

To find the Voile jacket, search black + Voile + Jackets.

To find the 30 Million Members jacket, search black + Jackets.

[source: The Stardoll Insiders]

NEW Styled Outfits: In the Net

See more clicking here.

Stardoll Help: How to have Great Starbazaar Sales

read more at: http://www.cfsstardollhelp.blogspot.com/

04 January 2010


The Milian Fake Fur and Boho Vest rares are at the StarPlaza... and available for non-superstars, just $6!
Buy now before they become superstar!

Also, Stardoll released the rare HotBuys Clutch, for superstars, at $5.

What do you think about this? Do you agree with Stardoll releasing old rares at cheap prices?

03 January 2010

Coming Soon... Archive

from The Medoll Master

Club Free Stuff Awards: The Results

You voted and now you'll see who are the winners from the Club Free Stuff Awards!:

Best New Feature: Play & Earn

Worst New Feature: No More 1 Stardollar Per Day

Favorite Styled Outfits: Golden Indulgence

Best Real Brand: Kohl's

Worst Real Brand: Stuff by Duff

Best Limited Edition Brand: LE

Best FREE Item: Avril Lavigne Blackstar Stuff

Best Makeup Store: Sephora

Most Sought-After Items: HotBuys

Which Brand do you want to be the Next Real Brand?: Chanel

Best Real Celeb: Avril Lavigne

That's it! Thanks for voting and keep an eye out for our next Club Free Stuff Awards and for our next projects!