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31 March 2009

Coming Soon.. Dot

[Picture from Stardoll Fashion Passion]

[Picture from The Stardoll Insiders]

Dot, the make-up line replacing Sephora, is arriving soon!

The collection is very 80's like, with bright colours but at the same time soft nudes which I love. Sadly, there are no dark eyeshadows! I'll miss the Kat von D purples, blues and blacks.


30 March 2009

The Hacking Requests Are Back

Read more clicking here.

Coming Soon... FREE Dove

We show you first!

Coming Soon... Free Dove stuff! Well, now finally we'll have some shampoo for our virtual bathrooms. The text on the T-Shirt is on Swedish (I think so), so Swedish Stardolls and free-stuff-lovers-that-find-a-swedish-proxy, get ready!

Now tell me, why is Stardoll making our free T-Shirts in a XXL size?

Paulina Porizkova Earrings at the StarPlaza!

[Picture from The Stardoll Insiders]

Paulina, Real Celeb, Cheap, Not Superstar. Too good to be true? Yes. But it is real, at least, virtual reality.

You can find both Paulina Porizkova earrings at the StarPlaza for $5 and $4. They are in page 2.

P.S: Isn't it time for the Earth Hour Clothes say bye-bye?

29 March 2009

New co.nr Hacking Site

There's new hacking blood in the Stardoll world. To see what I'm talking about, click here.

27 March 2009

Last Chance: Sephora + EXCLUSIVE info

Some said "Stardoll's worst idea ever". Others, "say good-buy to Sephora". Some even hope that MAC will replace the only make-up store on Stardoll.

But we, Club Free Stuff, got our sources and we can tell you: MAC is not coming to Stardoll, at least not now. Economy is so bad like a striped yellow and green rugby shirt, and Stardoll cannot pay Sephora and Kat von D anymore. So, there are 2 possibilities: maybe Stardoll will release their own make-up brand, or maybe they'll hire a cheaper make-up brand. You can see a spoiler below:

[Picture from The Acid Crowd]

I don't know any make-up brand with that kind of pink tube and called "Duff" or "Dot" [UPDATE: It's called Dot]. I think it won't be Hilary Duff make-up - just look at the flop her "Stuff by Duff" brand is (maybe we will wave it bye-bye soon, too?). Some say the make-up will be from Antidote, but will it be limited too? I don't think so. Others ask if this line will be Superstar only. I'm not sure, but knowing Stardoll it will be.

This new line will be released as soon as Sephora leaves. It better will, because one of the main reasons people become Superstar is for *cough*Sephora*cough* make-up, so if Stardoll doesn't replace our favourite virtual make-up brand soon, the game is over.

Weirdly, Sephora is not on sale, like DKNY or the old Mary-KateandAshley when they disappeared. Maybe because the prices are already low? Well, whatever, just shop!


FREE Earth Hour Clothes ONLY TODAY!

ONLY TODAY! FREE Earth Hour Day T-Shirt, Bag & Boy T-Shirt!

Just go to the StarPlaza now, click here.

SOLO HOY! Remera, Cartera, Remera de Varones de Earth Hour Day, GRATIS!

Anda al StarPlaza ahora, hace click aqui.

++ Learn more about the cause joining the club Earth.Hour clicking here.

[Thank you freya_95 and WhatEVERZ303]

26 March 2009

Get a FREE Mini Cooper!

Follow this steps to get a FREE Mini Cooper:

1. Log into Stardoll.
2. On your URL bar, copy the following link: http://www.stardoll.com/en/coopAway.php
3. You'll be redirected to your suite. The car's on front of the mirror!

Segui estos pasos para conseguir tu Mini Cooper GRATIS:

1. Entra en Stardoll.
2. En tu barra de links, pone http://www.stardoll.com/en/coopAway.php
3. Te va a llevar a tu suite. El auto esta adelante del espejo!

[Thanks to widelleLTU and monrose4rever]

UPDATE: If you can't get it by the link above, try joining EF_StarClub_it or EF_StarClub_es or EF_StarClub_fi and scroll down until you see a woman reading a book. Click on "Click Here", ignore the form and click "Free Gift". You have it!

25 March 2009

Coming Soon... HairBands and Make-Up

This hairbands will soon arrive to the StarPlaza... Not the best and not the worse. The bows would've been cuter if they were black or white. What do you think?

And what's this mascara? Will we have (another.. wait, Kat von D never left) limited edition brand on Sephora? Or will a whole new line come to our only make-up store? Wait... will there be another make-up store? Or is this just a free give-away (I'll keep you updated on that for sure!)? And what does it say at the bottom of the bottle? So many questions!

What do YOU think?

HotBuys Spring 2009 Doll

[Picture from The Stardoll Insiders]
For those who aren't Superstar and want to see the upcoming HotBuys...
I think they're beautiful and very, very springy-ish. Well, almost all of them are inspired by the Spring collections! Check the real-life items clicking here.
What do you think? Is Stardoll going back to the old & good HotBuys style, or is it just bad as always?

24 March 2009

March Sale Top Picks

NOTE: some items might not be at sale anymore

The March StarPlaza Sale is here and I give you my top picks!
And if you know the free item glitch, tell us clicking here!

NEW DKNY Jewellery

They're so beautiful! But really expensive. What do you think?

23 March 2009

FREE Littlest Pet Shop Koala

More Free Stuff! The FREE Koala is UK and Canada only, but we all can have it following this steps:

1. Go to becked.info, daveproxy.co.uk, myproxy.ca or any fast UK or Canada proxy you know (I reccomend becked.info).
2. Type in: stardoll.com/en/cinema
3. Check if the "Now Playing" box says "Littlest Pet Shop".
4. Wait a few seconds, then, Log Out
5. Log in normal Stardoll and go to your suite. It's on your main room on the mirror!

++ Click here to see how to get a FREE Butterfly!

Más Cosas Gratis! El Koala GRATIS es solo para Reino Unido y Canada, pero todos podemos tenerlo siguiendo estos pasos:

1. Anda a becked.info, daveproxy.co.uk, myproxy.ca o cualquier otra proxy rápida del Reino Unido o Canadá (recomiendo becked.info).
2. Escribi: stardoll.com/en/cinema
3. Fijate si el cuadro "Now Playing" dice "Littlest Pet Shop".
4. Espera algunos segundos y cerrá sesión.
5. Andá al Stardoll normal y anda a tu suite. Está en tu suite!

++ Hace click para ver como conseguir una Mariposa GRATIS!

Free Butterfly + $1 Pets!

Yes! Stardoll finally released FREE Stuff!

Just go to your suite, click on Minishop, then New Stuff or Littelest Pet Shop, and besides getting a FREE Butterfly, you can also get $1 Pets!

Si! Stardoll finalmente tiene cosas gratis!

Solo anda a tu suite, hace click en Minishop, en Novedades o Littelest Pet Shop, y ademas de tener tu Mariposa GRATIS, podes conseguir animales muy lindos por $1!

(Thank you heheemogirl and freya_95!)

22 March 2009

What's This?

Look what I found at the Spoilers! Thoughts?

21 March 2009

April HotBuys

Remember, back in 2008, when HotBuys were all ugly and crappy? Well, Stardoll is trying to say sorry with this:

OH. MY. GOD! This HotBuys are absolutely gorgeous! A Stam bag! A Stam Bag!!!!!

Well, you probably want to know the release dates:

- HotBuys Vest, Rio, 2 April

- HotBuys Frock/Dress, Bisou, 6 April

- HotBuys Bow Purse, Rio, 9 April [Inspired by Marc Jacobs]

- HotBuys Heart Skirt, Pretty In Pink, 15 April [Inspired by Marc Jacobs]

- HotBuys Headband, Splendid, 16 April [Inspired by Eugenia Kim]

- HotBuys Necklace, Bisou, 17 April

- HotBuys Tunic, Fudge, 21 April [Inspired by Stella McCartney]

- HotBuys Heels, Pretty in Pink, 23 April [Inspired by Marc Jacobs]

- HotBuys Blazer, Pretty in Pink, 27 April [Inspired by Luella]

- HotBuys Print Dress, Bisou, 30 April [Inspired by Yves Saint Laurent]

Love them! And you?

19 March 2009

Carpe Denim at StarDesign

Sorry about not posting on Antidote! I was really busy. In case you don't know, it's a LE ripoff but waay cheaper. Most items are not sold out yet so hurry!

Well, the denim fever is now on StarDesign too:

I LOVE it, the new clothing shapes are beautiful (Stardoll finally realized we wanted StarDesigned skinny jeans!), and I love the new colors (I was just making a blue design and this is perfect!).


17 March 2009

Coming Soon... Antidote "Carpe Denim"

Antidote is almost here! I like some clothes, but some are cheap and ugly... It's rumored that Antidote will be like LE, but let's hope it's cheaper - no way I'll pay $250 for the dress above!

St. Patrick's Day Clothes & Accesories!

As you can see... Not only we already have $1 accesories but now we have clothes and furniture!
They are expensive compared to the Women's Day Clothes, but still, they're non-ss!

What do YOU think?

16 March 2009

REAL CELEB for Everyone!

You're not dreaming! The Real Celeb Heidi Klum RARE Accesories are on the shop, and what better, they're available for everyone and cheap!

Knowing Stardoll, it won't last that much so get get it!

15 March 2009

How To Get the Stardoll Tour Clothes

Stardoll Tour is almost gone - new members get new free clothes, and the "Stardoll Tour" shop is gone. But, you still can get the Tour Clothes for free! Here I'll show you how:
Search skirts+black and go to the last page
Search skirts+pink and go to the last page

Search tops+white and go to the last page

Search tops+black and go to the last page

Search shoes+pink and go to the last page

There, you have them! I don't know how much it'll last, since the tour is almost gone, so get 'em while you can!

Do New Members Get Free Stuff? YES!

The "Stardoll Tour" clothes aren't available anymore, but Stardoll decided to give new members 3 free clothes:

[Picture from The Stardoll Insiders]

We, old members, can't get them for free, unlike the old Stardoll Tour clothes.

I think it's great for new members to get this basic clothes instead of the tacky "STARDOLL" ones... What do you think?

++ Click Here to see how to get cheap St. Patrick's Day accesories.

14 March 2009

Cheap Accesories

On Woman's Day, Stardoll decided to give us $1 gifts & clothes - now, we can have $1 accesories for St. Patrick's Day!

I don't really like them - the belt is great, but the color makes it look cheap - a darker gold would have looked nice (but I guess Stardoll was trying to recreate gold coins). And the hat... better spend that money on something else.

Also, you can send a $1 Clover to your friends, but only if you're Superstar...

Coming Soon... Antidote

[Picture from Stardoll's Top Designers]

New store, coming soon... I think it'll be a sort of cheaper LE, since, as you see, there's a "Items Left" bar at the bottom of the tag. And, to think it's not a rip-off, Stardoll added MiniShop items to the collection...

Seriously, you can clearly see that some items shown above are just recolours or modified items from the StarPlaza. Not to mention, the original ones are way nicer and non-superstar (if you didn't see the price tag...)!

I think that Limited Edition items (Antidote included too) won't be that rare like DKNY. Stardoll keeps making it bad-quality and sky-high prices, and, wouldn't you prefer to buy a real-life bag or top with the money you waste on pixels?

10 March 2009

Scenery Glitch!

Always wanted to create sceneries with old backgrounds? Now you can! Simply click on any current scenery, then change the last number.

Numbers working: 13, 14, 15, 16.
What do you think?
[Pictures from The Stardoll Juice]

Coming Soon... Black & White Items

[Picture from Stardoll's Top Designers]

Oh, and the DKNY Limited Necklace n2 is already available! For $3o..

09 March 2009

New Hairstyles!

They're awesome! You probably saw them already, but aren't they cute?

08 March 2009


Starting tomorrow I won't be on Stardoll or Blogger that much. I'm not leaving Stardoll (don't worry!), but I'll be pretty busy.

I will keep doing Free Stuff, Spoilers and News, but the rest, I don't know.

Feel free to tell me about Free Stuff or News on comments or guestbook.


07 March 2009

$30 for 30 Million?

Most of you already noticed Stardoll will soon hit the 30 Million Members mark. Of course, some of those members were created for hacking purpose, but let's play it nice on this post please?

Well, browsing by the spoilers I found this:

Are we going to get $30? Stardoll has been very generous this days, with $1 non-superstar gifts & clothes, nice themes and furniture. So, sooner that what we think we might get a little surprise!

So, remember, advertise Stardoll! Create spare accounts! Go! ; )

06 March 2009

$1 "Woman's Day" Clothes!

Just like the $1 non-superstar gifts... now, non-superstar $1 clothes!

Hurry, it won't last that long (like every other nice free stuff in Stardoll)!

What do you think? The dress's skirt is great for layering, and if you add some MiniShop items into that bag it can look great (for example, that crystal that comes in the StarPoint Plant)! The hoodie's not my style but.. buy, buy, buy!

Coming Soon... New Doll

[Picture from Stardoll's Top Designers]

The clothes are recolours (well, most of them), but still, I love it! I so want the Louis Vuitton white bag! ; )

05 March 2009

CHEAP Non-Superstar Gifts!

Just saw in on The Stardoll Insiders... The "bouquet" is creepy, but the Girl Power sign it's okay... But whatever, they cost $1 and are non-superstar!

Use a spare account or create a new one and send the gifts for yourself! ; )

Coming Soon... New Decades Shop

[Picture from Stardoll's Top Designers]
The new design for the Decades shop... It's much better! What do you think?

Coming Soon... Free Nouvelle Star T-Shirt?

UPDATE: If you're french you can see the video. If you know a French Proxy that tells you how to get the T-Shirt tell us!
I saw this T-Shirt on the spoilers, and no doubt it's going to be for free. It's the same T-Shirt as the Confessions of a Shopaholic one!

If you know where to get this T-Shirt, tell us on the comments or clicking here.
It's not American Idol - it's Nouvelle Star, the French version of the show. The season 7 is starting soon so, French Stardolls, watch out for this T-Shirt (but we'll all have it, thanks to the proxies). Click here to find out more about Nouvelle Star.
You know what's FREE again? The Miley Cyrus book/poster, today only! Click here to see how to get it!

NEW SpongeBob E-Cards

Cute, isn't it?

Send the ecards, click on this link: stardoll.com/en/ecards/send.php [thanks to The Stardoll Insiders]

Coming Soon... Clothes + Gifts

The clothes are really good (look at those bags and belts!), but I wonder what those gift boxes and brown bags are for... [UPDATE: The "money bags" that also come in $15, $20 and $25, might be a gift! Yes! Money!! ; )]

I think the clothes will be released tonight, because that pink top is tomorrow's Pick of the Day.

Other releases will be future Picks of the Day, too. Click here to see them.


I just got this request today! Of course, if you didn't read my last posts, it's the "hacking request".

But, how come did I get this request? I've been Superstar, but I'm not anymore. I don't have that much of rares (the ones that I got were re-released or very recent). I just got the orange DKNY, not the holiday or 1st one. So, why did I get this request?

The only thing that comes into my mind is that, after selling a rare or scamming someone for a SS code, the hackers get into my account, put the code, and sell the rares to themselves, maybe to sell them again for $60, or a code, and the whole cycle repeats.

So, no one is safe. Sure, the hacking accounts are easy to identify now (girl'sname_4randomnumbers, favorite celebrity Aaliyah, Celebrity look-a-like Alicia Keys, and they all have the same me-doll and clothes), but, what to the accounts that accepted them before all this hacking madness happened?

What happened to the old Stardoll, where Elites were superior, there was gossip every week, and there were nice clothes? Now Stardoll's most-known users are leaving, such as Steelone, springate, Style_Magazine and maybe writemarycat. Gossip is slow, the clothes are re-releases or superstar only and the themes are weirder and weirder.

Eh, Eh, there's nothing else I can say about this. Just give us your opinion at the comments, okay?

++ See more posts about the Hacking Madness clicking here.

04 March 2009

More Re-Releases...

The picture speaks for itself.

Besides the oh-so-rare Pucci jacket and the I-paid-$2o-for Flapper Dresses, the Louise Dress (who looks insanely like the Philosophy di Alberta Ferreti one) and the Voile gold belt & black bow scarf also hit the shops, but for non-superstars.

Thank god, those who are in love with the Elle, oops, Armani necklace, now everyone can buy it in other color: light forest green & light pink. Sure, not as chic as the other one, but we get what we can...

Also, the HotBuys trousers are in the shop for a whopping $14, and they are just... ew.

MORE Hacking Madness!

This just in!

BEWARE of friend requests from people with a random name, an underscore and 4 random numbers.

[Picture from Perez Hilton of Stardoll]

It seems that this accounts are the ones that, after you accept them, can see your password. Of course, they're not the real hackers. Stardoll blogs are full of gossip, and the latest ones claims that the hackers call themselves "The Italian Mafia". It might look stupid, but in fact, it's dangerous.

It all starts with the common requests: "Hi!! Love your medoll, it's so stylish", or "Friendss?", or "I saw a rumour about you on this site **, friends?". Don't accept them!!

The latest rumour is that they also download a trojan horse, although I'm not sure about it. But the basics are that well-known (for their rare items) accounts are being hacked out of nowhere, when their passwords were never known by other person, and very hard to guess. Despite of innumerous reports, Stardoll does absolutely nothing to the rumoured hackers: klifford.tiamo, sweetgirlicious, and Rachson. It's believed that they aren't the only ones who belong to that group.

Some accounts hacked were emorox4eva, jose_io and pretty_megan-9. It might look like pretty_megan-9's story was the most tragic of the bunch (sweetgirlicious became her best friend only to know her password and hack her), but in fact, emorox4eva's was worse: 15 pages of rares were sold, and the person who bought the most (and apparently it's the hacker) was klifford.tiamo. And, lastly, Rachson hacked jose_io.

Now, you must ask yourself, how can I avoid being hacked by The Italian Mafia? Here I'll give you some tips (I'm not sure, but the fact that being non-superstar may not stop the hackers - they can sell a rare for a code, can't they?):

- Change your password RIGHT NOW! Put numbers too, and try doing it with something that no one knows - if your presentation is full of "I love Beyonce!", it might not be that hard to guess.

- Delete all your cookies (Tools/Delete Browsing History/Delete Cookies). The downloaded file might follow cookies, so DELETE them!

- Check before accepting anyone. Now that is revealed that most of the "hacking accounts" have a random name followed by an underscore and 4 random numbers, I'm sure they'll stop hacking with those usernames. Visit their suite, if their account is too new, visited by no one etc, don't accept!

Most things are still a rumour, but as DanPuffs said, "it's better to be safe than sorry".

For more information, just click on the links below:

Hacking Madness Part 1

Be Careful: Piczo/co.nr sites

Perez Hilton Of Stardoll - Warning/Danger etc.

emorox4eva's blog "Hot Buys Bazaar" (for a VIP pass on what happened to her).

The Stardoll Chronicles - The Italian Mafia Strikes Stardoll

And, join this Anti Hackers/Scammers club:





If you know anything else, please contact us via comments!