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31 December 2008


Have a wonderful 2009, make your wishes come true!

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30 December 2008


Go NOW to the StarPlaza to get your FREE DKNY Lurex Tank Dress!

Anda yá a la StarPlaza para conseguir tu vestido DKNY Lurex Tank GRATIS!

Va já pra StarPlaza pra conseguir o seu vestido Lurex Tank da DKNY GRATIS!


Yes, you heard it right! ALL of DKNY is on sale, for half of price! Hurry! It might be a glitch, or it might leave tomorrow, 31 of december... who knows?
What is happening with DKNY and Vivienne Tam? Are they leaving Stardoll?
Well, hurry up and buy it!

P.S: I've got a sale, with a Pucci Hotbuys Top for $5 and a Gift Dress for the same price, so see my sale!

Get a FREE Moonacre Doll

Click on the link above to get a FREE Moonacre Mansion doll.

Hace click en el link para conseguir una muñeca Moonacre Mansion GRATIS.

Faca click no link acima pra conseguir uma boneca Moonacre Mansion GRATIS.

29 December 2008

FREE Beret

Go to Tingeling, go to the third floor and buy the GingerBread Beret. It will take one dollar but when you go to your suite you'll have it back. WARNING: Works only until the 31 of december. Try before with another account before buying.

Anda al tercer piso de Tingeling y compra la GingerBread Beret. Te va a sacar 1 peso pero si vas a tu suite te los devuelve. NOTA: Solo hasta el 31 de diciembre. Intenta primero con otra cuenta antes de comprarla.

Va pro 3 andar da Tingeling e compre a GingerBread Beret. O 1 stardollar vai voltar na suite. NOTA: Ate o 31 de dezembro. Tente com outra conta antes de comprar.

Get a FREE DKNY Dress!

If you log in on New Years Eve or New Years Day you'll get the DKNY Lurex Tank Dress for FREE!

Si entras el 31 de diciembre o 1 de enero (?), vas a tener el vestido Lurex Tank de DKNY GRATIS!

Se voce entra no 31 de dezembro ou 1 de janeiro (?), voce consegue um vestido Lurex Tank da DKNY GRATIS!

Free Moonacre Drawer


Get a FREE Moonacre Drawer by clicking the link above.

Consegui un cajon Moonacre GRATIS haciendo click en el link.

Consiga um armario Moonacre GRATIS fazendo click no link.

p.s: I'M BACK!!

22 December 2008


No, I'm not leaving Stardoll - I'm just going on a trip tomorrow and I'll be back the 29 of december... and yes, no internet so the blog won't be updated and neither will the club...

4000 StarPoints Hair Cheat?

Rumor has it that there's a new cheat around StarDoll - a cheat to get the 4000 starpoints hair when you have less than that amount of StarPoints.

I'M OFFERING 2 GIFTS TO ANYONE WHO TELLS ME. (of course, after trying the cheat!) Contact me adding me as a friend or mailing me, NOT by Guestbook. My account is soovintage.

And, when I know the cheat I'll post it here for all of you guys!

20 December 2008

Get a FREE Moonacre Bed!

Click on the link above to get a FREE Moonacre Mansion Bed!

Hace click en el link arriba para conseguir una cama de Moonacre Mansion GRATIS!

Faca click no link acima pra conseguir uma cama da Moonacre Mansion GRATIS!


save your MeDoll! If you save it, instead of showing up the new medoll it will be BLANK. Blank on guestbooks, broadcasts, letters, etc. UNTIL NOW THERE'S NO WAY TO FIX IT!
This happened not-so-long ago in Stardoll, and I hope it will be fixed!
Tell everyone of your friends!

p.s: Today is the LAST DAY to buy the Elizabeth and James line! Hurry, because probably it'll become a rare! Also, maybe it'll be the last day to have the $1, non-ss StarDesign shapes!


The Competition Winner is...


Congratulations to her and to all the people that participated!

This was her wish:

"My wish is that my Family will be doing much better finanicially, and that my dad can get his career back on track..."

I chosed her because her wish wasn't about Stardoll, money, or boys, it was about her family, and that's what Christmas and Hannukah are really about - not gifts or money to spin dreidels.

We will be having another competiton too, really soon!

love, soovintage

18 December 2008

BrightStorm Letterman Jacket


THE CODE IS: brightstar!

UPDATE: There's no need to register now, and it is available for all members, not just from USA.

Edit Stardoll!

javascript:document.body.contentEditable='true'; document.designMode='on'; void 0

To some of you this might be really old news but you can edit Stardoll, simply copy&paste the link into your URL bar, and now you can edit it, change your username, change texts, etc. It works with any website! NOTE: It won't really change your username or amount of stardollars.

Para algunos esto es viejo, pero ahora podes editar Stardoll! Solo copia y pega el link arriba en tu barra de links, y podes editar, cambiar tu nombre de usuario, etc... Sirve con cualquier pagina web! NOTA: No va a cambiar de verdad tu username o stardollars.

Pra algums de voces isto já é coisa velha, mas agora voce pode editar Stardoll! Só copie e cole o link acima na sua barra de links, e comece a editar! NOTA: Nao vai realmente trocar teu username.

12 Rooms

YeahI know it's a free stuff & cheats blog, but why not post some news?
It's like a Stardoll Christmas Gift for all the users - sorry, I mean superstars... what about letting the non-SS have one more room too?

What do you think?

17 December 2008

New Moonacre Gift...

Get a FREE Black Rabbit from the Moonacre Mansion by clicking the link.
Consegui un Conejo Negro de Moonacre Mansion GRATIS, sólo hace click en el link.
Consiga um Coelho Preto da Moonacre Mansion GRATIS, só faca click no link.

16 December 2008

Moonacre Gift & Free Monacre Poster


Click to get the latest FREE Moonacre gift, a painting.
Hace click para tener el gift GRATIS de Moonacre, un cuadro.
Faca click pra conseguir o presente GRATIS da Moonacre, um quadro.


Get a FREE Monacre Mansion Poster, just click the link. Just works for the UK.
Consegui un poster GRATIS de Moonacre Mansion, solo hace click en el link. Solo para el Reino Unido.
Consiga um poster GRATIS da Moonacre Mansion, só faca click no link acima. Só pro Reino Unido.

That's all for now.

Club Free Stuff

Are you broke? Are you new on Stardoll? Or you just want to get all the cheats and free stuff in Stardoll?

Club Free Stuff is a brand new blog on all Stardoll glitches, cheats, free things, etc. This blog's club is club-free-stuff... you might think, why didn't you stay with the club? Well, with all that "Top Topic every 24 hours" thing, it was hard to tell all the new members when there was a glitch or free stuff.
Join club-free-stuff to subscribe to us, and to participate in amazing comps!
soovintage, club owner