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07 January 2010

New Ideas for our Medolls!

Today while changing my MeDoll I've noticed some stuff: there are not enough good hairstyles, hair colors, and eye colors.

Firstly, the most of Stardoll's hairstyles are old, outdated and with a bad quality. I have been wearing the same hairstyle for a month now, because I can't find anything trendy with a great quality! My hairstyle suggestion would be the following:

1 and 2. A long braid, side swept or not. From the Alexander Wang and Miu Miu Soring 2010 Shows.

3. A french-twisted, high bun. From the Chanel Spring 2010 show.

4. A messy chic bun, from the Fendi Spring 2010 show.

5. The typical bun with a pretty barrete, from the Dolce & Gabbana Spring 2010 show.

6. A side-swept hairstyle, from the Valentino Spring 2010 show.

7. The new, updated ponytail, from the Prada Spring 2010 show.

8. A hairstyle with BANGS, from the Valentino Spring 2010 show.

Also, non-superstars have a small range of hair colors to choose from - while there are 3 dark shades, there is only one red shade and two blonde shades. So my hair color suggestions would be:

1. A light chestnut hair color, seen on Daria Werwoby.

2. A deep red or auburn hair as seen on Miley Cyrus.

3. A natural-looking, ash blond color as seen on Dorothea Barth Jorgensen.

And what about eye colors? Hazel, light green, amber, olive green, and aqua (a mix of green and blue) are missing... And how fun it would be if we could have pink, purple or red eye colors for our medolls? Or maybe navy blue or forest green, really light brown, etc. Here are some colors that would be really fun to have on Stardoll (even though they're not realistic):

Or maybe we could have an eye color shop? What do you think? What stuff would you like to see for our MeDolls?


  1. Weird coloured eyes would just be horrible I think.
    True though about hairstyles, although there is a side braid once you get enough Starpoints which I'm using :)

  2. I would be nice to change eyes with every outfit we change into...LOL

  3. i love how you take so much time to put togeher some very helpful beauty tips and really appreciate it :). ialso like the variety of hair styles and eye colours that you put together