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21 September 2009

LE Fall/Winter 2009 is OUT!

LE has brought once again what is possibly the most coveted pieces in Stardoll. Clothes inspired by Marc Jacobs, Louis Vuitton, Balmain, Chanel, Alexander Wang, Rodarte and many more, from prices that start at $30 for a cuff and end in $275 for a dress.
Our must-haves?
- Chanel bag, $175
- Single Shoulder Sequin Dress, $275
- Blue strapped boots, $100
Will you buy?


  1. could only afford blue $100 dress but I LOVE IT!
    It was worth it! Haha it was number 596 out of 600!

  2. by the way there is a bag for non ss in LE for 125 quick before it is ss!!!!!!

  3. There is one thing there that is non superstar it is the neon brocade purse.


    Please use a Dutch proxy
    watch the trailer in the cinema (MOXIE GIRLZ)
    and visit soon, the new designe studio
    you get free shirt and chair

  5. i bought pink left arm cuff,studded balet flats, oversized bow party dress and confetty necklase!

    i payed 290 sd!!!!

  6. hi i'm danaMontana and i have birth day today and i have only 1 sd and i want LE cloth for my b-day so plz plz plz i have sale plz plz plz buy and i'll send u a gift =]

  7. hey, i found out how we get the free Moxie Girl stuff. You go on surfert.nl then you put in this stardoll.com/cinema, log in, wait a couple of secomds, then log out and then you get the stuff. ! give credit to xxaznxlilxkimxx

  8. free new moxie stuff for dutch members in the cinema...that chair and the t-shirt
    here'the campaign page

  9. did U Notice That the Bag That Costs 125 Is Non Superstar ?

  10. i bought the purple umper dress, and the lace corset top
    the blue stud tipped boots are from topshop, they are in black or purple

  11. I only got to buy a skull necklace from LE...
    BTW,did u guys notice that if you go to starplaza,search,choose "red" at the specific color and click search,you'll find a red knitted scarf from the old shop HOLA on the last page?

  12. if your from the netherlands you need to go too he cinema and watch the moxie girls trailer and then you get a tshirt and a chair. if you are not from the netherlands you need to go to surfert.nl and fill in www.stardoll.com/nl/campaigns/moxie
    from there you can go to the stardesign and design clothes for non superstar.
    xoxo anniehjj

  13. this isnt fair..,it said there were items left but when i went to buy it it said item out of stock!what is with that? i cant wait till the Antidote comes out

  14. if youre from the netherlands you can get a free moxie shirt and a free moxie chair. if youre not you need to go to www.surfert.nl
    and fill in http://www.stardoll.com/nl/campaigns/moxie/ from there you can go to the cinema and watch the moxie girls movie.
    xoxo anniehjj

  15. Hey I know something free!
    Enter www.gizlibak.com (it's a turkish proxy),type in stardoll.com,log in,wait a few seconds,log out and then log it back to the normal stardoll.You'll find a gift from stardoll admin in your suite with a turkish dress inside!:)

  16. i know how to get red dress. if you dont believe me watch it in my suite (ivata11). go to gizlibak.com and search for www.stardoll.com.and then log in and log out and when you go to your suite you have red dress from folk eid s gift!!!

  17. Now, the Miss Sixty clothes are out!

    /BeccyA @ Stardoll

  18. This time it’s for Dutch (The Netherlands) members only! You need to watch the Moxie clip in the Stardoll cinema to get the free shirt and chair (the chair you get just by logging in!)!
    But you need to use a manual Dutch proxy. Or use a dutch proxy server (but those are not guaranteed safe!).

    Try this:


    And log in!
    The Campaign page: http://www.stardoll.com/en/campaigns/moxie/

    Dutch members get to design with Moxie patterns too…