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28 September 2009

DKNY Collector? Read!

I have noticed some DKNY items from the first season do not have DKNY on the tag, instead they say "Pretty in Pink". Are they really from DKNY?

The answer is... no, and yes. Although the tag does not indicate that those items are from DKNY, it is because Pretty in Pink had a bunch of stuff that read "Inspired by DKNY" (or something similar) shortly before Stardoll decided to open the DKNY store. The items disappeared from Pretty in Pink and moved to where they really belonged. So, actually, the pieces have the same value as the ones with the DKNY tag.

This was just to clear things up for collectors. These pieces are DKNY, but they do not have the tag, so go ahead and buy them... if you only buy DKNY because of the label, then that's another thing.


  1. interesting! i didnt know that. i came a year after.

  2. Please tell me where you can find it...