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31 December 2009

2010 Stardoll Predictions

As a new year begins, we start to wonder what will happen on the world of Stardoll. Of course, we can never be 100% sure, but still... read Club Free Stuff's predictions for 2010 below:

Prediction #1: Stardoll will end the Play & Earn campaign. It sad, but it's more likely to be true. This year, Stardoll also ended de "1 Stardollar per day" campaign, which was a limited edition feature, just like Play & Earn. However...

Prediction #2: ... Stardoll might give us another way to earn Stardollars. It might be a new game, or competitions, etc.

Prediction #3: Some Real Brands will leave. The most likely to do so are Stuff by Duff and Vivienne Tam, since they are never updated and do not sell as expected. A wild guess? Jordache might be gone too.

Prediction #4: There will be another Real Brand. Before or after a Real Brand leaves (see prediction #3), a new Real Brand will join the Starplaza. I'm guessing it's either something very expensive or something more like Kohl's, but for superstars only.

Prediction #5: Superstar prices will stay the same, but most non-superstar prices will increase. Notice how older non-superstar items at the Stardoll store cost between 2 and 5 Stardollars, but recent stuff on Bisou goes from $3 to $7, and next year stuff might cost even more. However, Superstar prices will pretty much stay the same. This will happen if the economy doesn't improve. If it does, it's more likely prices won't increase.

Prediction #6: Stardoll will do more things like Stardoll Royalty or Stardoll Devotees - that is, if the economy doesn't improve. If it does, Stardoll won't do it.

Prediction #7: Magazines will make a big comeback on the first half of the year. Maybe gossip and fashion blogs will jump on that trend too.

Prediction #8: Stardoll scammers will find a new way to hack and scam Stardoll users. A Stardoll hacking mania will start again, in the same magnitude as the Loophole or the so-called Italian Mafia.

Prediction #9: Stardoll will face some technical problems and glitches. The Internet is changing and Stardoll will have to change with it.

Prediction #10 - Outrageous Guess: Maybe we'll see an Stardoll iPod Touch/iPhone app? Roiworld already has one, so Stardoll will try to beat the competition realeasing an app too. I think it won't likely happen because it's too difficult to make a StarPlaza, Stardesign or Stardoll Party Chat for an iPod Touch/iPhone. Or maybe, there will be an exclusive design for the iPod (think of the Facebook iPod app and how it is different from the normal Facebook site).

Bonus Prediction: Callie.Stardoll will finally reveal her true identity. LOL ;)

And of course, we'll still get free stuff!

What are your predictions for 2010?

Happy New Year!

Happy 2010! We wish you a lot of love, happines, joy and hope!

soovintage & marudoll

28 December 2009

FREE Moxie Skirt + Top

1. Go to schoolunlock.info
2. On the proxy URL bar, put: http://www.stardoll.com/starDesign.php?brandId=170
3. Log into your doll
4. Close the window

You have it!

Thanks to The Stardoll Insiders

January 2010 HotBuys!

Check the release dates here.

What do you think?

Decade of the Teens Store! + FREE Decade of the Teens Top

+ Get your FREE Decade of the Teens top! Go tohttp://www.stardoll.com/en/campaigns/decade-of-the-teens/, write something in the 2 boxes, and there you have it!

Stardoll released a new store, Decade of the Teens, which has the winning entries of the Design Contest. Some stuff is superstar and some isn't.. :)!

I guess this store will be around until the 1 of January 2010 so buy now if you want something!

25 December 2009

New Year Offer...

If you become Superstar until 1 January, you'll get 35% more stardollars.

Will you become Superstar?

24 December 2009

Baby Phat Sale!

The shoes on Baby Phat's Second Floor are on sale - they cost $2 or $3! Hurry if you want them!

FREE Dress! Today Only!

Everyone can get this FREE dress, simply go to the Non-Superstar Calendar and buy it!

Merry Christmas!

Club Free Stuff wishes a Merry Christmas to all its readers and more than 430 followers! May all your wishes come true!

+ Get 25 Stardollars free, click here to see how!


Stardoll will give us $25 for Christmas... but if you want to get them a little earlier, log into Stardoll then click here!

23 December 2009

Today on Stardoll Help: How To Block Stardoll Ads

Today, Stardoll is full with advertising everywhere: at the start page, at your friends list, at the dolls & games section, etc.

I really dislike this, since some ads are inappropriate for young children, some might infest your computer with malware, or some might ask you for personal information (remember, never reveal personal info!). So, how to avoid this ads?


... a nice item from the Non-Superstar Calendar! This dress is cute, cheap, and great for the Stardoll Holiday Season. Hurry up, it will only be available today!

Get it under "Hot" at the Starplaza, or here: http://www.stardoll.com/en/magazine/calendar/christmas.php

Will you buy it?

FREE Bracelet Today Only! [Superstar only]

Get this FREE bracelet inspired by Alexander McQueen on the Superstar Calendar:

Coming Soon... New Party Room?

Thanks to Stardoll i my

22 December 2009

Coming Soon... Lily Cole + Winning Design Clothes

Thanks to Underneath Stardoll we now know some of the winning design sketches... and that a Lily Cole doll is coming! Anyways, what do you think?

Louis Vuitton coming to Stardoll?


Thanks millycy for the image and tip!

Seems like Louis Vuitton might come to Stardoll! As you can see, it isn't cheap - some dresses cost $32, a bag costs $46 and shoes cost $21! However, this clothes are from the Spring 2009 collection. Shouldn't we get a Fall 2009 now?

But... we might get Louis Vuitton for men! How cool is that?

Tell me your thoughts!

21 December 2009

FREE Moonboots + Jacket/Crown

1. Go to unblocktwitter.org
2. Write in: stardoll.com
3. Log into your doll
4. Now write in: http://www.stardoll.com/en/contest/finish.php?id=215
5. You're done!

UPDATE: Actually you get a crown on your Me Doll Editor...

19 December 2009

DKNY Glitch?

Under "New" at the Starplaza you can find this top from DKNY for only $3... obviously, it's superstar (remember when EVERY member got their DKNY Dress for New Year last year? Good times...).

It might be a glitch, so buy it now!

UPDATE: It is actually at the Superstar Calendar. Thanks to evreyone who told!

FREE Magic Wand

To get it, follow this steps:

1. Go to ukryj.info
3. Log into your doll, then close the window.

Remember: we cannot guarantee that a web proxy is safe, so make sure your computer has an anti-virus protection, like Norton or McAfee. If it doesn't, you can download Avast!, a 100% free antivirus.

18 December 2009

FREE Moxie Girlz T-Shirt!

Follow this steps to get it:

1. Go to dontfilter.us or schoolunlock.info (as always we cannot be sure if they are 100% safe so use an antivirus!)
2. Go to: http://www.stardoll.com/en/starDesign.php?brandId=170
3. Log into your doll.
4. Done!

Did it work?


Superstar only, at the Starplaza

17 December 2009

Meet Stardoll's New Minion

Recognize this girl? Yeah, she's the one who appears in Stardoll's controversial ad. However, they changed it today, advertising the girl as Super_Girl.

When I got into her suite, it was pretty normal. But when I opened her closet, it became clear that she obviously has something to do with the Stardoll Staff. She has FREE LE. Jeez! The only person who has free LE is Callie.Stardoll. Fishy, huh?

She is best friends with miken, an account that belongs to the Stardoll Staff, and in her presentation she seems a little bit too desperate to know what is your favorite thing in Stardoll: "What is your favourite thing to do on Stardoll? I want to know! TELL ME!" What normal Stardoll user would do that? None. Only people like Callie.Stardoll or Vicky.Stardoll.

This is obviously a fake account created with a promotional purpose, but hey, Stardoll, at least you could try harder to disguise that.

What's your opinion?

New Superstar Offer

I think it's only available to people who were Superstar before. If you become superstar again until the 25 of the December, you get 35% more stardollars.

Will you become superstar?

Coming Soon... Voile Holiday Boutique

Soon we'll get another floor on the Voile Holiday Boutique. I agree with the source (Stardoll's Top Designers): this dresses will be gone by January or even after Christmas, so if you like them, buy them now!

FREE Amy Diamond T-Shirt

You just automatically get it, it's in a StarPlaza bag at your suite. Everyone, superstars and non-superstars, get it.

Let me know if you didn't get it!

UPDATE: If you didn't get it, go to facebebooksurfing.info, and go to stardoll.com. Log into your doll, then close the window. Hope it helps!

16 December 2009

Stardoll, Explain Yourselves. Now.


That non-superstars aren't happy and that buying a Superstar membership will bring you happiness? That non-superstars are boring and dull? That non-superstars are not pretty? That non-superstars do not have a fashion sense?

What are you trying to tell us, Stardoll? That we need to buy a Superstar Membership to be happy? Well, you're wrong.

I agree with the folks on Underneath Stardoll: it isn't THAT hard to find a nice way to advertise Superstar Membership. Come on, Stardoll, you can!

(or maybe not.)

Coming Soon...

15 December 2009

Club Free Stuff Awards!

We decided to have awards! Here, YOU will be able to choose the best and the worst of Stardoll, in one easy way: by polls.

Vote below!

Start voting! You can vote until the 1 of January. Results will be revealed the 2 of January.

Suggest any new category on the comments below!

NEW Styled Outfits: Ribbons and Bows


Coming Soon... Amy Diamond Celeb Boutique?

It looks like Amy Diamond will finally have its own Celeb Boutique... or maybe this is just some free stuff?

what do you think?

Party Chat Update

Now every Superstar can use it. It's still free, because it's still beta. Thanks Ikaty11

New Feature...

at the Start Page

Coming Soon... Kirsten Stewart, Kellan Lutz and Kate Beckinsale

thanks to Underneath Stardoll

What is this...?

What is this "Camera" feature? You can find it on Edit your Presentation clicking on "Image Bank".


UPDATE: Thanks to Ikaty11 and Anonymous. This feature shows the pictures you took on any Party Chat.

New Non-Superstar Gift


To see the real-life clothes, go to www.seenonstardoll.blogspot.com/

14 December 2009

Where's Vivienne Tam?

You cannot find her store anymore, but you can search the items. Will Vivienne Tam be gone for good, or is it just a glitch?

Oh Really?

Stardoll is really getting on my nerves... I mean, selecting "there's only a few, high quality" as the right answer? The only right answer for the meaning of Limited Edition is that: it's Limited Edition. It might be high quality or it might not.

And really, the meaning that best describes LE is "The Things are really expensive". We know that there isn't a limited quantity, because some items are re-stocked so Stardoll can make more money. And some stuff isn't high quality.

I really think this poll's results are being manipulated by Stardoll. Just Sayin'.

Coming Soon...

Coming Soon... ?

What could this yummy cupcake possibly be? I bet it's free!

Calling All London Superstars...

Stardoll is having a new competition, "Stardoll Focus Group", in which the prize is to get together with the Stardoll Staff and talk about Stardoll.

It's only for people who live in or near London, England. If you do, go to: http://www.stardoll.com/en/contest/view.php?id=209 and enter the competition. You have to give personal details, though.

What really bothers me though is that it's a chat only for Superstars, like Stardoll doesn't care about non-superstars.
Like they don't want to hear their opinion.


Coming Soon... LE?! + LE Pendant

Check out this spoilers from Underneath Stardoll! As you can see, they really look like they could be from the new LE, specially because you can find the LE Necklaces between the spoilers.


12 December 2009

Hidden DIY Items!

Yes! You can still get some items from the DIY Store, clicking here.

Thanks to Underneath Stardoll!

Baby Phat Jewellery for Everyone + Hidden Jewellery

Now everyone can own something from Baby Phat! There are two hidden jewellery from the store, earrings and a necklace, which you can get clicking here.

Also, there are two hidden earrings, one superstar and one none superstar. Click here to get them.

More hidden items to come!

source: The stardoll Insiders