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28 September 2009

Stardoll versus GirlsGoGames.com

More adventures in the land of Copyright! Remember the 3 dresses above, which were supposed to be released when Stardoll reached 40 million members?

Where are they now? The only explanation so far is that Stardoll ripped off the dresses from GirlsGoGames.com. Or maybe, the other way round - we'll never know for sure. So, probably they had to pull off the dresses to avoid a lawsuit. Although I'm pretty sure Stardol would not miss any of the money lost. The new LE, Miss Sixty, and Red Carpet items were major sellouts!

Who is to blame?


  1. omg i think your right, stardoll never released those. what is up with them keeping stuff from us? i hate that..lol

  2. girlsgogames.com have had those dolls for some time. stardoll copied them and i guess that's why they took them off.