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30 January 2009

Coming Soon... Doll

[Picture from Stardoll's Top Designers]
I know I'm doing a lot of posts today, but since I'm leaving...
So, the doll above: probably an actress. I love the bags!
Click here to check out more spoilers.

Confessions of a Shopaholic on Stardoll?

I found this tee on the Spoilers... It looks just like the t-shirts that you get for free after watching a trailer on the Cinema. So I bet, this tee is going to be free!
Check the cinema everyday for the "Confessions of a Shopaholic" trailer!
Check the post below for the DKNY Preview.
Remember I'm leaving tomorrow for 2 weeks!

DKNY Spring 2009 Coming Soon!

[Picture From The Star Dose]
Finally! Stardoll gave us a Sneak Peek of the Spring 2009 DKNY Collection. Check it out clicking here.
Personally, I don't really like it. It seems like everytime, DKNY is getting worse - the collection is ok and springy-ish, but the graphics don't do it for me.
What do you think?


I'm going on vacations and I'm leaving the blog & Stardoll for 2 weeks.
I'll be back the 14th of February!

New BroadCast System

Yesterday, the BroadCasts were unavailable. Now we know why!

The new broadcast system has words - you cannot write your own. "Basic" broadcast words like sale, rare, collector, hotbuys are there too.

I don't like this new system, it takes longer to write what you want to and some words like celeb aren't there!

What do you think?

Hello, copyright?

On the Caroline Trentini doll, we see this adorable Mickey sweater. Will they change it, like the Hello Kitty Hotbuys T-Shirt or like the Chanel stuff?

I think the word "copyright" doesn't exist in Sweden.

29 January 2009

Coming Soon: Doll

Coming soon.. I don't know who she is, but she has beautiful, Anna Sui-ish clothes. The whole doll has a mexican feeling. Hey, remember the Frida Kahlo doll? Maybe we're having a Mexican theme! Or a Latin theme, since the future picks of the day feature Brazilian clothes.
True or False, what do you think?

Free Couch

On the "Free Stuff" widget, on the sidebar, it says "Couch". I always thought the couch was only for new members... but it's not! Read the steps below to get it:

1. Make a new account
2. Do the tour
3. When you reach the part where Callie says “I have a present for you at the Minishop, I hope you like it or LOVE IT” (or something like that) Click MINISHOP, but DO NOT BUY THE COUCH! yet!
4. Right click “LOG OUT” and click “open in new tab” or “new window” or just open Stardoll in a new tab or window and log out there. Then log in your REAL account (the one you want the couch in). DO NOT CLOSE THE 1st TAB!
5. Go to the 1st Tab, THEN buy the couch, and go back to the 2nd window/tab. It shall appear in your suite!

I don't know if it works, since I already have the couch.

Info and picture from The Stardoll Insiders.

27 January 2009

Britney, Heidi and Olsen: OMG!

Can you believe it???
Well, I can't!
Britney, Olsen and Heidi clothes were released [oops, some of them re-released] on the StarPlaza!!
And ok, most of them are Superstar.. but who cares? There are only 4 clothes with "Britney" on them, 3 of the non-ss, and that will make any high-price Bazaar seller happy.
And an OLSEN skirt!! HEIDI dress!
I had to have them. Well, at least the Britney striped top.
Stardoll, you amazed me.
But I'm not forgiving you for the Paris dress.
P.S: High healed boots! How cool is that?

This is sick.

A picture speaks for more than 1000 words.
I have no words to express what I feel right now. I can't believe how a supposedly 14 year old girl (I highly doubt she's from Mali too. So I don't think she's 28 years old) can put this on her profile.
You all know what I'm thinking.
I cannot stop all racism and hatred on the world, but I think at least I can stop it on Stardoll.
Please help me fight it.
Thank you so much, soovintage.


Yay! We have 20 followers! It's not the big thing, but I'm happy!
Thanks to our loyal readers!
And yes, today is a no-news day. : (

26 January 2009

Hotel For Dogs Free Stuff

[image from The Stardoll Juice]


Want to get a FREE dog of your choice? Then start searching everywhere on Stardoll for dogs - on the Shop, your best friends' suite, etc.

Find all 6 dogs and you can choose to get one of them for free! Plus, you can win a "goodie bag" with exclusive Hotel For Dogs merchandise.

Go to the Hotel For Dogs, click here.

Here's where you'll find the dogs:

- Moonacre scenery (the piano room): Jack Russel Terrier

- Starplaza: Chinese Crested Dog

- Your Styling Studio: Pug

- Starbazaar: Great Dane

- Doree: Poodle

- Stardoll girls shop in Starplaza: Bull Dog

Did you find them all?

Hotel For Dogs: Free Stuff Coming Soon?

On recent spoilers, I saw all the dogs and the poster from Hotel for Dogs. Do you think it's free stuff? The poster might be the one from the Hotel for Dogs Contest, but the dogs?

What do you think?

25 January 2009

Hot Buys Top

The HotBuys top is now released on Pretty in Pink for $9... Thoughts?

Competition Winners!

The "Amazing Comp" has ended, and here are the 2 Amazing Winners!

She won the 1st place. Winner of $15 worth on gifts! Congratulations!
She won the 2nd place. Winner of 2 Gifts! Congratulations!

Another comp will be coming soon!
P.S: The winners aren't on a Hot Spot Topic because Stardoll won't let me make one : ( .

24 January 2009

Free Stuff!

As you know, the monthly sale always brings Free Stuff glitches. Here are the free stuff from January:

Splendid: Gold Earrings, $4, Page 3

Fallen Angel: Bow Tie, $3, Page 7 [on search], Page 4 [on store] - Cropped Blazer, $5, Page 7 [on search], Page 2 [on store] - SUPERSTAR: High Heels With Studs, $5, Page 1

Remember, when going to you suite you'll get your money back!
I reccomend trying this with another account first, in case the cheat doesn't work anymore.

If you know another free stuff, comment & tell!

23 January 2009

Chinese Theme

The Chinese Theme is here - you can see the [old] clothes and furniture on the Shop. Now, the Yin & Yang doll is re-released for Superstars.
But anyone knows what does this mean?

New furniture? Postcards? Or better, Free Stuff? Or nothing at all?

What do you think?

Hot Buys Earrings

The Hot Buys Earrings are now on Splendid for $9. They are gorgeous, but the price..?


StarPlaza Sale...

The 50% off Superstar Sale is here! There are a lot of good stuff, like leather leggins from Rio or the whole 3rd floor from Tingeling [Rococo & Lace theme].

I still think that it isn't fair making the Sale superstar... you?

22 January 2009

20 January 2009

Styling Studio Released!

UPDATE: The Styling Studio is like a dress-up game you can create for yourself, with backgrounds and your own clothes. It costs $8 to make and it appears below your best friends list. Still don't get it? Read the steps below:

Step 1: Choose the clothes you want. You can even make a theme, like "Gold and Black" or "DKNY".

Step 2: Choose a background.

Step 3: Create a name for your dress up game. You're done!

For all the dolls created in Styling Studio, go to http://www.stardoll.com/en/stylingstudio

P.S: Keep checking the posts below for Hot Buys & Spoilers!

Hot Buys Skirt

is now released! For $12, on Bisou. And yes, Superstar.

The only nice thing about this is that with this skirt, new clothes are FINALLY on the Shop.

Coming Soon... Doll

I found this picture on The Star Dose. Anyone knows who she is?
UPDATE: She's Chanel Iman.

Ugly Spoilers

EW! What look does Stardoll think we're going for? Miley *cough* Slutty *cough* Cyrus? [no offence to Miley fans. But look at this]

Eww much?

UPDATE: The clothes are from the Britney Spears Doll. Check it out here.

February Hot Buys

The February Hot Buys are here! Releasing dates:
- Hot Buys Collar, Pretty In Pink, 2 February
- Hot Buys Boots, Fudge, 3 February
- Hot Buys Skirt, Folk, 6 February
- Hot Buys Purple Cardigan, Evil Panda, 9 February
- Hot Buys Bag, Rio, 13 February
- Hot Buys Grey Cardigan, Bisou, 16 February
- Hot Buys Necklace, Splendid, 18 February
- Hot Buys Trousers, Bisou, 20 February
- Hot Buys Top, Evil Panda, 23 February
- Hot Buys Belt, Bisou, 27 February
What do you think about this HotBuys? VOTE on the Poll at the Sidebar!

19 January 2009

New Look! + Affiliates [Very Important]

Like it?

Onto the Affiliates: Need to promote your club, blog or other? Become our affiliate! It will cost you one gift - no matter if it's Superstar or not!

To become our affiliate, send soovintage a gift and tell on her guestbook what are you going to affiliate [your club, for example]. We'll post the link as soon as possible.

Go to soovintage's suite, click here.

Spoilers by Mario

Mario [dodence_bt], the great designer, is also a great spoiler finder. On the blog he writes for, The Star Dose, he found 3 BIG Spoilers. DON'T KEEP READING IF YOU DON'T WANT TO SPOIL THE SURPRISE!
1. The first spoiler, a free dress for us. When could it be? It doesn't look like it's a gift dress, though. Hope it's available for everyone, not only for SS.
2. The BIG surprise! Remember the "Coming Soon" on the Design Street? Well, it's a Styling Studio! I think it has to do more with clothes, not with hair. Look, see the blue dress under the LE Cape? Well, it's a DKNY dress that actually is green. And the Sequin Shirt from Elle? It's now a T-Shirt! So maybe, we can modify our clothes... but maybe. Stardoll ads are always tricky. Remember, nor the dress, the jewellery or hair on the doll's new design exist...
Mario also found 2 backgrounds for the Styling Studio:

3. The last spoiler is The Secret Of Moonacre Sceneries. Here are 2 of them:

That's all. In case you didn't know, Mario is on the hospital right now - he got hit by a car. Let's hope he gets well soon...

P.S: Is it me, or the new Superstar Taylor Momsen doll doesn't show up, with a blank screen where the doll and clothes should be?

18 January 2009

Oh, no. Not The Paris Dress.

From all the sacred old clothes, Stardoll had to re-release the Paris Dress.

Yeah, you heard it. The Paris dress.

It's not even that rare, you know. But it's from Paris Hilton, our fashion and lifestyle icon.

And they even released corsets and tiny, tiny shorts known as "hotpants".


WE ALL KNOW THAT PARIS IS NOT A WHORE WHO WEARS CORSETS AND HOTPANTS!! She wears designer clothing, the designer clothes WE want to have on Stardoll instead of *cough* fugly *cough* re-releases.

Where were the glorious times, when Style and Eternity ruled as the fashion magazines? I mean, the first one hasn't published since August.

Only Callie knows what goes on the Stardoll Staff's mind. That is, if she's real.

Go check it out for yourself! The Paris Dress, on Fallen Angel, for $5 and non-ss. Okay, at least they made it available for every true Paris Fan.

I think I'm never going to truly like Stardoll again.

[emotional post, I know. But I couldn't handle it anymore].

Cashmybux - Become Superstar For Free

I found another way to become Superstar for free - Cash My Bux!
I only suggest it to those who already have a PayPal account, since it's the only way to get the money you earned.
How do you earn money? By watching ads.
Click here to go to Cash My Bux.
I still reccomend Prize Rebel, it's the easiest way! Go to Prize Rebel, click here.

17 January 2009


Found it at someone's quickfacts:

Who is Anders test999.4? I don't even think Stardoll has a doll of him. ; )

The Comments Are Back! + Recolors

After 2 months or so, the comments on dolls are back! Thank G*d the Dolly Manteinance Is Over [TGDMO]!

Also, looking on the spoilers, I saw this jacket, that is the same as the Emerson Blazer from Elizabeth and James, just recoloured. Thoughts?

Coming Soon: Pick Of The Days

Future picks of the day, from January 19 to February 8.

The items on the red squares are from the HotBuys Doll (they're HotBuys), the items on the black squares are re-releases (as far as I know).
What do you think?
[info & picture from Virtual Fashion Heaven]

16 January 2009

Minishop Sale

The Minishop Sale is now on... Mostly Seasonal stuff, but great stuff like the Glamour Bow, Marrakesh Lamp are also on it.

Does this mean the Shop Sale will be coming soon?

Coming Soon: Britney Spears Doll

[Thanks to Stardoll's Top Designers for the picture]

Ehmagawd!! Britney is back, b*tch!

Coming Soon: Frida Kahlo Doll

[Thanks to Stardoll's Top Designers for the picture]
Coming soon, the Frida Kahlo doll... Sure it'll be a Role Model. The accesories are great. And... I hope this doll means a new theme. Maybe "Mexico Rocks" or something like that.

15 January 2009

HotBuys Dress

Yeahh. What happened to the cheap HotBuys? Nice times.

Did you notice that after weeks of re-releases, Stardoll actually put decent clothes? I so like the playsuit and the non-ss dress...

14 January 2009


Stardoll is getting me so pissed!
Guess what? No free stuff. No gossip. No wonderful Styled Outfits.
Yeah, you guessed it, uber-boring re-releases! All the New section is full of re-releases!! Except the 2 Hotbuys!
And guess which rares are back?
- Olsen Twins Leather Jacket
- November 2006 HotBuys Dress

That's 3 rares in, what?, 1 week?
Seriously, Stardoll! I can see you were busy with the new page's designs, but can you at least make DECENT clothes and not bring rares back?
What happened with the "10 hot trends for Fall"? Only 3 of those trends were released! Come on!

What do you think?

Stardoll's new design!

[A big thanks to The Stardoll Insiders for the pics]
So, this is how the new Stardoll design will look - although it's awesome, we don't have those clothes and it's not "free" to get an interior - you have to pay!

What do you think?

Slumber Party

The new Styled Outfit theme, Slumber Party, is out. You guessed it, full of ugly re-releases. I'd rather have the it's-ok-but-I-wanted-Gucci-Inspired Russia Rock theme than this, that doesn't follow any fashion trend!
Who saw pyjamas on the runway? I did, on my 4-year-old's cousin room! Seriously, what happened to Falling for Fashion and Autnum Jewels? I miss them!
Though, there are some cute clothes, like the blue and red dresses (which remind me of the ones on the Belinda doll), and the playsuit is okay. But did you see the yellow tank top? Elizabeth and James StarDesign much? Couldn't Stardoll even change the shape, or add a print like a fairy or whataver?
Okay, but the Minishop items are cute.

What do you think?

13 January 2009

Oh My F*ckin Gosh!!!

Can you believe the NightGown, from the November 2006 HotBuys (the first HotBuys ever, if you didn't know that) is back?!
Okay, so I was really pissed off with Stardoll about bringing all those re-releases back (including the oh-so-rare Olsen Twins Leather Jacket), and of course about no free stuff, but this made my day!
I'm sure most collectors will be happy, but the ones that paid $60 for the dress won't.
I'm not so sure this is the actual dress, because if you see that in the November 2006 the dress ends just above the knees but the re-released falls below them...
But what do you think?

UPDATE: I tried the dress on a user, it actually ends below the knees, so I don't think they're the same dress.

HotBuys Earmuffs

For $4 and SuperStars.. whoever made that comment "HB's should be superstars", I'm gonna kill them right now!! It's so unfair, basically because almost 70% of Stardoll are non-SS, and with all those re-releases and no new clothes [see post above], Stardoll at least should make some good. And those earmuffs are so cute!

What do you think?

P.S: I'm still watching you, stupid commenter. LOL.

12 January 2009


no, not me.. but the New Year dresses are!

I saw the "Tijana" dress [actually it's from Stella McCartney], and the "Terry Hearts" dress [Marc Jacobs] both for sale at the Bazaar, and both for ridiculous prices - the Tijana was for $35.

So, if you don't want to pay that for a dress, buy them now! I bet they'll leave when the sale comes...