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13 September 2009

BIG Copycat Alert

There's another site copying Stardoll! But this time, it's not just a dress: it's everything! Look and see for yourselves:

gamesbunch.com has had this Ashley Tisdale clothes for a while now, and I'm surprised no one has noticed that the doll's body and face features looks very similar as Stardoll's. Also, the clothes are almost all the same, except for some that have been recolored or modified. Even the background is the same as Stardoll's Bohemian Interior!


Thanks to anneke-de-hamer


  1. Which website is copying stardoll clothes


  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. I wonder if that site is a Subsidiary of Stardoll! Most the dolls and the clothes are Stardolls. I bet that Stardoll own part of this Gamesbunch.com site. They would NOT allow that to occur and NOT take Registered Trademark Lawsuit against this company. Stardoll MONITORS all sites that are DOLL dressup Types and this one of their own. That's what I think.

  4. I think Orange008 is right that makes perfect sense


  5. OK....it's look like in stardolll...anddd i found new copycat again....in:
    it is beyonce dress up....in her clothes...there are 2 dress i stardoll: 1.vivinnie tam dress(old)
    2.stardoll girls audrey dress...

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