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28 September 2009


1. There's a very similar looking Hermés Birkin on the Spoilers. Thoughts?

2. The LE Spring/Summer 2009 Necklace is still missing... apparently, it is the one below. I personally don't like it, but do you?

3. Still want to buy the Red Carpet red bow, from the Luella Spring 2010 runway? Well, you can - but hurry! You will find it on Splendid in the Headwear section, for a whopping $10. However, this piece was supposed to vanish from the StarPlaza today, so it won't last long! There's also a glitch on the tag - the headband is not inspired by Josh Goot!

1 comment:

  1. Le necklace is going to come, I saw it on the spoilers today! :-)