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29 May 2009

Vivienne Tam: Closed for Renovation

freya_95 just told me about this.. I guess there's a new Vivienne Tam coming soon! You can still buy the items in the Search. Meanwhile, you can check the Spring 2009 Runway clicking here.

As Seen in Magazine: Tiffany & Co on Stardoll!

Audrey Hepburn made the store iconic in Breakfast at Tiffany's, but now we can be the stars of our own movie with the jewerelly Stardoll has released inspired on Tiffany's classical yet amazing pieces. But, where you can get this pieces?

On Splendid, of course:
- Heart-Key Necklace, $4 (Superstar Only)
- Alicia Necklace, $5
- Pearl Earrings, $5
- Diamond Earrings, $5

Read the article by .marcela.. on the Magazine clicking here, and see Tiffany's website clicking here.

soovintage and marudoll

27 May 2009

New Feature: Twitter

Now you can connect your Twitter to Stardoll! Just go to Your Account, then Account Settings, then scroll down. What do you think about this new feature? I really like it!

Coming Soon... Disney Video Player

Guess we'll have free stuff coming soon! What do you think about this Disney TV/ Video Player? Obviously, I'll tell you all about it when it's free. ; )


24 May 2009

Which One Is Best?: Poll Results

With 144 votes, our first poll, "Which one is best?" has been closed. The winner is Cheap And Chic, with 81 votes, that shows how much Stardolls love items like Christmas Calendar, DIY or Sales.

In second place came Free and Tacky with 37 votes. I don't think everything that's free is tacky but Stardoll makes it look like it. However I love the free treats we get once in a while.

And in last place, Expensive but Awesome with 36 votes. Well, who doesn't love LE, Philosophy and DKNY?

Keep checking the blog to see future polls!

New Feature in Clubs

You can search for a topic now! What do you think about this new feature?

Elle & Vivienne Tam on SALE!

Freya_95 just told us about the SALE that's going on the StarPlaza, with Elle and Vievienne Tam included. Yes, you heard it! Two real brands half off their prices!
In Elle's case, the second floor (Fall 08 Season) is full of those little red numbers. But on Vivienne Tam, all the store is on sale! What does that mean? Is the brand leaving the StarPlaza, or will we get a new Spring Season like Philosophy? What do you think?
At least, go grab something while you can!

21 May 2009

1000 Members Comp!

We reached 1000 members on club-free-stuff! We are having a big comp where everyone can participate and everyone can win!

Read the rules and find out more here.

June 2009 HotBuys

I love the June HotBuys! They put me in a spring mood. What do you think? Here you have the release dates:

Bag, Bisou, June 2, Inspired by Marc by Marc Jacobs
Skirt, Bisou, June 4
Watch, Splendid, June 8
Tube Dress, Bisou, 10 June, Inspired by Thread Social
Crop Jacket, Pretty in Pink, 12 June, Inspired by TopShop
Dress, Bisou, 15 June
Necklace, Splendid, 17 June
Sandals, Pretty in Pink, 19 June, Inspired by Givenchy
Skirt, Rio, 23 June, Inspired by Forever 21
Dress, Pretty In Pink, 26 June

What do you think?

20 May 2009

Coming Soon... Anya Hindmarch: I'm Not A Plastic Bag

I loove this bag by Anya Hindmarch, and I absolutely love that it's coming to Stardoll. I don't even care if it was a trend eons ago - I'll keep loving it forever!

What about you?

Coming Soon..

Coming Soon... June HotBuys

Wonderful Spoiler from Stardoll's Top Designers

I fell in love with June's upcoming HotBuys! I really like the bag, the shoes and the violet skirt. You? What do you think? Is Stardoll going back to their good-quality HotBuys?

AskPaulinaGirls Gift!

Well, looks like we got the 50.000 members gift from AskPaulinaGirls! What do you think about this beautiful necklace?

However, I heard from monrose4rever that you get it if you buy the "Green with Envi" bag on the Shop. Tell me, have you bought the bag and got the necklace?

New Store: StarPlaza Archive

What do you think about StarPlaza Archive, Stardoll's brand-new boutique? Well, I really like it. The idea - bringing old themes back to the StarPlaza - is really cool, because now you won't need to pay $20 for that Missoni top or $30 for that Dries van Noten dress!

I hope we'll get more themes back! You?

New Play & Earn: Celeb Quiz

Picture from The Stardoll Insiders
Stardoll just added the new Play & Earn Game, Celeb Quiz! I think it's really fun, and way more entrataining than the other game. Now there's only 1 game left that should be released. What do you think it'll be about? And how long the Play & Earn campaign will last?
Tell in comments!

19 May 2009

Coming Soon...

I really like this clothes, and you?

Philosophy for Everyone!

For everyone that wants to wear high fashion, you can grab Philosophy di Alberta Ferreti lace-up shoes on the StarPlaza! Of course, for a whopping price - $9 for flats and $12 for heels. What do you think? Do you think it will be only during a short time, just like Dot? Tell us in comments!

Philosophy is OUT!

Philosophy Di Alberta Ferreti Spring 2009 Collection is out, and seriously, I have only one word for it: no.
The clothes, apart from being super expensive (okay, on Philosophy Fall they were expensive too but at least they were nice and some costed $15!), lack on quality. A lot. They look like early-2007 StarPlaza Clothing! And even though the shoes aren't superstar, they aren't nice.
I don't have more stuff to say since I am not really "feeling" this collection. Is it sporty? Is it greek-inspired? Well, I just know it's ugly.
I'm not telling you to buy it, I'm just asking you to think: would you pay $24 for this dress if it were from Folk? Do you want it because you like it, or because it's Philosophy? Just think.
What do you think about Philosophy's new season?

18 May 2009

Coming Soon... Philosophy Spring 2009

Philosophy Di Alberta Ferreti's new Spring collection just arrived on the spoilers (meaning: it'll be on the StarPlaza by tomorrow or so!), and my opinion? The quality on almost everything is very low. Some clothes look average to me, and I bet you wouldn't buy those maxi-dresses if they were from Folk or Rio.
Stardoll is also going down with their dolls - I believe Stardoll was getting "fat", and they had to cut the "fat", and that "fat" were the graphic designers. Liked my I-was-fired-from-ANTM reference, like Paulina said?
What do you think about this new collection? Will you buy it?

15 May 2009

Just thinking...

... where are our prizes for the 50.000 Members of the AskPaulinaGirls Club?

We Love... Safety Pins and Flowers

Karl Lagerfeld's Sold-Out Creation for Fendi
Marc Jacobs's Latest Creation, The Safety Pin Stam

Just a few days ago DIY Boutique arrived into the StarPlaza, our virtual shopping heaven. With everyone drooling over its half-done, totally-fashionable pieces, those little accesories, the Safety Pins and the Roses, were almost not seen.
But Karl Lagerfeld and Marc Jacobs saw them months ago, and decided to make them have the biggest role into their creation: the Floral Box Clutch, Fendi's already sold-out piece of art, and the Safety Pin Stam, the bag which after years of reaching the it-bag status still keeps taking the center stage on socialites and celebrities' shoulders, with new designs, patterns and accesories everytime.
How to achieve the look? Well, simply buy those little wonders in the DIY boutique from $1 or $2 each and layer them over your handbag, or buy some beautiful flowers from the DIY Section in the Minishop like Nick told us. But not all of us are superstar: to get the Safety Pin, go to Evil Panda and buy it for $2. To get the Rose, you can send yourself a Pink Wrist Corsage $1 Non-Superstar Gift with a spare account and layer it over a clutch, or buy the Bouquet from Budding Love in the Minishop to get another color. If you find something else feel free to tell in the comments!
What do you think about this new trend?

FREE True Jackson VP Dress

You can get this beautiful FREE True Jackson VP Dress watching the True Jackson VP Trailer in the Cinema.. if you're from the UK. If not:

2. Type in stardoll.com/en/cinema/
3. Log into your doll, wait a few seconds then log out.

Now you have the dress! Other proxy that works is http://traffica.info/.

Podes tener este Vestido GRATIS de True Jackson VP viendo el trailer de True Jackson VP en el Cinema si vivis en el Reino Unido. Si no vivis ahi, segui estos pasos:

3. Entra en tu doll, espera algunos segundos, cerra sesion.

Ahora tenes tu vestido! Si no te anda con Shadow Surf, intenta en http://traffica.info/.

[Thanks Free.Stuff and purple456]

14 May 2009

Coming Soon... DIY Boutique Part 2

Stardoll is planning to release more on the popular and new DIY Boutique. Here you can see some items. What do you think? Will you buy?

Coming Soon... True Jackson VP TV

Remember True Jackson VP, that 2008 movie from Nickelodeon that you got a free T-Shirt when watching the trailer?

Well, it is back - sorry, it will be back, this time with a free TV! I don't know when it will be released but I'm sure it'll be for the USA, just like last time. Don't worry - proxies are here to save us!


This caused quite a stir on our virtual world today: Callie is CoverGirl. Yes, Callie, the one who works for Stardoll. The one that is rumored to be a robot, or worse, a man!

There are lots of girls who have got "it" and they aren't covergirls - they are kind, popular, or have a nice account. But Callie never spoke to any member. She is just popular because she works for Stardoll. And she isn't pretty (I'm speaking about her/his virtual self, of course).

What do you think? Controversial, Coincidence or Cool?

OMG... Paulina FIRED!

I cannot believe it! The legendary supermodel Paulina has been fired from ANTM! What do you think?

You can read more here.

Picture from Tyler's Top Trends

13 May 2009

Coming Soon... Fendi Bag

Isn't it such a joy when Stardoll releases a designer item? To me, it is. I love this Fendi bag, seen many times on Lady GaGa (in fact, the bag comes from her doll), but I think Stardoll could have done much better recreating the details on the bag. What do you think?

NEW! DIY Boutique...

We always wanted to achieve that artsy, half-done way like Comme des Garconnes. Or maybe, two-toned pieces inspired by Lanvin. Or maybe what you saw on POP Magazine from that new designer. Well, now you can - with DIY boutique.
With good prices for awesome clothes, not to mention awesome ones, I think DIY Boutique is a bargain - because you can always mix, match and add to create new and creative pieces! You can even accesorize your shoes!
What do you think of Stardoll's newest boutique?

12 May 2009

Coming Soon... Re-Style Styled Outfits

What do you think? Well, I hope it means new shapes and colors for the StarDesign!

Big Superstar Strike

Okay, not a strike at all - it's just the best translation for "Gran Huelga SS". But, may you ask, what is this complaint all about?

Well, it asks to Superstars not to buy any codes between May 15 and June 15. You can play, earn, log in, buy in the Shop, but not buy codes!

As we all know, Stardoll wil listen more to the members who pay than those who won't. Greedy Stardoll.

And what can non-superstars do? Spread the word, of course!

You can read more clicking here.

What do you think about this "strike"? And about this one?

04 May 2009

The answer is here...

I actually wasn't surprised when I got this copy-and-pasted answer from Stardoll about the "Write To Stardoll!" cause. Wanna see it?

Hi (stardoll username),
Thank you for contacting us. We do understand you and all the users who are not Superstars.
The fact that certain features are for Superstars only is a way of rewarding our users for buying Stardollars.
Maybe you wonder why we have to charge for some of our games!
The answer is that it costs money to run Stardoll.com, and to be able to operate Stardoll we need to cover the development costs, salaries, the cost of new servers and other stuff and do this partly by charging for some of the games and features.
As in real life, most things are for free, but some cost.
We have tried to keep the prices as low as possible so that as many Stardoll users as possible can play all the games at Stardoll.com.

Best regards,The Stardoll Staff

Yeah, right. I'll keep sending. However, I DO agree with the facts that Superstars pay real money so they need more - but more than half of Stardoll is not superstars. That more than the half gives Stardoll ratings, spread the word, vote for them on the Web Awards, etc.

What do you think about this cause? Do you agree with complaining, or you believe that we should keep our mouths shut? I'd love to hear what do you think!

TIP: When you want to write to Stardoll, don't put in a category - they'll answer you a copy-pasted text about that category! Put "other" in category, they'll answer something more related to your question!

Thank you nai-qkataa

03 May 2009

Write To Stardoll - Together, We Can

You probably noticed that Stardoll is getting expensive and greedier day-by-day. But now, with the 30 Million Members Celebration, you finally realized it: compared to older celebrations, we got a copy-and-pasted top, and not even the chance to win something! Then, clothes are getting expensive: $15 for a jacket or a dress, $17 for an interior, almost all furniture and clothes Superstar... when will it stop?

No, I'm not asking for a strike (although I've heard some rumours), I'm asking you to... write to Stardoll!

The Stardoll Insiders came up with this awesome idea (they even made a ready-to-send letter which you can see here!), and I'm joining the cause. You?

Facts & More clicking here

See the ready-to-send letter here

Spread the word - it doesn't matter if you have a blog, magazine, club, even putting a link in your presentation, guestbook or diary can help!

01 May 2009

More Philosophy On The Way!


We Love... Blazers, Part II

The new Balmain HotBuys Blazer/Jacket is out now on the Shop, and already lots of users are sporting it with different looks: fakeshake3, starszn, we3forever, idilpekel585, and see_my_bling, whose look you can see above.

This jacket is more unique and difficult to recreate but I'm sure we all will be able to catch that rock'n'roll look Balmain is showing us. I said all of us? Yes, I did. I'm sure non-superstars will be able to get something similar and put some rock chic thing there!

Will you?