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08 September 2009

Coming Soon... 40 Million Members + More

We are reaching 40 Million Members soon, and obviously, we are getting some clothes to celebrate. Will this dress be free? Because I wouldn't pay for this shapeless dress. The spoiler below looks much better:
80's Rock'n'Roll-ish outfits, with sequins, over-the-knee boots and studs. Do you like them? I sure do!


  1. dont care for the star dress but the other things are wicked!

  2. i sort of like the 40 million members dress.

  3. i only like the shoes lol

  4. Hi..i am sakuraayumi at stardoll
    just wanted to tell you .. that heart dog bed no longer non superstar..thx

  5. i am sakuraayumi at stardoll
    i just wanted to tell you .. that heart dog bed no longer non superstar....

  6. i damn love this sequin dress!
    its beautiful ♥

  7. Hey I really want to know when the 40 million dollar thing is coming out

    Btw:It doesent matter if the clothes are ugly i just LOVE FREE STUFF!