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12 January 2010

Deleted Accounts?

UPDATE: More accounts deleted! See them all here. Thanks to binababy87

Some member's accounts are disappearing misteriously. According to friend94, her account was deleted by Stardoll because she had "severely broken" their terms of use... however, she claims she hasn't done anything! More accounts have been misteriously deleted:

- masaamira
- Annemariiiiie
- BinaBaby87
- larsa_gurl
- Kryzzy80
- xhellokittyx

... and most of them for the same reason: violating Stardoll's terms of use, although they claim to have done nothing!

Also, Kryzzy80 and Masamira had paid to get Stardollars. If they account is deleted, they wasted money for nothing, and Stardoll has both their money and Stardollars. If so, they could take legal action against Stardoll, because their account was deleted with no apparent reason (since Stardoll didn't offer details of what they had supposedly done), and Stardoll took the girl's real-life money with them.

So, to avoid YOUR account getting deleted, check the Stardoll Terms of Use below:

When you are at Stardoll you SHOULD:
  • Enjoy yourself and have fun!
  • Be creative: Inspire yourself and be an inspiration to others
  • Create and dress up the coolest dolls ever!
  • Hang out with your friends and make new friends
  • Respect other people's views and beliefs

When you are at Stardoll you must NOT:
  • Swear, use sexually graphic language or be racist
  • Bully other Stardoll members or in other ways make them feel uncomfortable
  • Ask other Stardolls for their (or give out your own) password, email addresses or other personal information, including photos
  • Type your password anywhere except in the log-in box on www.stardoll.com
  • Break the law at Stardoll or talk others into breaking it
  • Claim you belong to the Stardoll Staff

And, just to make sure, I'll also show you what Stardoll considers inappropiate:

"All content that breaks the Stardoll One Stop Rules, i.e. content that is either racist,sexually graphic, swearwords, or in other ways offends and hurts people."

However, what offends or hurts people? What content do they consider racist? If they do not specificate what is considered inappropiate, how can people avoid being so?

And what can we do to help the people who are being deleted?

1. Write to Stardoll, asking why they were deleted (file your letter under Others, so Stardoll won't give an automatic response!"

2. Write to Stardoll and ask them to specificate what they consider inappropiate (file your letter under Others, so Stardoll won't give an automatic response!)
"Dear Stardoll,
I write to you asking to specify your One Stop Rules, so every member can know what is considered racist, sexually offensive, swearwords, or offending. With this change, members will behave better towards other members and Stardoll will become a peaceful website!
(your doll's name here)"
Send it to them as many times you can until they send you a reply!

Stardoll members have the right to know specifically why they are deleted, and what really is considered inappropiate!

Seriously, Stardoll is having a lot of technical problems! Chat problems, inappropiate (ha!) ads, and now this?

Read more about this:
friend94's blog entry (use Google Translator to read it)
Masamira's blog entry(use Google Translator to read it)

Info from The Medoll Master


  1. Yeah one of my accounts hellohellogirl was deleted and I don't know why. I won that account on a contest and I don't know, I tried to log in stardoll with that account and I could not log in, then I searched hellohellogirl with my official account and the user was not found. Also, some of the club owners I'm manager of, had disappear when I click on them, but the club didn't disappear.

  2. hi hir is binababy87 one of the delet dolls..
    at my brog are all the 18 names what i have found
    thy for the owner for posting.

  3. its about time....
    i know for a fact that a few of them have more than one account and its a scamming account.
    they scamm people and keep that account as a safe and innocent

    stardoll must have done an ip check or found out that she has many accounts

    thats wat the biotch gets
    stupid scammers

  4. perhaps it has to do with using a
    in the rules it also states that we can not proxy...
    I know lots of stardolls do..
    but as my brother says...
    its illegal activity in EVERY COUNTRY
    so...DON'T :((

  5. I just became superstar for the first and I had 230 stardollars and then I went to buy something and it said I was broke. I went to my account and it told me I bought three items for 60 dollars and one item for 50! I did not buy it and the clothes were quite ugly! I wrote stardoll and they told me not to give out my password. Even though I didn't ! I think they should give me back my stardollars or something or else I will not support this website!

  6. @krist33n

    Where does it say that? What's the link to that article? Because we could all be in trouble if we've ever used the proxies...