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31 August 2009

NEW FEATURE: Club Free Stuff Twitter

Check Stardoll updates everywhere - now you can have up-to-the-minute Stardoll news on your cellphone* with Club Free Stuff's new feature: a Twitter account!

You can also follow Club Free Stuff from your Twitter account, which is great if you don't have a Blogger account and can't become a follower.

We'll feature not just recent blog updates, but also Twitter-only information on extra Stardoll news!

Do you like it?

*not sure for what countries this feature is available


Miss Sixty ads are all over Stardoll again! Do you think we'll finally get it, or is this just a glitch and the Miss Sixty Real Brand is pulled out for sure?

FREE Hannah Montana Shirt

Get the Hannah Montana Shirt following this steps:

1. Log into Stardoll.
2. Choose and use the following manual proxy: port 80. Learn how to use a manual proxy here.
4. Watch the 5th video. Close the window and check off the proxy box.

You're done!

Picture via TSI and thanks to EVERYONe who told me!

29 August 2009

FREE Wizards on Deck T-Shirt

We also have got the Wizards on Deck T-Shirt! If you want to get more free stuff, learn how to join the club here.

myproxy.ca & daveproxy.co.uk: Virus Alert

Hi guys! Thanks to Anonymous and marasinon, I know today there's a virus on myproxy.ca, so don't enter it for a couple of days! To get free stuff, use schoolunlock.info or other proxies which you can find on the sidebar.

Also, daveproxy.co.uk is dangerous, so I don't reccomend going into there for a while, too. You can always use a british manual proxy, on the sidebar.

I'm not sure what kind of viruses myproxy.ca and daveproxy.co.uk since I have Norton, but as for now don't go into there. I apologize for telling you to go into there.

Keep updated about wether it's safe or not to go into other sites...

28 August 2009

Bisou Lanvin Pumps No Longer Superstar

These Bisou Lanvin Pumps released in the Born to be Wild theme are no longer SuperStar! They also were in the Bisou Store, but now you can find them on RIO. They originally retailed for $5, now they cost $4!

Will you buy them, now that they're no longer Superstar?

First Wizards on Deck prize is OUT

... thanks to Kalista, I've noticed that we've got our $5 from the Wizards on Deck Club!

If you want to get future prizes, read how to join the club clicking here.

FREE Lilac PSP Dart

To get the dart, follow the steps below:

1. Go to myproxy.ca or schoolunlock.info
2. Go to: stardoll.com/campaigns/psp
3. Log in, then close the window

If you live in the USA you don't need to go to a proxy site - just go into the PSP link!

Did you get it? And thanks to drooly5, monrose4ever and Chryspi

25 August 2009

Not So Blind Item

This virtual doll fashion website had some feuds with Stardoll on the past, but it seems like it's not over yet. Maybe this will become a Blind Item regular? Let me present you JoiPlanet, which belongs to Soultime*'s digital network. JoiPlanet is also sponsoring a newly-returned fashion series, which has just moved locations. However, seems like JoiPlanet hasn't moved on. They are copying Stardoll with the Sienna Gown, which was released a long while ago, while the doll from JoiPlanet is new. Want a tip, JoiPlanet? If you don't want to become a regular Blind, make it work! I bet you have loads of fierce graphic designers.

And it ain't: i-dressup, Harumika

Could you spot the clues? GUESS ON COMMENTS!

*name has also been changed

FREE Wizards on the Deck Stuff + Join the Club for MORE free stuff!

Actually, we don't have any free stuff yet, but as the club keeps reaching new members we will!

To join it, use myproxy.ca or try a manual proxy. Learn how to use a manual proxy here.

Manual Proxies: port 3128, port 80.

Then, go to http://stardoll.com/en/clubs/home.php?id=1469788, and join!

Also, to get even more stuff, go to the Stardoll homepage (still with the proxy) and click on the Wizards on Deck ad, lots of times. You'll get a wand, a book, and a purple rock!

Thanks to EVERYONE who told me!

24 August 2009

FREE Avril Lavigne BlackStar Perfume and Bracelet + Get into the Blackstar Store

Join Avril Lavigne’s BlackStar club following this steps: [not needed if you’re from Sweden!]
1. Use the followingmanual proxies: port 80, port 80 or surfaanonymt.se
2. Go to http://www.stardoll.com/en/clubs/home.php?id=1458993
3. Join the club, and then invite one friend
4. You have the Perfume and Bracelet!

To go into the Black Star Store, go to:
The clothes are really cute, and the highest price is $10 for a dress. Did I tell you it's available for everyone to buy, too? The store reminds me of the first Kohl's Abbey Dawn collection.
Did it work? Thanks to The Stardoll Insiders, Chryspi and monrose4ever!

23 August 2009

10 under $10: Boudouir Dressing

UPDATE: The name's actually Boudouir Crossing!

Delicate, femenine lace-up shoes, bralettes, and laces were seen everywhere on Fall 2009 runways, paired with sophisticated pearls or boyish blazers. Even Lady GaGa was seen sporting a black bra with a nude pencil skirt! Of course, this look can either scream fashion-forward or trashy - you need to wear it the right way. As style.com said, Boudouir Dressing is a huge trend for fall. How to wear it without spending big bucks?

You can start with bras or corsets, such as the RIO Black Satin Bra for $3, Fallen Angel Idoru Corset for $5, and the RIO Corset for $4. If you want, you can throw in a transparent top as not to reveal too much, such as the Stardoll Girls Emannuelle Top for $4.

Then, add a body-con skirt. Stardoll Girl's High Waisted Skirt for $5 is almost identical as the one worn by GaGa, and also adds an 80's appeal - 2 of fall's trends in one piece! Or, if you want to, some black shorts also look good - worn with tights, of course. Think classy, not trashy!

Finish it off adding lace-up heels such as Bisou's, for $4, and jewellery - pearls add a ladylike class which just screams 1930. Try Splendid's earrings and necklace, each for $5.

Want to get the look, but not spend that much? Stardoll Girl's Bow, $4, gives you that sophisticated chic, and Fallen Angel's Lace Scarf for $4 has lace - enough said.

Do you like this trend?

Not So Blind Item

Gossip's Next Star - Last year there was a huge scandal about Stardoll copying clothes and hairstyles from Roiworld (or was it the other way round?). Now, it turns out that some other website about virtual fashion is copying Stardoll... Want a clue? Stardoll has actually sponsored this copycat - twice! - with free stuff.
And it ain't: Roiworld, Moxie Girlz, Barbie.com

Guess on the comments!

21 August 2009

FREE Lilac PSP Surfboard

To get the Lilac PSP Surfboard, follow this steps:

1. Go to myproxy.ca or schoolunlock.info
2. Go to: stardoll.com/campaigns/psp
3. Log in, then close the window

If you live in the USA you don't need to go to a proxy site - just go into the PSP link!

Did it work? And thanks to Juli159!

19 August 2009

Limited Edition Bags @ RIO and Evil Panda

So, Stardoll's at it again... First, it was Limited Edition, then, the slightly-affordable Antidote, then the Evil Panda Guitars, and now... Limited BAGS? The Limited Bags can be found at Evil Panda and RIO. They are available until August 27th.

Let's start with the Evil Panda ones. They come in a very similar shape as the Post Grad free bag, and in 3 different sizes, but the same price tag: $25. They have interesting prints, but would you really spend $25 on them?

However, the RIO Limited bags are a different story: they have much more quality, are really, really pretty, and look like they could actually be from LE - the pink RIO bag is inspired by a Louis Vuitton clutch! However, the price tag also looks like it could be from LE: $50.

So, will YOU pay?

NEW Cool Teacher Styled Outfits!

"Cool Teacher Styled Outfits is full of splatter effects, brushstroke and line-drawing prints. Teach yourself to be amazing looking in the graphic punch of these primary-colored Op-style prints." Click here to find out more...

September HotBuys

Click here to see the release dates!
The Hotbuys are really cute, aren't they? The chainlink bag is from ASOS, the leggins are from Alexander McQueen, the bag is from Candie's, the white T-Shirt is from Sass & Bide, and the multicolor dress is from TopShop.
UPDATE: Look what Stephrockcool thinks! If HotBuys are superstar-only, will this mean Kohl's will go SuperStar too? Or maybe, just the bag? Or will it all remain the same?

18 August 2009

FREE Moxie Girlz Poster! + Go to the Moxie Girlz Store

To get your FREE Moxie Girlz Poster follow this steps:

1. Go to myproxy.ca or schoolunlock.info
2. Type in Stardoll.com/en
3. Log in. You have the poster!

Of course, those from Canada or USA get it automatically when logging in.

If you want to go to the Moxie Girlz shop, use a manual proxy from the USA (find manual proxies on the Sidebar, and learn how to use a manual proxy clicking here) which lets the StarPlaza load.
Once you have the manual proxy, click here or click the poster in your suite. You can also find the clothes by color search. Update: Some items appear under "Hot" without a proxy.
Picture from The Stardoll Insiders, and thanks to miss_patris, yorkielover23,

17 August 2009

Coming Soon... Moxie Girlz Free Poster

Coming Soon... this Moxie Girlz poster. Notice the "Click area" below, so we'll probably need to watch a video first.
Moxie Girlz are dolls with similar face features as Bratz, however with a "be yourself"-ish message and more appropiate clothes for dolls that are targeted to 4-10 year olds (remember the extra short dresses and high heels the Bratz had?).
The dolls are from the USA so I believe this will work with myproxy.ca or schoolunlock.info

New Play & Earn Game!

The new Play & Earn game was released today. It's really easy for those who know how to divide and multiply! To earn 5 stardollars, you just need 1500 points.

Have you noticed that the last two Play & Earn games are about Geography and Maths? Stardoll is trying to be educational? Oh well, at least this means the Play & Earn feature won't end anytime soon!
Picture from the Stardoll Insiders

14 August 2009

10 under $10: 40's Soldier

As seen in Lanvin and Prada Fall 2009 runway, the ladylike 40's look is bombed with leather, vests, studs, and a fierce appeal. Meet the style that's flying off the racks: 40's Soldier.

Get started with a bodycon, high waisted skirt, like Stardoll's Pencil Skirt for $7, or get a cheaper deal with the Stardoll Wrap Around Skirt for $5. These skirts also look great when channeling the office-chic look or the Upper East Side Prep style, so they are a steal!

Then, go and get a vest just like Stardoll's Knitted Button Vest, $5, or put on a plaid shirt that is not red, like Bisou's Checked Skirt for $5. Plaid is a huge trend for fall, but a more understated, not so bright kind of plaid is classy and smart.

To finish it up, get high, up-to-the-knee socks which can also work well with other trends: Archive's Knee High Socks are nice, and for $4 they are perfect! A long pearl necklace will make it polished, but instead of white pearls opt for black ones since they won't steal the spotlight from your Loewe inspired cap. In red and black, they add the ultimate modern soldier touch without being as pricey as in real life: they cost $4 and you can find them by Search only .

You can also add the Fudge Fergie Tie for only $1, and the Bisou SchoolTeacher Portfolio for $5, which reminds me of Prada's Fall totes. But you won't show the look barefoot, will you? Add Candie's Mary Janes for $5, which just scream 40's girl.

FREE Lilac PSP T-Shirt

To get the FREE Lilac T-Shirt:

1. Go to myproxy.ca or schoolunlock.info
2. Type in: stardoll.com/en/campaigns/psp
3. Log in, then close the window.

There's no need to watch the video!
Did it work?
Thanks monrose4ever, Twiggyb, ingriduxse

13 August 2009

Copycat! Important!!

Thanks to Polincik I know lakhu has ripped off my blog's name, header, proxy lists, pictures, and some of my posts. She is refusing to take anything down and credit me - she's blackmailing me to get a new header!

I asked her politely to do this, but I can't stand copycats, like I'm sure many of you do. It's okay to credit people for their pictures, posts, ideas, etc., but this is off limits! She also is copying The Stardoll Insiders, Stardoll's Top Designers and other blogs!

I don't want to shut her blog down, I just want proper recognition. Help me get that talking to lakhu clicking here.

Her blog is: stardollnani.blogspot.com

12 August 2009

Runway Inspiration: naomi_b

naomi_b gets inspired by Pepe Jeans and designed her own top, which comes in different colors and designs. You can get yours for $ 8! She also looks up to Ed Hardy and to disco stuff!

Visit naomi_b now, get the look, and get inspired you too...


Stardoll is gone glitch-a-holic: they have added new buttons in search at the Starplaza in "Colors" and "Stuff". See the glitches below:
- "What are you looking for?":
1) Silver
2) Gold
3) Multi Color
4) Logo/ Printed
5) Theme
- "What color?"
1) Multi Color
2) Gold
3) Silver
4) Logo/ Printed
Another glitch is that Stardoll is telling people that they sold stuff in the Bazaar, even though they didn't. This is happening to non-superstars too.
I hope Stardoll keeps the new buttons in search, but they should fix them since they are messy and show up as black. Also, they should fix the Starbaazar glitch as soon as possible.
by marudoll

11 August 2009


I recently became aware of a message (I don't know if it's just a picture, or if it is actually in the dollmail) from Stardoll that offers free Stardollars for UK members only.

However, it is really suspicious, so I decided to check the facts:
- The font used in the message is not the same as the font Stardoll uses.
- The pink free image is not the same as Stardoll's.
- There are many gramatical mistakes, such as "it's [a] Limited Time offer", "only [available] for", "enjoy [a] shopping spree".
A few days ago, I got an e-mail which warned about how a certain number calls pretending to be from you phone agency and asks to enter codes such as 90# or 120# to get this month's bill free, but actually it is that when you enter the code, you will automatically pay for all the phone bills of the "phone agency" number.
So I believe this is the same. Some Stardoll member who lives in the UK (that's why the offer is for UK members only) might be going through money problems and is trying to make someone pay for their bills.
Please don't believe this. If it's too good to be true - really, Stardoll giving away 50 stardollars to thousands of UK members? - is is not.

FREE Post Grad Bag

UPDATE: according to yorkielover23 you have to watch the whole video it lasts 3 minutes aprox. And thanks to Anonymous and fergie_1992 who say that you have to check out the Post Grad page,

Get your FREE Post Grad bag following these steps:

1. Go to schoolunlock.info or myproxy.ca
2. Type stardoll.com/en/cinema on the Proxy URL Bar
3. Now you're at the Stardoll Cinema. Log in.
4. Wait a few seconds, then close the window.

You have the bag!
Thanks foreversecret and jonasbrothersmaniac

10 August 2009

NEW StarDesign Non-Superstar dress + Color Scheme

New StarDesign Dress and Color Scheme for the "Beat the Designer" competition, this time with Cuckoo.

The dress is pretty, although the colors are boring - and who is the winner of the jojo & malou competition?

FREE Hannah Montana Gift 4!

To get the Hannah Montana Silver Dress, follow the steps below:

Tip: to save some time, before using a proxy log into Stardoll and click the "Remember Me" option. It might save you some time!

1. Choose a UK Manual Proxy. I chose port 80, but if it doesn't work try other proxies listed on the sidebar. Learn how to use a manual proxy clicking here.
2. Go to: http://www.stardoll.com/en/clubs/home.php?id=1350765. Join the club if you haven't done so before.
3. Watch the trailer number 4, wait a few seconds, then close the window.
4. Go back to the proxy settings and opt out.

If you have missed previous gifts, watch the other trailers!
Did it work? And thanks to ingriduxse and yorkielover23
+ + We added more Free Stuff to the sidebar - they are old stuff, but still working!

09 August 2009

Fall Fashion For Everyone

August is here, which means that Fall is coming. Not only it is the season where leaves start changing color and everything is chilly, but it is the season where we change our wardrobes and start the almost impossible task of finding a trendy and flattering style for a low price.

But that doesn't only happen in real life - Stardoll is starting to release clothes according to the weather. Longer skirts, boots, sweaters, and long-sleeved shirts have arrived to the StarPlaza; but what should you wear? Club Free Stuff has it all: from bargains to splurges, fall looks inspired by the hottest designers that everyone can afford.

Pretty Though as seen in D&G: Don't be fooled by the stilletos or the vintage belt, the girl who wears this look needs attitude. But a big budget is not necessary; with Candie's heels for $5, Bisou Jeans for $5, Evil Panda T-Shirt for $5, and a belt for - wow - $1, this look is a total bargain!

Parisian Chic as seen in Balmain: this seasonless look is chic, classic and cute, and it's a total steal - for just 16 StarDollars you can get the stripes Alexa Chung and Mary Kate love, the must-have skinny jeans and every-occasion heels!

Classic Grunge at Twenty8Twelve: what happens when you mix Sienna Miller's grunge style and her sister Savannah's low-key profile? The result is the look above: not too classic to fall into boredom, not too grunge to fall into the 90's stereotype. The studs and bling bling makes the look stand out, while the basic top and skinnies don't make it a look-at-me thing. And the budget is not stereotypically expensive: $22 and you'll look like you've stepped off the runway.

Effortless Punk as seen on Balmain: no more layering and huge amounts of StarDollars spent. You can look like Sasha Pivovarova at Balmain - that effortles, chic-punk vibe - for just $24, with simple pieces that you'll keep wearing forever. They call it Basic Black for a reason, right?

Rock 'n' Studs as seen on Miss Sixty: for the rockers out there, isn't this Miss Sixty look awesome? It's got studs, vest, skinny jeans, and all that for $36. Take note, Stardoll: next time, we want this look on the StarPlaza too.

Fearless Chick as seen on Dsquared2: the Fall 2009 runway was described as being Mary-Kate and Ashley celeb cool on style.com, and this look is sure to make you just as stylish as the it-girls. Animal prints, denim, blazers, booties, dark denim, studs, and big black bags? Fall's hottest trends in just one look. Sure, this look might be a big splurge for $45, but you'll get trends that you'll wear now and classic staples that you'll wear forever.

Fall Fashion, as proved above, does not mean boring, dull looks or huge winter coats. It means being fashionable and weather (and budget) conscious.
by soovintage
Thoughts on the looks? Do you like them? Was any style missing?

08 August 2009

Suite Makeover: Artsy Living Room in 6 Days

Tired of the same lifeless and boring living rooms in your suite? Let's face it, non-superstars don't have many options when trying to design this specific part of their suites, but now you can do it in less than 1 week - and only with your Play & Earn Money!

What's better, the white shelf is already FREE, and if you want the Lilac Guitar and PSP above you can get it for FREE too! And the Red Shelf is a combo: besides storing stuff in it, you can also use it as a table!

Do you like it? What other ideas would you like for Suite Makeover?

07 August 2009

FREE Harumika Mannequin - Today Only!

You can get the Harumika Mannequin just clicking on the Pick of the Day - if you're from the USA.

If you are not, just go to myproxy.ca, log in, click on the Pick of The Day, and when it takes you to your suite, just close the window!
Did it work for you? Did you use other proxy?
Thank you crabsgetsmart, emeraldroxx and cynn-thee-ahh

06 August 2009

Coming Soon... Free Hannah Montana T-Shirt

If you know how to get it, tell on comments!

FREE "OMG Lilac PSP" PSP + Guitar!

Get your FREE "OMG Lilac PSP" Guitar and PSP following this steps:

1. Go to myproxy.ca or schoolunlock.info
2. On the Proxy URL Bar put: stardoll.com/en
3. Log in. Doing this you already have your PSP.
4. Now, on the Proxy URL Bar put: stardoll.com/en/campaigns/psp
5. You'll go to this page:

6. Don't wait for the video to load - wait a few seconds and close the window!

You have both FREE stuff now!

And, seems like we'll get more stuff! I love the bag!

Did it work?

Thank you Juli159

More Mudd at the Shop!

Get your hands on the new Mudd stuff, which includes tops, shirts and a jean. While they are cute, there are very similar stuff on Stardoll Store, and the clothes aren't that cheap.

Will you buy?

Thank you co0ol_soso

05 August 2009

Suite Makeover: Bohemian Study Desk in 5 Days

We're almost back to school, and Stardoll has released a new Schoolgirl theme with navy-blue uniforms, white shirts and pretty plaids - but that doesn't mean you can't give it a spin.

You'll need:
- Wooden Table, Villa, $5 (you can find it through Table search only)
- African Puff, Roots, $5
- Cabinet, Roots, $5
- Book, Creative, $4
- Writing Paper, Creative, $1
- Office Folder, Creative, $3
- Pencils, Creative, $1
- Red Tile, DIY Tiles, $1

You can get this Bohemian Study Desk in just 5 Days with your Play & Earn money! You can always add other stuff, such as plants from Budding Love or the African Vase from Roots, $4. Or maybe the Marrakesh Rug Wall, from Boheme, for $5, or the lovely Japanese Art picture from Boheme for $5? It's your choice.


Coming Soon... Free Lilac PSP

UPDATE: It is the Hannah Montana PSP. Thanks to MadameCocorella

Seen at the Spoilers... this Lilac PSP, with a "Click Area" that leads you to the Cinema. Is Stardoll promoting an PSP game, or the PSP itself? Well, it's still free.

Keep tuned to see how to get it! If you know how, comment & tell!

04 August 2009

BIG StarDesign Glitch!

UPDATE: Today 5 August it costs $5, but it still is non-superstar!

Thanks to everyone who told me via comments I noticed there's a major glitch by StarDesign! The dress from the 20's Theme is only $1 and for non superstars!

Go go go and buy before it's gone!

Poll Results

Our "What New Feature Would You Like The Most" poll is over! All ideas are from Mattspack! Well, the winning result was surprisingly Stardoll Jobs. What jobs would you want? There are not really many jobs to do on Stardoll...

Then, came a 2-day Free Superstar Trial, and then New Medoll Poses (which would be great...). Then, a Weekly Lottery to win clothes and dresses, and lastly a Trading Feature.

But, what do YOU want?