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18 September 2009

Marc by Marc Jacobs and Betsey Johnson items available for everyone!

UPDATE 19/09: Everything has gone superstar, and it will be available until 20/09.

What a surprise! Not only we have got loads of inspired by designer items on the LE Spoilers, but now everyone can buy dresses from Betsey Johnson and Marc Jacobs' spring 2010 runway shows - to see them, go to style.com.

You can also buy a Marc by Marc Jacobs headband and shoes, and a Betsey Johnson belt and shoes.

However, the prices are not so friendly: $17 for a dress? I know it's designer and it has a really good quality, but why so much?

Will you pay? If you do, hurry because Stardoll has had some serious copyright cases....


  1. OMG im soo happy i just becomed ss so i can buy many things
    ( with ss im mean my dad buyed it but i have to wait 10 days)

  2. I bought the blue one. It's a bit expensive for a non-ss like me but it was too good to pass on. I will buy the blue sandals as well.

  3. they're only available from sept
    18th to 20th!

  4. I wanted to buy the belt but when i pressed buy.
    This comes:



  5. When I look at the clothes now, they are for Superstars at one place, but when you look at the new stuff-list, they are for non-Superstars.. That's wierd, I think!

  6. ACTUALLY NOW THEY changed it and all of them are superstar if you don't believe me go see for your self

  7. They are all now superstar. Luck I got what I wanted before it was superstar.

  8. i cant believe they went superstar!! i guess it don't matter anyways 'cus i wouldn't have been able to get enough star dollars before they left the shop

  9. i bought everything except for the betsey johnson shoes they look kinda weird. but i LUV LUV LUV that marc jacobs dress

  10. now the dresses are non-superstar