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03 September 2009

Stardoll vs. Kipling

Browsing through the Spoilers, I noticed this hoodie from the Space Oddity theme. What is interesting, is that the monkey on the lower right looks really similar to the nylon backpacks brand Kipling's logo.



  1. Maybe they are doing another sponsor? (Stardoll)

  2. I think that sweater thing is pretty cute. I'd get it!

  3. you can find the shirt in the starplaza it is new and from Tingeling and it is for superstars :(
    X JoJo_2805

  4. i noticed that very strange, as its not inspired by, and even wierder as kipling dont make clothes
    stardoll should really get their own ideas

  5. if you go on the omgpsp you can now get the bag pls tell everyone

  6. i've never heard of kipling but i agree with you.it looks very familar.at first i thought it was a Hollister logo but then i did see that i was a monkey

  7. um the bag from the wizards on deck featuring hannah montana is out :)