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30 April 2009


It really seems like just yesterday we had 20 Million Members, and now, there are officialy more than 30 Million users who love fashion, fame and friends!

But, do they love what Stardoll is giving us to celebrate?

The only free thing we have are a top, just like always. Hey Stardoll, isn't that soo old? Then, if you are superstar, you can buy an $30 crappy sign that moves, an $20 window, or an $10 bag! Yay! Not. Seriously, Stardoll, when will you realize that we hate this kind of free?

And guess what's worse? We didn't even get 30 Stardollars! Not even a good competition like the Lottery Dresses!

What do you think about Stardoll's crappy celebration?

We Love... Blazers

[Picture from Stardoll's Most Wanted]

It's not difficult to see when a trend is coming to Stardoll: a high fashion inspired item is released, Stardoll's elite wears them, then everyone wears it too. Easy as pie!
That's exactly what happened with the Balmain white studded jacket. Members like undamyumbrellla (in picture), fakeshake3, filipinhamaria, Balenciaga, wylie1995 have theirs already, and I bet you too!
You can wear this beautiful jacket with everything, in every dress code and style - just dare to be different, or stay low-key classic if you want to! Everything's allowed in fashion (except lime green with beige)!
But this award-winning blazer is not the only one round the corner: you can buy the tie-die one, or if you're not superstar, there are plenty of options too - for example, the Stardoll's 3rd Birthday white bow one, or maybe making your own blazer on the Stardesign!
What do you think about this new trend?

New Non-SS Gift

New Accounts, More Stuff!

1. 75 Stardollars

2. More Clothes & Furniture

3. 10 Gifts

4. Only one room.

I really like how new members can get 75 Stardollars! (plus the $SD per day and the $5 Play And Earn), but getting one room, isn't it weird?

[Thank you The Stardoll Insiders]

NEW Suite Stuff!

The Suites are updated just in time for Stardoll's 3rd Birthday, and the 30 Million Celebration!

1. The Bar is updated. I like it more now.
2. When you see the preview of your rooms, it says how many items you have in that room. In your main room, you can only have 100 items - sorry Suite Decorators!
3. You can move the Mirror Table and the Book Case now! Wee!

What do YOU think about the new Room Updates?

Coming Soon... 30 Million Members Free Stuff

Stardoll's 30 Million Members celebration is closer than what we thought... At least, we are getting some free! What do you think? And will we get 30 Stardollars? We'll know very soon...

Coming Soon... Taylor Momsen 2

[A Big Thanks To Stardoll's Top Designers]

27 April 2009

Play & Earn

The new games by Stardoll are here - but they are not just games... you can earn StarDollars too!

What do you think about them?

P.S: The Poison Ivy mask is not free!

[No pictures, not in my computer]

25 April 2009

Coming Soon... Picks of the Day + Free T-Shirt!

Coming Soon into the StarPlaza. Some pieces are inspired by Stella McCartney and Balmain, others look very Pin Up.
I am 99% sure that "Sarah Gellar" T-Shirt will be free (cheap letters, plain black, T-Shirt?!) and I'll keep you updated on that!

24 April 2009

Philosophy on Sale!

The monthly StarPlaza sale is here, and I'v got quite a surprise when I saw Philosophy on sale. Does this mean that this real brand is leaving?, or is it making space for another real brand? But maybe we're just going to get the new Philosophy Spring Season. What do you think?

by marudoll

UPDATE: phaera just told us the Alberta Ferreti Real Celeb is gone too... fishy, huh?

23 April 2009

Stardoll's 3rd Birthday

Stardoll is celebrating their 3rd birthday with clothes, non-superstar StarDesign shapes, and a contest!

This clothes are what Stardoll released for their birthday. They certainly are cheap, but not chic - I would only buy the bow blouse. You?

There is also a contest which you can join here!

And will there be games where you can earn money? I hope so!

22 April 2009

StarDesign For Everyone

Is Stardoll finally hearing us? It looks like! Today, 2 StarDesign Shapes arrived to our studio whitout that well-known star, by the price of 6. Yes, it's expensive - but worth it.

I already bought mine - you?

May HotBuys

I love the new HotBuys! With items inspired by Balmain, Miu Miu and Stella McCartney, they are one of the best HB ever!

- Band Jacket, Bisou, 1 May, Inspired by Balmain

- Sequin Dress, Rio, 4 May, Inspired by Matthew Williamson

- Bow, Splendid, 6 May, Inspired by Miu Miu

- Art Dress, Bisou, 9 May, Inspired by Oscar de la Renta

- Cuff, Rio, 12 May

- Party Dress, Pretty In Pink, 14 May, Inspired by Luella

- Swimsuit, Bisou, 20 May, Inspired by Azzaro

- Zip Purse, Fudge, 22 May

- Bubble Shorts, Pretty In Pink, 26 May, Inspired by Stella McCartney

- Wedges, Bisou, 27 May

What do you think?

21 April 2009

FREE Wipes & Dress!

[Pictures from Free.Stuff]


1. Enter this into your url bar (no proxy! ;)

simple.co.uk/stardoll/?u= After the 'u=' enter your user ID*

2. Press Enter

3. Fill in the form at the bottom (you can use fake info, even fake e-mail)

4. Press 'Submit'5. Go back to your suite, and you'll find the dress in a Simple bag!*= For the ID, you just have to go to your account.

Only for the first 50.000 members of the Simple_VIP_Club! Just join!

[Thanks lenor123 & free_for_you club]

17 April 2009

Louis Vuitton On Stardoll?!

Whe show you first!

REAL Louis Vuitton on Stardoll China! Does that mean we'll get it on normal Stardoll too?
And look at the prices.. From $100 to $150, will you spend this on this new real brand?:

This is how the new LV shop might look like! So, is it coming to Stardoll or not?

Will you pay or not?

By marudoll

We Love... r1ma's designs

Let's face it: not everyone can design like r1ma does. From wonderful T-Shirts, Lady GaGa pillows, Madonna designs, collaborations with undamyumbrellla and chic dresses, she's got talent.

Lately, two of Stardoll's most fashionable, Undamyumbrella and fakeshake3, have been sporting r1ma's Lanvin T-Shirt. Oh, Lanvin. r1ma's take on Alber Elbaz's brand is perfect, from the face t-shirt to the animal print dress, and we couldn't ask more on a virtual world where some pay $40 for cutesy animals to Twilight designs (but, admit it- they are adorable).

The House of Holland T-Shirt fever is unrepeatable, but r1ma is very, very close - just go get your T-Shirt now before everyone has it!

We Love... is our new feature, one of my special surprises for 100 (104!) followers! What do you think about it? It won't feature designers only, but clothes, furniture, styles, etc.

16 April 2009

The Butterfly Effect Styled Outfits + Spoilers

Stardoll's new Styled Outfit, The Butterfly Effect, folloiws LE's Spring cuteness. However, the butterflys are hideous. I know they were trying Emporio Armani SS09, but really? The Olsen dress with those butterflies? EW.

See More of The Butterfly Effect Clicking Here.

Here are some Spoilers of the Theme... The dresses are ho-rri-ble. Do you want to wear a tomato, may I ask? However, the accesories are okay-ish. The clutch is cute, and the sequined flats are sorta growing on me.

Moonacre, FREE Again

Remember the Moonacre Mansion free items from a while ago? Well, looks like they're back! You can get them following this steps:

1. Go to goproxing.com

2. Put stardoll.com and click "Browse"

3. Log in

4. Put the codes for the items you want on the URL bar on top:

Necklace: stardoll.com/xml/getMoonacreDoors.php?itemId=17940
Dog: stardoll.com/xml/getMoonacreDoors.php?itemId=17944
Cake plate: stardoll.com/xml/getMoonacreDoors.php?itemId=17993
Piano: stardoll.com/xml/getMoonacreDoors.php?itemId=17977
Piano Chair: stardoll.com/xml/getMoonacreDoors.php?itemId=17990
Chest: stardoll.com/xml/getMoonacreDoors.php?itemId=18088
Crystal Ball: stardoll.com/es/xml/getMoonacreDoors.php?itemId=18165
Painting: stardoll.com/es/xml/getMoonacreDoors.php?itemId=18166
Rabbit: stardoll.com/xml/getMoonacreDoors.php?itemId=18168
Seashell bed: stardoll.com/xml/getMoonacreDoors.php?itemId=18463
Flowers: stardoll.com/xml/getMoonacreDoors.php?itemId=18464
Mirror: stardoll.com/es/xml/getMoonacreDoors.php?itemId=18465
Doll: stardoll.com/es/xml/getMoonacreDoors.php?itemId=18501
Lion: stardoll.com/es/xml/getMoonacreDoors.php?itemId=18502
Unicorn: stardoll.com/es/xml/getMoonacreDoors.php?itemId=18503

5. Now you're on your suite.
6. Log off and log into normal Stardoll. You have the gifts!

Since I have all the items, tell me: does it work?

[Info from The Stardoll Insiders]

LE Spring Is OUT!

LE is OUT! Buy, buy buy before it's sold out!

LE arrived on the Shop with cute spring florals, girly sequins, bold colors, edgy accesories and hippie touches. With its highest price being $250 and the lowest, $25, you will spend those stardollars - but is it worth it?

Personally, I believe LE gets worse with every collection, just like DKNY. Some items are worth $1oo, and other stuff I'd pay $4 for them. But you must have:

- Modern Hippie Tank (inspired by ChloƩ)
- I Heart Spring Necklace
- Patent Cage Bag (Inspired by Miu Miu)
- Fringe Pouch
- New Pink Gladiator Platforms
- Spring LE Logo Tee
- Floral Bow Frock
- Abstract Cut Out Leggins (Inspired by Alexander McQueen)
- Multi Buckle Heels (Inspired by Halston)
- Tulle Bow Hat (Inspired by Luella)
- Blazer Jumpsuit (Inspired by Adam)
- Draped Spring Party Dress (Inspired by Temperley London)
- Flower Pom Pom Dress (Inspired by Fendi)

And please avoid:

- Rose Draped Blouse
- Petal Pink Sequin Shorts
- Petal Pink Sequin Blazer (Inspired by 3.1 Phillip Lim)
- Paisley Print Bikini
- Floral Ruffle Frock
- Butterfly Playsuit (Inspired by See by ChloƩ)

What do you think about LE 3?

Coming Soon... Butterfly Effect Styled Outfits

thatgirlsophy just posted it... The "Butterfly Effect" Styled Outfits! However, why are there LE clothes? Weird..

MiniShop Sale

The MiniShop Sale is here! There are lots of bargains, I marked them in red... Of course, buy what you want, just remember to save up for LE!

New Spring Gifts

15 April 2009

Coming Soon... LE

Limited Edition 3 is arriving to Stardoll with pretty florals, bold colors, chic accesories and sequins.

I think every new collection of LE is worse than the other. At least in LE 2 we had some graphic design quality, but this collection just lacks it - some stuff look like Sears Sale Section! Not that I ever went there, anyway.


P.S You can check out the Magazine's LE Spoilers clicking here.

FREE Chloe Dog

[Picture from Free.Stuff]

If you're from the Netherlands, you can get the dog by watching the trailer in the cinema. But if you are not Dutch, follow these steps to get the FREE Chloe Dog:

1. Go into surfert.nl
2. Type in: stardoll.com/nl/cinema
3. Log in
4. Wait a few seconds, then log out.
5. Log in to normal Stardoll. There you have your dog!

Si sos de Holanda, solo anda al Cinema y mira al trailer para tener a este perrito GRATIS. Sino, segui estos pasos:

1. Anda a surfert.nl
2. Escribi: stardoll.com/nl/cinema
3. Entra en tu doll
4. Espera un segundo, luego sali. Tenes a tu perro!

14 April 2009

LE: Closed for Renovation + Spoiler + Necklace

LE is closed for renovation, just like DKNY was... what does this mean? Just a new collection, or something else?

Also, there's this LE Spoiler... I don't really like the clothes, just the bag actually. It just looks like LE is getting worse with every new collection (which seems to happen every month now)...

Also, everyone who bought LE 2 must have their necklace on their suites! Go get it!

Coming Soon... Free?

Found this at the spoilers... Almost sure it will be free! It says something like "simple", but I don't know what it is.. If you know, tell!

UPDATE: They're a face wipes brand from UK, so I bet they will be available for UK only... maybe Pick of the Day or some club like Dove_Wonderful?

Our APG Gifts Are Coming!

What do you think it will be?

11 April 2009

Get Ready...

Everyday, Stardoll is getting closer of reaching the 30 Million members mark. What will we get? When we reached 10 Million, we got some crappy free items, when we reached 20 Million, the Gown competition, the Gift Dresses, 20 Dollars... and what will we get now? Maybe we already know something...

This "money bag" was found in the Spoilers a couple of weeks ago, along with others that said "10", "15", "20", and "25". But, none of them had sparkles like this one... Besides, there also were more than 10 gift boxes, one of them being very, very big:
What will we get? Well, we won't have to wait that much to find out...

10 April 2009

Alberta Ferreti, Gone?

I was going to dress up Alberta Ferreti, but this is what showed up!

I wouldn't be surprised if Philosophy left, too. Like Sephora. It's recession, honey!
What do you think?

09 April 2009

More LE Spoilers!

Mario just showed us what the new LE Summer Collection might look like! Check it out:

What do you think? I don't really like it, it just looks like LE is getting worse... is LE the next DKNY?
Tell us!

Coming Soon, New LE Necklace?

Looking at the spoilers, I found this LE necklace. Remember last time the ones who bought the first collection got a necklace too? Well, people who bought the second collection might get a gift soon! And perhaps we'll get a summer LE collection soon!

UPDATE: Mario posted another spoiler of what the next LE necklace might look like: