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31 July 2009

Kohl's Wishlist

While doing my daily shopping with my Play & Earn money on Candie's, I noticed something: a Kohl's wishlist.

How to find it? Go to Kohl's and on the bottom left corner you'll see something that says "Click Here!". Click on it.
You can choose items you like from Mudd, Candie's and Abbey Dawn, and then you can print it or send it by mail. No, it doesn't get saved in your account, sadly.

Thoughts? Did you make one?

FREE Bandslam Guitar

Want the FREE Bandslam guitar? Then follow this steps:

1. Go to schoolunlock.info or goproxing.com
2. On the Proxy URL Bar put stardoll.com/en/cinema
3. Log into your doll.
4. Don't worry if the video doesn't load; after a few seconds, close the window.
5. Log into normal Stardoll. Go to your suite. You have it!

Did it work?
Picture from The Stardoll Insiders

30 July 2009

Coming Soon... Sonny with a Chance

I don't know what language is this (anyone knows?), but I'm sure there will be a Sonny with a Chance club and that we will get her top!


UPDATE: Thanks to everyone who told, it's swedish.

Kohl's Store is now in!

Kohl's won't pull a Miss Sixty; they are here to stay!


UPDATE: You cannot find it under new, there's no shop yet, the price tags say "Kohls_2009"... is this a glitch? Maybe Stardoll wasn't supposed to release it? Ready, set, shop and get everything you want before it's gone! However, Stardoll might be doing this only to make us spend more. ; )

Get it while you can! Kohl's has arrived to the StarPlaza, but there's no store yet, and I cannot find them under New!
To find the pieces, search under "Hot" or by color or piece of clothing.
The clothing has a very good quality, and I'll bet you will wear most stuff for a long time. If you want girly and preppy stuff, go to Candie's; if you want rock stuff, go to Abbey Dawn; if you want more laidback, even hippie clothes and jewellery go to Mudd. It's a smart move from Kohl's, because there is something every member would like at the 3 brands.
Some stuff are pretty affordable, but the jeans cost $7, the shoes $6, and some tops and dresses reach the $9 or $10 tag! What?! However everything is not superstar.

Did you buy anything? Do you agree with the prices? What do you think?
thank you co0ol_soso

29 July 2009

FREE HotBuys Shoes!

UPDATE! Today 5 August the shoes are no longer free and cost $8.

Yes you heard it right! The HotBuys shoes are FREE on the StarPlaza under new!

Grab them while you can, I'm sure this won't last much!
Thank you BeccyA

Point Of View: Only at Kohl's Prices'

When the news that the only at Kohl's store was coming again to Stardoll, with not two but three brands, not only everyone was asking when the brand was arriving to the StarPlaza, but they also asked what was going to appear on the price tag.

Last year, Kohl's was an oasis in the middle of ugly HotBuys, virtual wallets that were almost empty, and everything being Superstar. Of course, the HotBuys are much better now, and with Play & Earn we can spend Stardollars daily without having to shell out $$, but now Stardoll has changed a lot - so what should we expect from Kohl's?

To those who think that Stardoll is benefitting from making Kohl's superstar, think again. Almost everything on the StarPlaza is superstar. And 70-5% of Stardoll is not superstar. Now, imagine how much money would Stardoll get if only Superstars could buy on Kohl's. Not much, right? When you're Superstar, you don't want to spend $15 on a top and a skirt and shoes from Abbey Dawn when you can buy something from DKNY at the same price, huh?

And now, think of how much money Stardoll would get if everyone was able to buy on Kohl's. Also, more people would play Play & Earn everyday, which means that they would spend more time on Stardoll, which means more rating, which means more $$$.

Also, think about Kohl's. They are a brand who tries to advertise their stores to young girls just in time for back-to-school shopping. If they only let Superstars buy their clothes on Stardoll, chances are that the girls who cannot buy them won't give too much attention to them, so they probably won't buy their clothes in real life, and members who pay $10 per month might pay $60 for a hoodie in Abercrombie or $40 for a Marc by Marc Jacobs tee instead of paying $10 for a Candie's top.

But if they let non-superstars buy it too, lots of girls would buy their clothes online and probably they'll want to buy them in real life too!

Of course Stardoll will try to make one outfit superstar, but I believe what's left will be hanging on everyone's closets. Because everyone will win: Stardoll, Kohl's, and members! A happy ending, indeed.


by soovintage

28 July 2009


1. We finally got the necklace - however, it is super sized! What's next, Stardoll?

2. Remember the Audrey Hepburn Doll, which was deleted a long while ago? And the Laura Pausini and Zooey Deschanel Dolls? Well, everyone who is reading this, let's suggest them back! Suggest them HERE. UPDATE: Today 29.07 the Zooey Deschanel doll is back.

3. Another great magazine! You can read the July issue of Recherche clicking here.

What Happenned to Miss Sixty?

What happened? It's been weeks since the spoilers popped up, and clothes that came after these spoilers are already in the StarPlaza. Has the brand been pulled off because of the girl-on-girl kiss on the swimsuit (above)? Wouldn't it be easier for Stardoll to just get rid of the swimsuit and release the brand anyway?

According to these Picks Of The Day, we should have got Miss Sixty a while ago, but nothing! And now it's too late to get the brand since we're already going into Fall, not Summer....

I just hope this doesn't happen to Kohls!

What do you think has happened?

Coming Soon... Mudd

Besides from Abbey Dawn and Candie's, Mudd is coming too! Their jewellery is beautiful!
Picture from TSI

Coming Soon... Candie's!

Candie's, part of the Only at Kohl's Real Brand store, will be back soon, just like Abbey Dawn! The girly style and cute colors is Candie's trademark, which you can see in the spoilers.

There are more clothes, but I'll leave them as surprises!

I love the pink bag, and all the shoes! You? However, will the prices remain budget friendly (remember, skirts for $4 and tops for $3?), and available for everyone to buy?

UPDATE: r1ma says that Stardoll is releasing Candie's and Abbey Dawn again because it's almost back to school time and Kohls wants us to have them in mind when going school shopping! Wow, I never thought that!

+ You can check out the Real Life Candie's apparel clicking here!

++ Check out the Abbey Dawn spoilers here!

Coming Soon... Abbey Dawn!

Abbey Dawn is back! The "punk rawk" line by Avril Lavigne left the StarPlaza along with Candie's a while ago, but now it's back with a new collection!

I like it more than the other one, mainly because it has lots of checks like Balmain Fall 2008, and because of those loose tops which are quite okay.

But the question is, will it be available for everyone to buy, with cheap prices like the last time? Will Candie's be back, too?

27 July 2009

Coming Soon.. Sonny With a Chance Free Stuff?

I believe this Sonny With a Chance jacket will be free... look out for it! If you have seen it, tell us on comments and which country you're from!

I believe we'll be able to watch some episodes on the Disney Video Screen, and probably we'll have a Sonny with a Chance sponsored club, like all other Disney Productions.

Thanks to The Stardoll Insiders

FREE Hannah Montana Stuff!

Get your third Hannah Montana Gift! I tried using proxy servers like traffica.info or daveproxy.co.uk, but they don't work, so you'll need to use a manual proxy (I'm tired of them too, but who doesn't want free stuff?). Find out how to use a manual proxy here.

FIRST OF ALL: log into Stardoll first without a proxy, and put "remember me". It will save you time!

Follow these steps:
1. Choose one of the following manual proxies:

- port 80
- port 3124
- port 80

If they don't work, try to search Free UK Proxy on Google! Also if you used another proxy and got it, tell us on comments!

2. Go to: http://www.stardoll.com/en/clubs/home.php?id=1350765
Join it (if you haven't already), and watch the trailer number 3. If you missed the other gifts, just watch the other trailers!

You have it now!

If you used another proxy and got it, tell us on comments!

26 July 2009

Overheard: Statement Magazine

Statement Magazine was released, and I was pretty impressed. It has everything you want in a magazine: it has fashion, beauty, interviews, good graphics and the articles aren't long and boring, they are fun!

However the only thing missing would be an article on something other than just fashion - for example, articles about music, eating disorders, or even an your account section [you can read tips for your account daily by marudoll clicking here].

However it is definitely worth checking out!

Check it out here: statementmagazine.wordpress.com

25 July 2009

New Blog Design

I gave the blog a new design! I tried to give it a sporty 80's vibe, you know, neon colors against the dull grey. Thoughts?

24 July 2009

FREE Necklace!

It's the Pick of the Day! If you can't see it, try logging in with myproxy.ca or any proxy listed on the Sidebar.
UPDATE: No one is getting it and nothing works, so let's wait and see if Stardoll fixes it... did you get the necklace?

Top Sale Picks

click to enlarge

ELLE is on Sale!

Well, most if it! Be a chic recessionista and take what you can!

Look-A-Like Competition Winners

Congratulations to everyone that won! And also to the those who didn't, because everyone put some effort into it! And now, to the winners:

Are these all the winners? Or did I miss someone?
Do you want to have more competitions like this on Stardoll?

23 July 2009

Get the MKA Jacket - hack-free!


Thanks to misslady60 we can get the MKA rare jacket which caused some controversy the past days.

1. Go to your me-doll and make your legs size 3.
2. Then go to the StarPlaza and search for trousers in Stardoll Girls.
3. Go to the second page and buy Stardoll Girls Skinny Jeans.

They are the jacket! However, this only works as long as your legs are size 3! So when you go back to your normal leg size, the jacket will change back into jeans!

Did it work?

Update: If you already own the jeans try changing your legs to size 3!

About the HotBuys Skirt...

... it is already popping up in the StarBazaar, so probably it'll leave the StarPlaza soon! Grab yours before it's gone!

FREE Ashley Tisdale Poster - Today Only!

UPDATE: Now it's available for everyone, no need to use a proxy! If you still can't find it, go to myproxy.ca!
You'll need to use a manual proxy for this! Find out how to use a manual proxy here.

Proxy: port 80

Now, go to stardoll.com/it, log in, click on the Pick of the Day, and when you are in your suite, log out! Don't forget to click "no proxy" when you're done!¡

August Hotbuys!

I love these HotBuys! You?

Check out the release dates clicking here.

22 July 2009

FREE Alien Again!

It's the Pick of The Day! If you can't see it, just log in using myproxy.ca or daveproxy.co.uk!

Thanks to heheemogirl

Cool New Gossip Blogs!

Bored on Stardoll? Have fun reading Stardoll Gossip! I chose 3 new blogs that are worth checking...

The Stardoll Police:
Do you like Law & Order? Well, even if you don't, The Stardoll Police is worth checking. Gossip and Fashion Police, Fake IDs, and more, the blog gives Stardoll a suspense spin! Beware - you might need a lawyer if you end up there!

Stardoll's Gossip Girl: just like real life's gossip girl, she knows everything. Watch out...

Very entretaining, Mia Monroe brings you the extra-large size gossip dish, baked freshly for you!
Do you enjoy reading Stardoll Gossip?

To those who want the Dog Bowl...

Unfortunately no UK proxy like daveproxy.co.uk or traffica.info works for this, so you have to do it manually. Find out how to use a manual proxy here.

The link to the club is:

No proxy is working for me, but if you still want to try here are some manual proxies:
- port 80
- port 80
- port 80
- port 80 (for Firefox, too)
- 64.19.148 port 80
- port 3124

Did it work for you? Which proxy?

FREE Dog And House

No proxy needed!

To get your dog:
1. Go to "My Account" on Stardoll and find out what's your used ID Number.
2. Now add your user ID to this link, after userid=:
3. For the Dog, you need to download a game, but just press "Cancel" and you'll get it anyway. If they ask you to download "Adobe Air", you already have the dog so just press cancel (if you want to).

To get your Dog House:
1. Go to "My Account" on Stardoll and find out what's your used ID Number.
2. Now add your user ID to this link, after userid=:
3. For the House you'll need to upload a picture. I suggest uploading something from the web, like a Barbie Doll, not a picture from you or your family in real life! Then, fill the form with fake info!

Did you get them?

Thanks to The Stardoll Insiders

FREE Alien - Today Only!

To get the Alien for FREE just log in, click on the pick of the day, and pronto! You have it!

If you have another pick of the Day,try with daveproxy.co.uk or surfert.nl or au.worldproxy.tracking202.com!

21 July 2009

New Hack on the Block

I'm no gossip writer, so nothing here has to do with "Anna-Sent-Hannah-this-hack-so-she-can-get-back-at-her" or "Polly-is-such-an-attention-seeker". I'm just here to get you informed on this new hack! And now, onto the article:

"Millions of girls would hack for Mary-Kate Real Celeb". Today this sentence reached new heights when the picture below started circulating around Stardoll blogs:

"Hello, Dear Friend! If you want MKA jacket for free go to this site: stardollreaders.tk and get it!" This was the message that lured hundeds of members to a scam. But how could they believe Stardoll would decide to give them the highly coveted, the jacket people would waste 3 gift codes to get, for free? Well, just take a look at the picture below:

Pretty convincing, huh? It looks like the real Stardoll, with ads included. However, there are some details that show this is a fake:
- Currently Stardoll has 36,257,910 members, not 36,235,668 as the scamming website says.
- If it really was for free, it would not be posted under the Posh24.com banner since it is not about celebrity gossip.
- Instead of the "Log In" button, there is a "Send" button.
- The "Join Now" button takes you to tinypic.com, which means that the whole page is made up of pictures, so it's definitely not Stardoll.
And most important, if the page is hosted on Piczo, .tk or .co.nr it is 100% it is not Stardoll and was user created!
Don't even try to get your MK jacket - this is a total hack!
The user who sent the message, Nojarama, claims to be hacked by grfl6, however it seems pretty weird to me since the girl has only 2 HotBuys, no rares, no DKNY... and no presentation, no best friends, even though her account was made on 2008 and she's Superstar!
Remember: if it's too good to be true, it is not true. Stardoll giving a Real Celeb, more specifically Mary-Kate Olsen item for free? Please. It is the user hack that could have been... and the fact that the message was sent by a "elite" member to fellow "elite" members (many of them who own blogs that could spill the juicy details of this scandal) just made the hack too public to work.

20 July 2009


- You can find the Hola Socks: search white + shoes! They are on the last page. What's Hola? It was a Stardoll Store, similar to RIO.

- MissStar2821 told me about cosmos25 - the 9th most popular StarDesigner, which has 0 Starpoints, no designs for sale, and her account was created today! Stardoll glitch or what?!

- islandgirl671 says that the Miley Real Celeb might come out in November... what do you think?

- Stephrockcool noticed that the new shoes and scarf on Bisou have the same print as the DKNY Ikat Print Dress!

Miley Cyrus has a Stardoll: Poser or the Real Deal?

Don't get too excited, Miley fans! Vasia28 leaked the news that supposedly Miley had an Stardoll account called ..Miley..C..:

The proof it really is Miley? The picture below:

However I still believe it's a poser. First of all? She is Miley Cyrus. If she wanted a superstar account, with thousands of Starpoints, I'm sure Stardoll would accept the deal faster than you can say "Real Celeb". Then, if she really is Miley, why has she been on Stardoll 2 hours ago? She has to make her new movie plus the new Hannah Montana season and of course, stroll around Beverly Hills to have 20 papparazzi following her. And then, what if the picture above was photoshopped? Or if the poser just wrote the account ID on the picture and scanned it?
But what do you think? Poser or the Real Deal?
UPDATE: More proof this is a fake! Another account who claims to be Miley, Destiny--Cyrus, also posts the picture above as proof. Thanks to misslady690

19 July 2009

Overheard: Glamour Magazine Release Party

Is the Stardoll magazine fever back? Beauty Magazine by Mimi_Mami was released, and now dodence_bt's amazing magazine, Glamour, makes a comeback. You can celebrate it too on dodence_bt's guestbook, the 20 of July, at 5 p.m GMT time. What to wear? Formal attire, but if you can wear a sparkly stilletto like the one above!


StarPlaza Tour: Stardoll Store

The Stardoll Store has been in the StarPlaza for a long time. However it wasn't forgotten as expected by many members, but even now it still remains as many members' (even Lisa's, the creator of Stardoll!) favourite stores. Not only because of their clothing, which are basics in grey, white, black, blue, and red, and sometimes pinks or violets, but because of its price range - they have clothes that you will wear forever for a very reasonable price. I always go to Stardoll when I need to finish my outfit with a classic and understated piece, like their skirts and jackets, or when I want a basic with a trendy twist - their non-superstar pencil skirts are beautiful and are pretty cheap.

Another highlight of the shop are their jeans. They have every single style - from boyfriend jeans to khaki baggy pants to sticky-skinny jeans. And they aren't just in the traditional deep blue or in classic black: you'll find green jeans, grey jeans, khaki pants, and light blue jeans.

High Points: There is always something for every style, from emo to preppy. The prices are low. Most of the clothes are available for everyone to buy.
Low points: Some clothes are too basic they are boring. Also, don't they have any other color scheme than grey, white, red and black?

Although Stardoll is definitely not the store to buy this season's hottest trends and designer-inspired pieces, you know that you can never go wrong with its polished clothing, their classic accesories. Every member can always find something on the store!

What are your thoughts on the Stardoll Store?

17 July 2009

Mystery Solved

Remember this? Well, thatgirlsophy found out it is from Boomerang, an UK TV Channel - so it's likely that it will be free only for UK members. But we can work that out.... and if it doesn't, just look at the new proxy widget in the Sidebar and do it yourself!

FREE Mannequin - Today Only!

Get this mannequin from Harumika following these steps:

1. Go to schoolunlock.info, us.worldproxy.tracking202.com, or myproxy.ca
2. In the Proxy URL Bar, type stardoll.com
3. Log in.
4. Click on the Pick of the Day - even though you can't see it you can click on it!

You have it! Since it's a pick of the day it's only free today, so hurry!
Did it work?

16 July 2009

Special Edition Guitars

New Special Edition Evil Panda guitars! I think they are not worth the money Stardoll is asking for - I'd pay $12 for them, but more than that?
UPDATE: Apparently they are on the shop for a week only and will never be released again...