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03 October 2009

FREE BlackStar Dress, T-Shirt And Perfume

To get this BlackStar dress (that goes for $7 on the shop!), a BlackStar T-Shirt and perfume for free, follow these steps:

1. Go to myproxy.ca and type stardoll.com/en/campaigns/blackstar/
2. Stay in for a few seconds, then log out.

You now have it all!


  1. We al already know that. Its old news.

  2. The free Moxie Girls chair and this yellow dog has come to people in the UK.

  3. You also get free moxie chair and a yellow dog when you go to myproxy.ca ,write in the url-bar stardoll.com ,log in and you have it

  4. Waste of SDs because I already have the dress but I never got the other clothes so that's nice. :)

  5. i did it and got moxie girls stuff and a moxie girls dog its sooo sweet

  6. I didn't get a t-shirt D:
    also, if you scroll down from the video, you can enter a contest and get a second dress, leggings, and shoes :)

  7. it does not work.please post all the black star clothes from starplaza

  8. Omg! U can also get free dress, tights, and shoes. And the shirt is no longe available. And its easlier if you just change your country to america. And if u enter the dress up avril contest you get the free dress, tights, and shoes. Ur welcome. And i was wonderin if u might consider me being a writer for this blog? Plz?

  9. if you watch the "do the barbie" video, u get a free t-shirt.