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17 January 2010

Going too far?

jose-io, well known as a past Stardoll "elite" and a big Real Celeb & DKNY Collector is selling all her rares. How, you ask, since she's no longer on Stardoll?

Well, she's selling them on eBay.

First off, how can you buy Stardoll Clothing from eBay? How does the piece arrive to your suite? It seems like a risky method. Remember, the ONLY place to buy and sell Stardoll stuff is the StarPlaza StarBazaar or a user's StarBazaar.

Second of all, the price? Who would pay 55 POUNDS for a Stardoll dress? That's 89.58 Dollars! It's insane! Go buy something in real life for that price - an iPod shuffle, 10 or 9 jeans from Forever21, food, or donate to Haiti, there are people who need those 90 dollars! And that's not the only expensive thing - a Mary-Kate white tank for 37.45 pounds (61 Stardollars), and Ashley Olsen Leather Jacket for 15.50 pounds ($25.25), and the list goes on...

I understand that jose-io wants to sell her stuff, but the prices are way too high, and the selling method is far too risky!

If you want to see the item's she's selling, search "stardoll" on ebay.co.uk!

What do you think? Would you pay? Do you think that eBay's a good selling method for Stardoll stuff?

(jose-io's picture from Stardoll Fashion Forward)


  1. This is ridiculous and most likely a scam. I mean, being superstar, we pay real money, and some people say that's crazy. But, paying real money for virtual clothes. Exspecially 80 pounds? No wonder it has 0 bids. Virtual Stardoll with virtual clothes, should stay virtual.

  2. wtf? thats a joke right? why would you do that.theres no way that you would get the item you buy on ebay into your suit on stardoll,just no way.thats a total scam,she just wants people to "buy" her clothes so she can have your money.she just wants money,like a certain site we love and use.for $89 you could just go and buy yourself a year of superstar and buy extra stardollars,then go and collect your own clothing pieces.

  3. What?, That's Ridiculous.
    With The $89 You Can buy 1 year Of SS AND ALOT Of Stuff No Wonder She Isnt A Elite Anymore.
    TOTAL Scam.

  4. Hahaa, people these days...

    ~add me on stardoll my name is flyforlife

  5. we are not crazy to buy ashley bag for a real money its only game to have fun not to buy stuff for real money