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12 January 2010

FREE Moodiwear Mannequin!

Get your FREE Moodiwear Mannequin following these instructions:

1. Use the following manual proxy: Port 8080 (to learn how to use a manual proxy go here)
2. Now, type http://www.stardoll.com/en/clubs/?e=-311 onto your URL bar
3. Log into your doll
4. Join the club
5. You have the Mannequin in your suite! Turn off the proxy.

Did it work?

Thanks to Underneath Stardoll & Ikaty11


  1. Aww It did not let me search up the club! It says it is unavailable.

  2. no didnt work for me :(

  3. As much as I would love to do it I can't because I get nerviness using proxy's... in cass my computer gets a virus eta....
    But maybe if you try the following manual proxy it might work -
    Log out of stardoll

    Set this manual proxy:
    IP: Port: 8080

    and then click this link to go to the club

  4. dont work for germaNY:(
    please a proxy server!

  5. youre lyinq that doesnt work ! tryyyy

  6. this really works, thanks!

  7. Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Aww It did not let me search up the club! It says it is unavailable.

    me too

  8. it didn't wrk.....don't try it