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28 February 2009

What would you like on Stardoll?

Stardoll: it's a love or hate thing. Some days, we get free stuff, others, the suites won't load properly. Sometimes, Stardoll will be deaf to our complains and questions, others, they will listen to us and improve the website - like it happened with the StarBazaar Search, more Brands, etc.

Instead of saying what do I like or what would I get rid of, I asked Stardoll members what did they think:

sonja_sonja63: I would really like if we could Suite Chat with more than 1 person. It's kinda boring that we can Suite Chat with just one. And I also would like to sell my accesories, but I wouldn't get rid of anything.

dalvik: Well...We need to be able to buy Superstar SMS codes in more countries, also I would change the Me-Doll editor. I would get rid of the hackers, scammers and posers.
It would be great if more gifts, Mini-Shop items and more clothes would be able for Non-Superstars.
And I think that most of the members that do not live in USA or UK are annoyed because so many items are free for them (eg. Moonacre Mansion, posters, Hotel for Dogs etc) but not for the Stardolls who do not live in those countries.

funky_ana: I always thought that it would be good if we could send clothes, like in trades, so the member who needs to get it will get it, without: OMG you were too slow other girl bought it! And I think Stardoll should delete all members that weren't online more than month. What kind of 'members' are/were they?

My Opinion: I'd love to have something like a "Trading Mail", where you got an e-mail that said: "soovintage offers you a HotBuys Dress for a DKNY Skirt", and when you clicked "I accept. Trade", you'd automatically trade, with no scams, no people who "accidentaly" bought something you were supposed to trade, etc. It'd be much safer, plus scammers would be no more a pain in the, hm, back for us.

It would be good, also, to have a better reporting system, because so many people are being deleted with no reason, while scammers, hackers and mean people are still breathing virtual air, despite innumerous reports.

I agree with dalvik on making the free items available for everyone, not just USA and UK. And that more countries should have SMS codes.

What would YOU do? What would you change, get rid of, or add to Stardoll? Your comment could be featured on the blog!

27 February 2009

Coming Soon... MORE DKNY!

Oh. My. God.

This is the DKNY we waited for almost half a year! I want that dress. I want those shoes. I WANT THOSE NECKLACES!!

How gorgeous are them? Better: they will be on the shop starting March 3. Next Week. You heard it right. But they are limited.


P.S: I want that hair too!

FREE London Souvenirs

Finally, FREE Stuff! / Cosas GRATIS!!

Get 3 FREE London Souvenirs: join one of this clubs: EF_StarClub_es, EF_StarClub_fi, EF_StarClub_it. Go back to your suite, there you have them! [P.S: The club has a contest where you can go to London!]

Consegui 3 Souvenirs de Londres GRATIS: unite a uno de estos clubs EF_StarClub_es, EF_StarClub_fi, EF_StarClub_it. Volve a tu suite y estan ahi! [P.D: El club tiene un concurso que podes ganar un viaje a Londres!]

[Info from Free.Stuff]

Coming soon.. Dog Doll 2

[Picture from Stardoll's Top Designers]

Dog doll coming soon.. I think Stardoll's obsessed. Or, there will be an animal theme. Ew. If you want stylish themes inspired on Sex and the City and Gossip Girl, join theNYstyle clicking here.

26 February 2009

NEW Elle 2nd Season!

It's Here!

I'm dissappointed.. not only some items are really plain, but they are very expensive! That cheap-looking sequin tee? $10. The plain, teal dress? $12. The "Elle Love" tee? $9. What happened to the Cheap&Chic Moschino, I mean, Elle?

Tell me what YOU think!

The New York Style Project

Stardoll is becoming more and more boring everyday. No, I'm not talking about the lack of "virtual fights" that gossip blogs live for. I'm talking about clothes (and about the missing "Monthly Sale Free Glitch" -UPDATE: Get 3 FREE Things, click here to see how-).

Seriously... Sleepover (okay, Dolce & Gabbana did it, but who wants to dress up in PYJAMAS?), Pop Art, Tango Valentino, Russia Rocks, Arabian Nights... it all sucked.

Seems like a lot of people think the same, and VictoriaClors created a club - theNYstyle!

have you seen the lastest styled themes on stardoll? piyamas, nordic winter...


join this club to support the NY STYLE PROJECT.

The NewYork styled theme is inspired in Se* and the City, Gossip Girl, Ugly Betty... an intricate style, full of patterns, colours, textures, glamour and fun! Patricia Field and Eric Daman, experts stylists, are the biggest influence in this style. They made possible the concept of real style!

When we get some members we will present a letter to stardoll, asking for HIGH QUALITY CLOTHING INSPIRED IN THE FILMS/SERIES WHICH I SAID BEFORE. Maybe they will listen to us!

Because we must try if we want to win what we want

Of course, Stardoll won't hear anything unless theNYstyle is on the most popular/biggest clubs list. So I joined. And you should too.

Every single member makes a difference! Join theNYstyle, click here, and help us get a better Stardoll!

25 February 2009

Jonas Brothers T-Shirt Competition

Finally! Callie showed that she's got a brain! The Jonas Brothers contest will be very hard to win, that's all I say. Still want to get the Jonas Brothers T-Shirt for FREE? Here's how:

1. Dress up the Jonas Brothers on your album.
2. Write your favourite thing about next to their doll, on the "Comments" section.

Read the whole post clicking here, and "Don't Forget": to officialy enter the contest, press the "Enter Here" button below the instructions.

The contest already started and ends the 1st of March, so you have 3 days!!

Coming Soon... ELLE Spring Collection

[Picture from The Stardoll Insiders]

For everyone that is not Superstar (like me), here you have the complete ELLE Spring Collection, which I believe it'll be released today.

My Opinion: The obvious star of the whole collection is the Gold Dress (which actually looks like Stardoll finally made an effort to design something), and apart from that, I would spend my StarDollars on the grey and the short black coat, the T-Shirts, the pink skirt and the teal dress (and let's not forget the beautiful jewellery). But the rest of the collection is.. plain? And certainly, not worth buying.


Club Free Stuff has now 30 followers! To some people it might look like nothing, but to us it's very important!
And remember to join club-free-stuff, our official club (now with 455 members)! I'll give you a good reason: we're having a competition soon! Click here to join.
Follow us and get the latest updates on Free Stuff & Cheats!

Coming Soon... ELLE Second Season!

[Picture from Virtual Fashion Heaven]

Yes! Our affordable-chic brand, ELLE, is back!
It'll probably be released TODAY! or, tomorrow.
My Opinion: I love the jackets and coats, the blue flowers necklace, and the Heart ELLE T-Shirt. The bags and shoes are just recolours, but apart from that, it's all worth buying.

24 February 2009

Buy Stardollars & Get A FREE Dress!

If you bought Stardollars recently, copy & paste this link into your URL browser:


It gives you a Voile Gift Dress for FREE. Right now it gives you the Pink Layered Party Dress, that was a gift for the non-Superstars who became Superstars some time ago, and before it gave you the long deep red one.

It might not last that long so hurry!

P.S: did you check out our twitter page? It's for short news. Check it out clicking here! Or, browse through the sidebar to see the last 2 updates!

[Info from The Stardoll Insiders]

Club Free Stuff's Sale Picks

The February Sale is here! Club Free Stuff gives you 13 Picks to get good clothes with a good price(The economic crisis is everywhere, even on Stardoll)!

Most of them are designer clothes. Here you have the Inspired By's:

1. Inspired by Luella
2. Inspired by Betsey Johnson
3. Inspired by Roland Mouret
4. Inspired by Zac Posen
5. Inspired by Louis Vuitton
6. Inspired by Zac Posen
7. Inspired by Stella McCartney
8. Inspired by Rebecca Taylor
9. Inspired by Rodarte
10. Inspired by House of Holland
11. Inspired by Giles

Apart from this 13 clothes, I don't think there are any other worth buying. Unless, of course, you're from Chicago and want to show your "State Pride" buying horrible and sl*tty Chicago Cheerleading costumes from Rio. It's up to you. ; )

New Clothes!

After days with no clothes, they're in!

Okay, they're ugly, but the Shortywig T-Shirt and the Marc by Marc Jacobs inspired Evil Panda Flats are hot!
And, does anybody else's eyes burn when seeing those "Skinny Bleach" jeans??

23 February 2009

Coming Soon.. Jonas Brothers T-Shirt & Dog Doll

The Jonas Brothers tee will probably be given as a free gift in the Cinema when watching their 3-D Movie Trailer, which comes out this Friday the 27th, so we might see this T on every suite this week! I like it, but it would look better in blue to match the picture's background.

Weird but cute! This dog doll (Tinkerbell, perhaps?) will be on Stardoll soon!

[Pictures from Stardoll's Top Designers]

New UK Superstar Prices: Fair or not?

Stardoll sent an e-mail to Superstars from the UK, telling them about price changes starting from the 2nd of March:

"Dear Superstar: At Stardoll, our staff is working hard to create more fun for you and your friends. Thanks for being a Superstar on Stardoll!
On March 2, 2009, Stardoll will be launching new prices in the UK. Please read carefully to understand how these changes might effect you.
Superstars who pay with credit card will be pleased to discover that any changes will be good news, decreasing their costs by increasing the number of Stardollars they receive.
Some users, though, who pay with their mobile phone via text message and with their regular home phone, will receive fewer Stardollars when they purchase. Please see a description of the changes below.
There will be no changes to our low prices on Superstar membership. When Superstars purchase additional Stardollars, some packages will include 50 additional Stardollars – with no increase in the price!
Stardollars for Superstars (“Topping Up”)
150 Stardollars for £3.95 (50 more Stardollars for the same low price – starting March 2, 2009!)
350 Stardollars for £7.95 (50 more Stardollars for the same low price – starting March 2, 2009!)
NEW! 3,000 Stardollars for £39.95 (Credit Card only – starting March 2, 2009!)
When members pay £1.50 with their mobile phone via text message or with their home phone, Stardoll receives only a small part of that payment. Your phone company keeps a large part of your payment for themselves.
To provide our Superstars with more fun and the most beautiful clothes and items for their MeDoll and Suite, we have been forced to reduce the number of Stardollars that members receive when they pay with their mobile phone or home phone.
Superstar Membership
1 Month and 50 Stardollars for £1.50 (17 fewer Stardollars for the same low price!)
Stardollars for Superstars (“Topping Up”)
50 Stardollars for £1.50 (17 fewer Stardollars for the same low price!)
If you normally pay with your mobile phone or home phone, we are very sorry for this inconvenience and sincerely hope that you will continue your Superstar membership with Stardoll. To get a much better price on Superstar Membership and Stardollars, we encourage you to consider using Mastercard, Visa, or American Express.
Thank you.
Sincerely, Stardoll Customer Service "
I think that this is fair for Stardoll (and the world economy, lol), but not for us. Sure, Stardoll needs money like all of us, but is it fair for the UK Stardolls to pay $1.50 for 50 Stardollars? Although I can't pay by phone, I think it was one of the best ways to pay.
Thoughts? Unfair or Fair?
[Info from The Stardoll Juice]

22 February 2009

Coming Soon... Picks of the Day

[Picture from The Stardoll Life]
I guess this Picks of the Day will start on the 24th, since HotBuys are generally on the Pick Of The Day one day after their release on the shop. But, the clothes can be featured 3 days after, so this releases should be in very soon.
If Stardoll knows what's good for them, they better make the T-Shirts and the Necklaces available for everyone! Of course, the HotBuys Tee might be Superstar, and the Heart Tee will be too. Why? Because it has "Elle" written on it! So, another collection coming soon?
And in case you ask, the white sweater is Inspired by Chanel [UPDATE: It's actually from Emanuel Ungaro], the black dress is inspired by Marc by Marc Jacobs, and the blue-flowers necklace is Inspired by Armani.
My opinion?: This new releases don't really suck! The only clothes I don't like is that cream bolero, the belt, the skirt and the sweater. What do you think?

NEW StarPoint Rewards

See them clicking here.
See them clicking here.
See them clicking here.
See them clicking here.

21 February 2009

Stoopid and Creepy: Stardoll Pervs

A comment made on a post said "There's a perv on AskPaulinaGirls [...] his accounts are TOUCHING.Gran [...] and TOUCHING.Fanny"

Well, I went to his account and AskPaulinaGirls! Turns out, he is a real perv! Stay away from him, don't visit him (I used another account) and DON'T WRITE ON HIS TOPICS!


20 February 2009

New Writer for the Stardoll Magazine

The Stardoll Magazine is becaming the Elite Magazine - I mean: writemarycat, singingmermaid, Model-Selena and now Style?
Although she looks like a granny on the header, it is much more, hm, appropiate than the one she used when she writed at It's Stardoll Gossip, B!tch. You can see that header clicking here.

What do you think?

March HotBuys

It's here!

Release Dates & My Opinions (on blue):

- Hot Buys Bracelet, 2 March, Pretty in Pink [Inspired by Diseya] It's cute and lovely. I wanted it since I saw it on the Winter HotBuys doll. I'll definetely buy it!

- Hot Buys Skirt, 9 March, Pretty in Pink [Inspired by ASOS] So harlequin! I like it, but I don't love it. Not my type of "hot" buy.

- Hot Buys Denim Dress, 13 March, Pretty in Pink [Inspired by 3.1 Philip Lim] You could work it out with the ELLE leggins or some tights and the Philosophy boots, but still, not my type.

- Hot Buys Bodycon Dress, 17 March, Rio [Inspired by Luella] LOVE! I love Luella, and how could I not love this dress? Since I first saw it on the runway, I knew that if it was on Stardoll, I'd rush to buy it. And now I will.

- Hot Buys Denim Jacket, 18 March, Bisou [Inspired by Alexander Wang] If you're on the rocker/Lady GaGa/Balmain look, this jacket is perfect for you! But, as much as I love Lady GaGa and Balmain, I don't know if my doll can pull out this jacket.

- Hot Buys Earrings, 20 March, Splendid [Inspired by Tuff Cookie] They look like they're made out of bamboo.

- Hot Buys Shoes, 23 March, Fudge They have silver! They have bright blue! They have neon green! That means I'm about to puke!

- Hot Buys Circle Purse, 25 March, Pretty in Pink [Inspired by ASOS] Bags with skinny chains are so in, and pink too. So worth spending 5 Stardollars!

- Hot Buys Trousers, 25 March, Bisou Who wears this pants anymore? Weren't the December green harem pants enough for the graphic designer?

- Hot Buys Jumpsuit, 31 March, Bisou Give it 2 me! Now!

What do you think about this HotBuys?

19 February 2009

MiniShop Sale

The MiniShop Superstar Sale is here! There's nothing worth buying, unless this chair (you can make it big after buying it).
And for those that didn't know, the gifts are on sale too, but only the ones that are on sale at the Minishop(eg.: Candleholder).

18 February 2009

NEW! Search by Price

Now you can search by price on Starbazaar!

My tip? Put Min: 2 and Max:10 on Voile and DKNY. You won't believe how many Voile Gift Dresses and DKNY stuff are for less than $10!

FREE Barbie Dress

Get the Barbie Dress quickly, it might not last that much! / Agarra tu Vestido de Barbie ya, puede no durar mucho!

Get your FREE Barbie dress! Go to the Cinema, watch the trailer and go back to your suite. There you have it!
Consegui tu vestido Barbie GRATIS! Anda al Cinema, mira el trailer y volve a tu suite.

My Opinions: I think this is the BEST Free Gift Stardoll has ever made (besides from the free Summer 2007 DKNY clothes, which was actually a glitch). This is the most wearable gift ever, remember the free magazines and posters? I mean, who wears the free movie T-Shirts?. It looks so chic and it kinda resembles me the Lottery Kylie Museum Dress, if it was more girly and prom-like. And rare collectors, get this dress quickly! Something tells me this will be rare in one year (or less!).

P.S: Comment!

Coming Soon... Pop Art Clothes + Barbie Dress

When I saw this Barbie dress on the spoilers, I thought, Whoa! It definitely doesn't fit with the theme, but doesn't look like a Gift Dress. Remember that, in Mario's Spoilers, there was something that said "Get your Free Dress"? So maybe, we'll have it for free!

17 February 2009

FREE Microphone

It's a Pick of the Day for USA, but you can get it too: / Es "Pick of the Day" para EEUU, pero podes conseguirlo vos tambien!:

Get your FREE HSM Microphone, follow this steps:
2. Type "stardoll.com" on the PHP Proxy box.
3. Log in, click on the Pick of the Day, then Log Out. You have it!

Consegui tu Microfono HSM GRATIS, segui estos pasos:
2. Escribi "stardoll.com" en el cuadro PHP Proxy.
3. Entra y sali de tu cuenta. Lo tenes!
[Credits to Free.Stuff]

16 February 2009

MORE Free Stuff!

Wow! Free T-Shirt and Pillows, and now a Shirt (it's for boys, but still, it's free!)

To get you FREE Checked Shirt, go to the StarPlaza and search Stardoll Boys. It's on page 1.

Para conseguir tu Camisa GRATIS, anda a la Shop y busca Stardoll Boys. Esta en la pagina 1.

Before buying anything, try if the items are still free with a spare account. / Antes de comprar, fijate si las cosa todavia son gratis intentando con otra cuenta.

NEW: StarBazaar Search!

So that's the why of the free pillows & top! The new StarBazaar search is here!

It's much easier now to find the clothes you want! You can search clothing, brands (DKNY!), and colors. I found the HotBuys Bag from November 2006 and the LeSportSac one.. for $12!

What do you think about the new search?


Get your FREE T-Shirt searching on the Starplaza Black+Tops+Stardoll Girls! And get your FREE Pillow Searching Roots+Pillows on the MiniShop!

Consegui tu remera GRATIS buscando Negro+Remeras+Stardoll Chicas en la Shop! Y consegui tu almohada GRATIS buscando Roots+Almohadas en la MiniShop!
Get a FREE Boys Shirt, click here to see how.
Before buying anything, try if the items are still free with a spare account. / Antes de comprar, fijate si las cosa todavia son gratis intentando con otra cuenta.

15 February 2009

Be Careful: co.nr Sites

Internet is very helpful in some situations, and very dangerous in others. The same with Piczo. If you never heard about it, Piczo/co.nr is a website that helps you build semi-professional websites for free. Lots of Stardolls use co.nr/Piczo to create Stardoll fansites; one of the best known HotBuys based website, Hot Buys Heaven (currently on a hiatus), are on Piczo. Sadly, some Stardolls use Piczo/co.nr to hack näive users with the promise of HotBuys, Superstar or StarDollars.

I found some co.nr sites that are easy to fall for:

1. teststardoll.co.nr

The site looks so much like the real Stardoll (the doll advertisement even changes when refreshing the page), young users could be fooled and put their passwords on it. However, there are 2 main reasons teststardoll.co.nr isn't Stardoll:

1. There is no flash!
2. The Log In box looks too diferent: it's bigger, it doesn't say "Nickname" and "****" like in normal Stardoll, instead of "Log In" it says "Send", there is no "Remember Me", nor a "Not a member? Join Here!".

Other reasons:
- There are Piczo Advertisements, that shouldn't show if it really was Stardoll.
- Websites like Stardoll never use Piczo. They pay for professional webdesign.
- When you click anything from "Your Stuff", "Shortcuts" and "Information", on the bottom of the page - it just sends you back to teststardoll.co.nr! The same happens when clicking the top bar.

Don't "Log In" on this fake StarDoll, or if you already did, change your password immediatly!

2. newstardollcheat.piczo.com

I laughed hard when I saw this one. Not only the person is showing that she is a hacker - "I will not tell you how to do it", "I'm not a hacker", and at the end of the video the account she used has rares all for $2, of course, from hacking others. Does she think we were born yesterday, or what? Here are some other reasons that show you this is all a lie:

- First, the video is noticeably photoshopped. The "Buy this item - $0" is from the Kitsch Garlands at the Minishop.

- Second, the "Superstar Only" box. Did you notice that all the hackers say their cheats work only for Superstars?

- The "cheat" is actually, the loophole (created by fakeshake3 and Hifof back in 2008), that doesn't work anymore.

The owner of the site is fiwee101. Please report her! [UPDATE: She might not be the owner, but a hacked account]

3. stardollmoney.co.nr

[Picture from Stardoll Fashion Forward]

As said in Stardoll Fashion Forward, this new hacking website doesn't need your password and username to hack you! If you are logged into Stardoll when visiting the link, it'll hack you! According to SFF, it's called "auto-hack". The owner can access not only your password, but your country, age and e-mail. Most of us use the same e-mail and password we have on Stardoll for websites such as Facebook or Myspace, so the hacker can easily see your personal info, including pictures and even the street where you live!

The hacker can easily change your e-mail and password, so the chances you'll get your account back are very small. The accounts already hacked are mamzelle-mc, lizzie1393*, bobbypin11*, and pamiiiiiiiii. *This users are currently hacked, so do not trust them!

If you get the message above, from ANYONE, even your best friend, BLOCK THEM and contact Stardoll telling them the link. stardollmoney.co.nr and teststardoll.co.nr are both phishing websites and Stardoll can give them a lawsuit to the person who created it.

Plus, phishing websites can download trojan horses, minor viruses or bugs into your PC, so if you get a message from your antivirus or Parental Controls, do not enter into the website!

4. stardolladmin.co.nr

Another co.nr hacking site is alive: stardolladmin.co.nr

Again, do NOT enter while you're logged in Stardoll, Wordpress, Blogger etc, because co.nr sites install a keystroke that get your password before you can say "I was hacked!".

This time, you'll get a dollmail from a hacked account. It says:

"Hey! Have you or anyone you know been hacked recently? I was, and I found out a way to get revenge - because Stardoll never do anything about it!
I asked around, and my good friend told me how to get to the place that Stardoll staff log in. I logged in there, and it was totally different!
All I had to do was go to the hacker's suite, right click on the clothes she stole, and click move, and they appeared in my suite!
I'd love to see her face when she sees they're gone!!I will tell you how to do it, but please only use it to get clothes back that were stolen from you!
The site is stardolladmin.co.nr but please only use it for a good cause.For me it didn’t work straight away, I had to go back in about 30 minutes."

Yeah, right.

First, we all know that co.nr/Piczo sites are never ever used by professionals, so the chances this site is used by the Stardoll Staff are 0.

Second, the cheat described on the dollmail is the Loophole, by fact we all know it doesn't work anymore, and if it really works, who would want to tell? Remember what happened to Teale? Yup, she was deleted after the Loophole scandal.

And yeah, "it didn't work straight away".

bijouenforce is already hacked, don't be the next one!

[Thank you Stardoll's Most Wanted for the info]

This are the best examples of Piczo/co.nr sites you should never fall for. If you know any other, please say it on comments.

Stay safe!

14 February 2009

teenSTYLE: What we all have been waiting for...

After the Stardoll Magazines scene became worse, with Steelone and writemarycat both leaving Stardoll, and Style_Magazine having a long break from Style, a lot of magazines tried to steal the spotlight, each of them failing: none of them had the thing teenSTYLE had. Was it stunning graphics? The witty, but at the same time fun articles? Or maybe, the most amazing fashion Stardoll has ever seen? We will never know it for sure, but now teenSTYLE is back giving all us thirsty fashionistas what we were waiting for: pure and simple fashion.

The first article I rush to see is "Color of the Month". It is so accurate to real-life fashion, I'm stunned with the choice for this month: Fuchsia. This color was seen rocking almost every Spring fashion runway: from Versace to Matthew Williamson, but it is also a must for today, Valentine's Day.

The choice of CoverGirls was great; following the same steps from Eternity's December 2008 cover, teenSTYLE featured 2 of the most loved and fashionable girls on Stardoll: Lou and Keisha, as known as xLou26 and snapple2. The interview was short, but what I liked the most were the graphics: the "Marie Antoinette" style was cute but edgy at the same time, filled with candy colours and some ruffles here and there. Need I to mention that those 2 trends were also seen in the Spring runways?

And the other model choices were good too: both Rihannon Davis (Welsh_witch) and Gabrielle Ankh (punkyfish2007) were in the "Party Selections" article, which was one of the best in the whole magazine. The fashion choices are chic without overdoing it, and they can be easily used on Stardoll: although most of the clothes featured on the graphics are not available in the shop (for example, the DKNY dress), you can still get similar clothing on the StarPlaza, and sometimes for a very affordable price - let's just say bows can be found at the MiniShop for $3, and platforms generally cost $4!

Rules were made to be broken... where would fashion be today, if no one broke rules? Although this spring candy colored bags were everywhere, the "Neon Bags" article proves that sometimes you need to break rules. Neon adds a fun, edgy and colorful touch to your outfit, and on Stardoll virtual fashion isn't always the same as the real-life one. On Stardoll there is a wide range of Neon Bags to choose, from the Elle one featured on the magazine to the bold red one at the Little Pink Shop that is available for everyone. Although today neon bags are a little bit outdated, Stardoll was made to express yourself - so follow your own fashion!

But there's a rule you cannot break: not having your classic white shoes! An essential, I couldn't agree more with Castile Lee (Cataleia).

And last but not least, the "Playing Cupid" graphics were flirty and cute, but not babyish in any way - you could see "Betsey Johnson" and "Marc Jacobs" written all over them. The article looked like a filler, but the graphics were classic teenSTYLE: chic, fashionable and girly.

Overall, this is my favourite issue yet. The articles were interesting to read, the outfits were perfect, and I have no words for the beautiful graphics. Selena (Model-Selena), with the help of Kasia Font (undamyumbrellla) showed that after 5 months without an issue, all the wait was worth it.

Click here to see teenSTYLE's February Issue.

Now I want to see your opinions on teenSTYLE!

[P.S: sorry for the too-professional review... I want to write for a magazine, and I need to be prepared! ; )]

Happy Valentine's Day!

13 February 2009

Coming Soon... Elle Posters

[Picture from Stardoll's Top Designers]
I really like this posters. Will we have a new Elle collection, or will we just get those pretty posters for free? Keep your eyes open.

FREE Lipstick

Get your FREE Red Lipstick, just go to the StarPlaza!

Consegui tu lapiz de labios rojo GRATIS, anda a StarPlaza!

Pegue seu labial vermelho GRATIS, vá pra StarPlaza!

LE: Almost Sold Out

Yes, LE (Luxury Escapade, Lame and Expensive, whatever you want to call it) is almost sold out: there are 4 items left: the denim ankle boots, the swimsuit, the red cap and the hearts blazer. Hurry!

12 February 2009

New Non-Superstar Gift

Finally! Stardoll decided to be good and has released a Valentine's Day gift available for everyone. It's not that cute, but something is better than nothing, right?
There are more cute and cheap Valentine gifts, from $1 to $3. Now you know what gifts to give whitout spending those $5 you were saving for a bag!

Coming Soon... Valentine Interior

[Picture from Virtual Fashion Heaven]
Lovely, don't you think?

thatgirlsophy: LE StarDesign Style

If you don't know thatgirlsophy, where have you been? She is one of the most talented designers on Stardoll, and has a blog too, Stardoll's Top Designers.
With the release of LE, thatgirlsophy also released new designs inspired on the new collection. They are amazing, and better, they're way cheaper than LE - but look almost the same.
The LE clothes above are already sold out, so hurry out to thatgirlsophy's StarBazaar Store and buy her designs!
Besides the LE collection, thatgirlsophy also has designs inspired by ASOS, Topshop, Forever21, Sonia Rykiel, Versace, Miu Miu, and more. No doubt she is one of the best designers.

11 February 2009

New LE!


Yes! LE is here, and I love it! It has the same prices as before, and although this collection is not as chic as the last one, almost everything is worth from $25 to $250.
I love some stuff, such as the sequin jacket, the trench, the logo tee, the pink-and-red heels and all the dresses but... some things, such as the "I LOVE LE" tee or the heart tights look cheap.

I got amazing belts for $35, but there are some things you need to have:

- ALL the dresses! Except the red-glittery one. And the blue hearts one.
- Red Hot Trench, $125
- Denim Scrap Jacket, $200
- Denim Logo Tee, $100
- Denim Bow Blouse, $80
- Two Tone Draped Belt, $35
- Denim Ankle Boots, $150
- Two Tone SlingBack Heels, $100
note: some items might be sold out when you read this!

I don't even want to think how much this collection costs.
What do you think of the new LE?

P.S: you can try on the new LE clothes clicking here. [Link from Gossip-Stardoll]

10 February 2009

New Store: Little Pink Shop

Little stuff, Pink stuff, pretty Shop. The Little Pink Shop opened today and it might be for limited time, so if you like something, buy! It has all the new furniture and clothing releases and the Hot Buys January Jacket, and it is perfect for the cutesy and girly girl. And better, it has stuff available for everyone!
What do you think?

New Writer For Stardoll Magazine!

[Image from The Stardoll Insiders]

09 February 2009

Valentine Spoilers

Ooh, l'amour! Valentine's Day is coming soon and Stardoll will celebrate it with... TANGO!

[Picture from Oh The Nuisance]

[Pictures from Juicy Magazine]

The gifts are oh-so-cute, I hope some of them (read: kiss card and bears) are available for everyone! The clothes are okay, but the dolls look awesome!
UPDATE: The clothes & furniture are now released! So bad the clothes are SS. Or maybe not, since they're not that good.

Hot Buys Cardigan

The Hot Buys Purple Cardigan is now out on Evil Panda, for $8, and yes, Superstar.
It's inspired on the Marc Jacobs Lolly Cardigan, which is much cuter. T
I think it's a waste of $8, which you could save and buy those adorable DKNY Sneakers. But you choose.

08 February 2009

Free Moonacre & Hotel For Dogs Poster

YES! Now everyone can get an Hotel For Dogs and Moonacre Poster. It's easy!

If you're not from UK, just go into http://www.daveproxy.co.uk/ and type: http://www.stardoll.com/. Log in, and then copy & paste this links into the DaveProxy browser [on top]:

Moonacre Poster: http://www.stardoll.com/en/cinema/?id=30
Hotel For Dogs Poster: http://www.stardoll.com/en/cinema/?id=35

Don't worry if the videos don't load. As long as you go to the cinema, you'll get the posters.

[Info from The Stardoll Insiders]

07 February 2009

Coming Soon...

What do you Think?

06 February 2009

New Writer For Stardoll Magazine

Stardoll got really into "let's-hire-popular-users-so-users-think-we-think-about-them" stuff, and now they're hiring pedroemarcela!

Her post is great, as so is singingmermaid's, but seriously... I wouldn't be surprised if they hired fakeshake3 and she said "Stardoll is the best, the re-releases and expensive prices and unfairness are awesome too!".

What do you think on this user-hiring? Do they even pay them?

Hot Buys Skirt

Is now on Folk for $6 and Superstars...
I don't like it; the pattern is awesome, but the shape ruins it!

05 February 2009

MORE LE Spoilers!

(Pictures from The Stardoll Life)
More LE Spring 2009 collection spoilers!
This isn't available on the magazine now - it was for a few minutes.
Thoughts: I love it, it's so Valentine-ish, and I bet it's coming Saturday or Sunday night. It kinda reminds me of the first DKNY, for the graphics, and also for the expensiveness (also for the rare factor). What do you think?