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11 August 2009


I recently became aware of a message (I don't know if it's just a picture, or if it is actually in the dollmail) from Stardoll that offers free Stardollars for UK members only.

However, it is really suspicious, so I decided to check the facts:
- The font used in the message is not the same as the font Stardoll uses.
- The pink free image is not the same as Stardoll's.
- There are many gramatical mistakes, such as "it's [a] Limited Time offer", "only [available] for", "enjoy [a] shopping spree".
A few days ago, I got an e-mail which warned about how a certain number calls pretending to be from you phone agency and asks to enter codes such as 90# or 120# to get this month's bill free, but actually it is that when you enter the code, you will automatically pay for all the phone bills of the "phone agency" number.
So I believe this is the same. Some Stardoll member who lives in the UK (that's why the offer is for UK members only) might be going through money problems and is trying to make someone pay for their bills.
Please don't believe this. If it's too good to be true - really, Stardoll giving away 50 stardollars to thousands of UK members? - is is not.


  1. I am not from UK but thnks for lettin evebody now , i wud absolutely HATE if that happened. Why would stardoll do that? Lie it says from Stardoll Admin and the ritin is red and theres a star anall like te show dat it is stardoll. So like i dont get it really :S lol

  2. So your saying it's official..?
    We ACTUALLY have proof that Stardoll is a MAJOR lying rip off artist..?

  3. I live in the UK and i never got the letter.....

  4. Anonymous-

    I think that this may have been on other blogs, and it could just be a picture that someone photoshoped.

  5. You should totally visit this blog!http://stardollnani.blogspot.com/
    They are copying your blog!

  6. This is a fake, you can see that it has been edited because the writing is not the same as official Stardoll post. The original message was the post informing superstars about the LE bandage dress.
    Good post though, making everyone aware of Stardoll scams :)

  7. woow i dont think its real looks like someone has photoshopt it...