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31 August 2009

FREE Hannah Montana Shirt

Get the Hannah Montana Shirt following this steps:

1. Log into Stardoll.
2. Choose and use the following manual proxy: port 80. Learn how to use a manual proxy here.
4. Watch the 5th video. Close the window and check off the proxy box.

You're done!

Picture via TSI and thanks to EVERYONe who told me!


  1. The proxy doesnt work! I tryed them all on the right but non of them took me to the club! Please help me!

  2. Disney TV in your suite

    go to schoolunlock.info
    and log in to your account

  3. this doesn't seem to work for me,it never does.it always tells me that the club not be found or if the club does show up i can never watch the videos or join the club

  4. is there another manual proxy that van be used to get the shirt? because i tried other ones from the sidebar and none of them seem to work!

  5. I can get to the club but there is no tv at the bottom to watch a clip on, so i dont get the free clothes.

  6. annah montana gifts i check free stuff blogspoit EVERYDAY i am not exatrateing

  7. No matter what I do I can't join the club. None of the manual proxies work. I even asked a friend in America if they could try and get it for me but they couldn't.