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09 August 2009

Fall Fashion For Everyone

August is here, which means that Fall is coming. Not only it is the season where leaves start changing color and everything is chilly, but it is the season where we change our wardrobes and start the almost impossible task of finding a trendy and flattering style for a low price.

But that doesn't only happen in real life - Stardoll is starting to release clothes according to the weather. Longer skirts, boots, sweaters, and long-sleeved shirts have arrived to the StarPlaza; but what should you wear? Club Free Stuff has it all: from bargains to splurges, fall looks inspired by the hottest designers that everyone can afford.

Pretty Though as seen in D&G: Don't be fooled by the stilletos or the vintage belt, the girl who wears this look needs attitude. But a big budget is not necessary; with Candie's heels for $5, Bisou Jeans for $5, Evil Panda T-Shirt for $5, and a belt for - wow - $1, this look is a total bargain!

Parisian Chic as seen in Balmain: this seasonless look is chic, classic and cute, and it's a total steal - for just 16 StarDollars you can get the stripes Alexa Chung and Mary Kate love, the must-have skinny jeans and every-occasion heels!

Classic Grunge at Twenty8Twelve: what happens when you mix Sienna Miller's grunge style and her sister Savannah's low-key profile? The result is the look above: not too classic to fall into boredom, not too grunge to fall into the 90's stereotype. The studs and bling bling makes the look stand out, while the basic top and skinnies don't make it a look-at-me thing. And the budget is not stereotypically expensive: $22 and you'll look like you've stepped off the runway.

Effortless Punk as seen on Balmain: no more layering and huge amounts of StarDollars spent. You can look like Sasha Pivovarova at Balmain - that effortles, chic-punk vibe - for just $24, with simple pieces that you'll keep wearing forever. They call it Basic Black for a reason, right?

Rock 'n' Studs as seen on Miss Sixty: for the rockers out there, isn't this Miss Sixty look awesome? It's got studs, vest, skinny jeans, and all that for $36. Take note, Stardoll: next time, we want this look on the StarPlaza too.

Fearless Chick as seen on Dsquared2: the Fall 2009 runway was described as being Mary-Kate and Ashley celeb cool on style.com, and this look is sure to make you just as stylish as the it-girls. Animal prints, denim, blazers, booties, dark denim, studs, and big black bags? Fall's hottest trends in just one look. Sure, this look might be a big splurge for $45, but you'll get trends that you'll wear now and classic staples that you'll wear forever.

Fall Fashion, as proved above, does not mean boring, dull looks or huge winter coats. It means being fashionable and weather (and budget) conscious.
by soovintage
Thoughts on the looks? Do you like them? Was any style missing?


  1. i love fall looks because that means we get to wear some cute jackets!

  2. Pretty in pink hearts scarf?


    Do you know what this is?
    Has anybody seen that before?