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13 August 2009

Copycat! Important!!

Thanks to Polincik I know lakhu has ripped off my blog's name, header, proxy lists, pictures, and some of my posts. She is refusing to take anything down and credit me - she's blackmailing me to get a new header!

I asked her politely to do this, but I can't stand copycats, like I'm sure many of you do. It's okay to credit people for their pictures, posts, ideas, etc., but this is off limits! She also is copying The Stardoll Insiders, Stardoll's Top Designers and other blogs!

I don't want to shut her blog down, I just want proper recognition. Help me get that talking to lakhu clicking here.

Her blog is: stardollnani.blogspot.com


  1. That's bad! I dislike when people copy of me. But we all know your blog was the first one with it. :)

  2. omg i HATE copycats! that is so messed up i know exactly how you feel hopefully with everyones help we can get her to change it.

  3. Hey, I have a thing I think that should be on your blog, it's another scam.
    Look at these pictures:

  4. hey visit my blog the name is stardolllatestfashion.blogspot.com hope you like it

  5. hey go check out my blog the name is stardolllatestfashion.blogspot.com
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  6. it's ok to use others pictures occasionally but to rip you off, copy and then blackmail is just completely out of hand, i say we get her sued

  7. I agree with DaddysAngel02!
    I hate it when people copy anything from me!
    But we all know that you were the first one to come up with it. ;]

  8. i am so sorry to do that and i removed all but i didnt copy ur posts