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05 August 2009

Suite Makeover: Bohemian Study Desk in 5 Days

We're almost back to school, and Stardoll has released a new Schoolgirl theme with navy-blue uniforms, white shirts and pretty plaids - but that doesn't mean you can't give it a spin.

You'll need:
- Wooden Table, Villa, $5 (you can find it through Table search only)
- African Puff, Roots, $5
- Cabinet, Roots, $5
- Book, Creative, $4
- Writing Paper, Creative, $1
- Office Folder, Creative, $3
- Pencils, Creative, $1
- Red Tile, DIY Tiles, $1

You can get this Bohemian Study Desk in just 5 Days with your Play & Earn money! You can always add other stuff, such as plants from Budding Love or the African Vase from Roots, $4. Or maybe the Marrakesh Rug Wall, from Boheme, for $5, or the lovely Japanese Art picture from Boheme for $5? It's your choice.


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