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29 August 2009

FREE Wizards on Deck T-Shirt

We also have got the Wizards on Deck T-Shirt! If you want to get more free stuff, learn how to join the club here.


  1. Has anyone noticed the member counter? We`re now at 38,972,795 members, which is pretty close to 40 million...which means more free stuff!

  2. I Promised I would send the pictures in (:

    Heres some vintage (:

    And some others (:

    All styled by moi! tried too keep it on the line of non superstar. ive had some inspiration and will be doing "designer" looks :)
    Thankss Jordan

  3. Hey when you put the Wizards on Deck shirt in storage it appears as a very nice knee length black coat! But once you take it back out it turns back :[
    I just thought that was interesting and worth noting.

  4. The shirt appears as the Everyday Long Blazer in Stardoll girls when you put it in storage!

  5. Thanx alot thats really helps !! :)
    BTW i know that its jeff not jeef but they didnt let me soo .. i'm just saying ;)

  6. ive just got the Wizards on Deck poster, and the weird thing is, it changes into some sort of coat in the storage box, and then when you put in your suite, it turns back to a poster. Weird?

  7. hey check out the latest members on the screen shot, I was the latest member haha:P

  8. i just wanna to say that there's free poster.. it comes with the t0-shirt.. but it comes the next day in another bag of Starplaza.. I got the t-shirt in a bag of Starplaza and next day (today) i go to my suite and i noticed that there's another bag and i opened and now i got a poster (in my sea room)

    Also if u wanna get news for free stuff join _Happy_Dogs_ and u will find out new cheats!

    My nickname is nor4e_lovely


  9. Also if u publish my name cuz i told u about the cheat u can name me nor4e_lovely like my nickname on stardoll.com

  10. the misspelled Hannah monata as Hanna montana

  11. We got the free 50.000 members bag! it's in a starplaza bag. check my site and you will see it next to my closet (in my main room)

    xoxo, nor4e_lovely