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25 August 2009

Not So Blind Item

This virtual doll fashion website had some feuds with Stardoll on the past, but it seems like it's not over yet. Maybe this will become a Blind Item regular? Let me present you JoiPlanet, which belongs to Soultime*'s digital network. JoiPlanet is also sponsoring a newly-returned fashion series, which has just moved locations. However, seems like JoiPlanet hasn't moved on. They are copying Stardoll with the Sienna Gown, which was released a long while ago, while the doll from JoiPlanet is new. Want a tip, JoiPlanet? If you don't want to become a regular Blind, make it work! I bet you have loads of fierce graphic designers.

And it ain't: i-dressup, Harumika

Could you spot the clues? GUESS ON COMMENTS!

*name has also been changed


  1. Roiworld - because its the same cleb

  2. also, it=n the pretty in pink store, theres a strapless floral dress that looks very idressup if you ask me

  3. @ fashion_fan,that pink floral dress your talking about i believe it was on i-dressup before it was on stardoll.but yes the two are very familiar. @ everyone i think that all the vertuial fashion sites are copying each other in a way.

  4. Are they copying Stardoll though? I know people who are on Roiworld that have never heard of Stardoll. That is quite simply a famous dress, and as a virtual fashion site (although, granted, they're late) it's not a suprising addition. It doesn't necessarily mean that Roiworld is copying Stardoll. They put up some Balmain pieces before Stardoll did, for example.

  5. I don't think you can say they copied each other. They both made a virtual version of a real life dress...!!
    Of course that doesn't explain the hairstyles :S

  6. dont know if you care but I found a dress that is kind of similiar to these on forever 21 it is just shorter in length.


  7. there is another copycat if you go to
    http://www.gamesbunch.com/dress_up/celebrities/ashley_tisdale_makeover.html and you do the make up the hair really looks like the ashley doll in stardoll. then you see the clothes which really are copied from stardoll. xoxo anneke-de-hamer