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10 August 2009

FREE Hannah Montana Gift 4!

To get the Hannah Montana Silver Dress, follow the steps below:

Tip: to save some time, before using a proxy log into Stardoll and click the "Remember Me" option. It might save you some time!

1. Choose a UK Manual Proxy. I chose port 80, but if it doesn't work try other proxies listed on the sidebar. Learn how to use a manual proxy clicking here.
2. Go to: http://www.stardoll.com/en/clubs/home.php?id=1350765. Join the club if you haven't done so before.
3. Watch the trailer number 4, wait a few seconds, then close the window.
4. Go back to the proxy settings and opt out.

If you have missed previous gifts, watch the other trailers!
Did it work? And thanks to ingriduxse and yorkielover23
+ + We added more Free Stuff to the sidebar - they are old stuff, but still working!


  1. thank u sooo much that time actually worked :D i got the 3 shirts, jacket and the 2 belts

  2. tnx soo much i got 2 shirts the jacket 2 belts and the miley dress! tnx so much again i would go here everyday to look 4 cheats!

  3. i tried this and half worked,i was able to get to the club but i couldn't join the club.

  4. pleeeeasss help me ill give you my user and pass on stardoll please

  5. Hi! Awesome site.
    Can someone help me? Where do I watch the trailers? Please tell me!!
    Thank you soo much!

  6. it doesnt work. i cant find a proxy please help

  7. Which club i should join???
    It took me to a page where all clubs are listed...help:)

  8. Proxy took me to a page where all clubs are listed...which one should I join??? Help,please!

  9. Try Joining the Hannah Montana Club by Searching it!

  10. I got to the Disney UK Site, but there were no trailers to watch it just said I need the latest version of Flash Player!! When I went to disney.uk on my normal browser there were no trailers at all either except for the HM Movie and that wasn't part of it! Please help =(