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12 August 2009


Stardoll is gone glitch-a-holic: they have added new buttons in search at the Starplaza in "Colors" and "Stuff". See the glitches below:
- "What are you looking for?":
1) Silver
2) Gold
3) Multi Color
4) Logo/ Printed
5) Theme
- "What color?"
1) Multi Color
2) Gold
3) Silver
4) Logo/ Printed
Another glitch is that Stardoll is telling people that they sold stuff in the Bazaar, even though they didn't. This is happening to non-superstars too.
I hope Stardoll keeps the new buttons in search, but they should fix them since they are messy and show up as black. Also, they should fix the Starbaazar glitch as soon as possible.
by marudoll

1 comment:

  1. Another glitch: In Abbey Dawn, if you click on the Plaid Trim Logo Hoodie, for some reason, below it is a white number 22. Weird...