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29 August 2009

myproxy.ca & daveproxy.co.uk: Virus Alert

Hi guys! Thanks to Anonymous and marasinon, I know today there's a virus on myproxy.ca, so don't enter it for a couple of days! To get free stuff, use schoolunlock.info or other proxies which you can find on the sidebar.

Also, daveproxy.co.uk is dangerous, so I don't reccomend going into there for a while, too. You can always use a british manual proxy, on the sidebar.

I'm not sure what kind of viruses myproxy.ca and daveproxy.co.uk since I have Norton, but as for now don't go into there. I apologize for telling you to go into there.

Keep updated about wether it's safe or not to go into other sites...


  1. thanks for letting us know :)

  2. Yeh whenever i go into it my security thing detects that its unsafe

  3. Hi
    the virus is gone, I don't get any alert any more