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17 August 2009

Coming Soon... Moxie Girlz Free Poster

Coming Soon... this Moxie Girlz poster. Notice the "Click area" below, so we'll probably need to watch a video first.
Moxie Girlz are dolls with similar face features as Bratz, however with a "be yourself"-ish message and more appropiate clothes for dolls that are targeted to 4-10 year olds (remember the extra short dresses and high heels the Bratz had?).
The dolls are from the USA so I believe this will work with myproxy.ca or schoolunlock.info


  1. cool i wait the presents !! Thanks

  2. Just sing in to myproxy.ca and you will get the poster.

  3. Hey U Know theres A New Brand MAXI GIRL ... ))) It's Only In The Search Button .. ))
    SD NAME : LANALANA02 ... )

  4. actually if you are in the USA or Canada the poster will automatically be in your suite and when you click the picture u will be taken to the store where you can buythe clothes for everybody clothes under 6 dollars

  5. believe it or not the moxie girls clothes r available for sale to non-superstars, it features dresses, guitars and a bunch of stuff, go to starplaza now

  6. when i signed into my stardoll a lil bit ago the poster was already in my suit and has anyone seen the awesome new maxi girl clothes? they are wicked cute!!! i went on a total shopping spree and hope to get what few pieces i wasnt able to buy soon.