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14 August 2009

10 under $10: 40's Soldier

As seen in Lanvin and Prada Fall 2009 runway, the ladylike 40's look is bombed with leather, vests, studs, and a fierce appeal. Meet the style that's flying off the racks: 40's Soldier.

Get started with a bodycon, high waisted skirt, like Stardoll's Pencil Skirt for $7, or get a cheaper deal with the Stardoll Wrap Around Skirt for $5. These skirts also look great when channeling the office-chic look or the Upper East Side Prep style, so they are a steal!

Then, go and get a vest just like Stardoll's Knitted Button Vest, $5, or put on a plaid shirt that is not red, like Bisou's Checked Skirt for $5. Plaid is a huge trend for fall, but a more understated, not so bright kind of plaid is classy and smart.

To finish it up, get high, up-to-the-knee socks which can also work well with other trends: Archive's Knee High Socks are nice, and for $4 they are perfect! A long pearl necklace will make it polished, but instead of white pearls opt for black ones since they won't steal the spotlight from your Loewe inspired cap. In red and black, they add the ultimate modern soldier touch without being as pricey as in real life: they cost $4 and you can find them by Search only .

You can also add the Fudge Fergie Tie for only $1, and the Bisou SchoolTeacher Portfolio for $5, which reminds me of Prada's Fall totes. But you won't show the look barefoot, will you? Add Candie's Mary Janes for $5, which just scream 40's girl.

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