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28 July 2009

What Happenned to Miss Sixty?

What happened? It's been weeks since the spoilers popped up, and clothes that came after these spoilers are already in the StarPlaza. Has the brand been pulled off because of the girl-on-girl kiss on the swimsuit (above)? Wouldn't it be easier for Stardoll to just get rid of the swimsuit and release the brand anyway?

According to these Picks Of The Day, we should have got Miss Sixty a while ago, but nothing! And now it's too late to get the brand since we're already going into Fall, not Summer....

I just hope this doesn't happen to Kohls!

What do you think has happened?


  1. I know!
    Was Miss Sixty just dropped?
    And I totally hope it doesn`t happen to Kohl`s!

  2. maybe the whole lesbo thing and copyright...who knows i still want it!

  3. I don't think it was a copywrite issue. Stardoll really was going to release a whole line of Miss Sixty, mentioned the name Miss Sixty and made a store for it, so Miss Sixty must have sponsored Stardoll.
    Maybe Miss Sixty pulled back and didn't want to sponsor after all, but wouldn't Stardoll wait till they got the money before making all the clothes?
    Would Stardoll say no to a sponsor because of some gossip about 'the kiss'?!

    If you ask Stardoll all they reply is 'technical problems and aware of it' :S

    I find it weird. And hate it when Stardoll does that kind of things. Why can't they just make a post on the Magazine or writer everyone a letter explaining what happened? They they wouldn't get all the complaint-mails from members either. :(


  4. ow I wrote copyright wrong, didn't I? xP