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29 July 2009

Point Of View: Only at Kohl's Prices'

When the news that the only at Kohl's store was coming again to Stardoll, with not two but three brands, not only everyone was asking when the brand was arriving to the StarPlaza, but they also asked what was going to appear on the price tag.

Last year, Kohl's was an oasis in the middle of ugly HotBuys, virtual wallets that were almost empty, and everything being Superstar. Of course, the HotBuys are much better now, and with Play & Earn we can spend Stardollars daily without having to shell out $$, but now Stardoll has changed a lot - so what should we expect from Kohl's?

To those who think that Stardoll is benefitting from making Kohl's superstar, think again. Almost everything on the StarPlaza is superstar. And 70-5% of Stardoll is not superstar. Now, imagine how much money would Stardoll get if only Superstars could buy on Kohl's. Not much, right? When you're Superstar, you don't want to spend $15 on a top and a skirt and shoes from Abbey Dawn when you can buy something from DKNY at the same price, huh?

And now, think of how much money Stardoll would get if everyone was able to buy on Kohl's. Also, more people would play Play & Earn everyday, which means that they would spend more time on Stardoll, which means more rating, which means more $$$.

Also, think about Kohl's. They are a brand who tries to advertise their stores to young girls just in time for back-to-school shopping. If they only let Superstars buy their clothes on Stardoll, chances are that the girls who cannot buy them won't give too much attention to them, so they probably won't buy their clothes in real life, and members who pay $10 per month might pay $60 for a hoodie in Abercrombie or $40 for a Marc by Marc Jacobs tee instead of paying $10 for a Candie's top.

But if they let non-superstars buy it too, lots of girls would buy their clothes online and probably they'll want to buy them in real life too!

Of course Stardoll will try to make one outfit superstar, but I believe what's left will be hanging on everyone's closets. Because everyone will win: Stardoll, Kohl's, and members! A happy ending, indeed.


by soovintage


  1. Well written post :)
    I sure hope you're right about the Kohl's stores being Non-SS and as cheap as the last time they were here. I'm excited for them to come out - do you have any idea when that might be?

  2. Hi!
    I just saw the Hot Buys-shoes for this month, and they were free! Of course, they were only for Superstars. Lucky you, superstars!

    / a.k.a BeccyA on Stardoll

  3. Yeah, I agree. I think it'll be less expensive and non-SS because selling Kohl's is basically a very big, cleverly disguised ad that makes everyone happy.

  4. Wow, a wonderful post.
    And I agree. ;]
    Everyone is happy now.