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22 July 2009

To those who want the Dog Bowl...

Unfortunately no UK proxy like daveproxy.co.uk or traffica.info works for this, so you have to do it manually. Find out how to use a manual proxy here.

The link to the club is:

No proxy is working for me, but if you still want to try here are some manual proxies:
- port 80
- port 80
- port 80
- port 80 (for Firefox, too)
- 64.19.148 port 80
- port 3124

Did it work for you? Which proxy?


  1. Hey im akapiglet i used proxy port: 80. It totally worked for me. Hope it works for you.


  2. Hey i used proxy and port: 80 it totally worked for me


  3. It worked for me! I used the first one. It's really slow and the page timed out, but I just pushed refresh and it loaded the club page. Thanks! :)

  4. I don't know...How to use this
    proxies? What means that numbers?

  5. you forgot to mention that you have to join the club to get the dob bowl!

    but yeah, anyways it worked for me. the didn't work for me so i tried the first proxy and that one worked!