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30 July 2009


UPDATE: You cannot find it under new, there's no shop yet, the price tags say "Kohls_2009"... is this a glitch? Maybe Stardoll wasn't supposed to release it? Ready, set, shop and get everything you want before it's gone! However, Stardoll might be doing this only to make us spend more. ; )

Get it while you can! Kohl's has arrived to the StarPlaza, but there's no store yet, and I cannot find them under New!
To find the pieces, search under "Hot" or by color or piece of clothing.
The clothing has a very good quality, and I'll bet you will wear most stuff for a long time. If you want girly and preppy stuff, go to Candie's; if you want rock stuff, go to Abbey Dawn; if you want more laidback, even hippie clothes and jewellery go to Mudd. It's a smart move from Kohl's, because there is something every member would like at the 3 brands.
Some stuff are pretty affordable, but the jeans cost $7, the shoes $6, and some tops and dresses reach the $9 or $10 tag! What?! However everything is not superstar.

Did you buy anything? Do you agree with the prices? What do you think?
thank you co0ol_soso


  1. WoW it's veeery cool!I really like these brands! I bought a jacket and a top :X I am so happy because I can buy anyting(I'm not a superstar).The prices are high,but clothes have a very high quality :X I really love these brands :)
    My stardoll account is : Dyanna27 ;)

  2. I love all of it, but it`s difficult to find all the items since Stardoll has not released the storefronts yet..

  3. the truth is that i didnt like all of the collection there's some stuff i didnt like that much but i adored the Grey top n the red one..n also i got the Grey half-boots, black and white jacket and the pink and purple scarf..n the prices are alittle bit high but still affordable..:D
    overall i LOVE that store from even their last collection and am glad they are back :D

  4. The Store's released! I'm so hapy everythings non-superstar, but I'm so worried it's just temporary. I feel as if I have to buy everything now before it turns superstar!

  5. Before 5-6 hours, the clothes were in Starplaza under "New". I picked the clothes that I want and now when I came back, they weren't under "New" and there wasn't a shop, but they were saved on my doll there. I bought them :)

  6. I couldn't get them to show under search for colour of clothing but I found the hot pieces

  7. I love those Clothes!!! I already buyd much of it!!! I want everything of it!! Now you can find the items in the shop
    X JoJo_2805

  8. i worked it all out. if i buy one item from the store everyday (btw, im not ss) and i still earn play and earn (5) and i get 1 per day, then in total, i will only be paying 7 stardollars from my own account! its complicated but i worked it all out! ;) its awesome!

  9. are all the items eventually gonna be ss??