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28 July 2009

Coming Soon... Candie's!

Candie's, part of the Only at Kohl's Real Brand store, will be back soon, just like Abbey Dawn! The girly style and cute colors is Candie's trademark, which you can see in the spoilers.

There are more clothes, but I'll leave them as surprises!

I love the pink bag, and all the shoes! You? However, will the prices remain budget friendly (remember, skirts for $4 and tops for $3?), and available for everyone to buy?

UPDATE: r1ma says that Stardoll is releasing Candie's and Abbey Dawn again because it's almost back to school time and Kohls wants us to have them in mind when going school shopping! Wow, I never thought that!

+ You can check out the Real Life Candie's apparel clicking here!

++ Check out the Abbey Dawn spoilers here!


  1. O:
    Candie`s is coming out too?!
    I love Kohl`s and I really like the new colours in these new Candie`s clothes! I like purple. XD

  2. Hey, can anyone tell me the last spoiler number? I deleted my internet history, I just don't want to go through hundreds. :D

  3. i love kohls..i have all the old candie colection..big fan:D.....thanks for sharing this with us

  4. I guess they are realeasing the cheap brands on stardoll because it is almost back to school time...they want little girls to keep the brand "Kohls" and "abbey Dawn" in mind when going shopping....sneaky sneaky sneaky..lol

  5. I like it! I'm excited. The last Candie's collection had some pretty useful pieces for an affordable price. I like that skirt and top, those shoes, and those scarves are kind of cute. :D

  6. i love the scarfs! =D

  7. OMG I love it and I really like that scarfs!!
    X JoJo_2805

  8. Claire Mae / JhuyedJuly 28, 2009 at 4:18 PM

    OMG! I love those scarves and bags! Can't wait for these!

  9. i luv kohls and b4 school starts i awlways going shopping there