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21 July 2009

New Hack on the Block

I'm no gossip writer, so nothing here has to do with "Anna-Sent-Hannah-this-hack-so-she-can-get-back-at-her" or "Polly-is-such-an-attention-seeker". I'm just here to get you informed on this new hack! And now, onto the article:

"Millions of girls would hack for Mary-Kate Real Celeb". Today this sentence reached new heights when the picture below started circulating around Stardoll blogs:

"Hello, Dear Friend! If you want MKA jacket for free go to this site: stardollreaders.tk and get it!" This was the message that lured hundeds of members to a scam. But how could they believe Stardoll would decide to give them the highly coveted, the jacket people would waste 3 gift codes to get, for free? Well, just take a look at the picture below:

Pretty convincing, huh? It looks like the real Stardoll, with ads included. However, there are some details that show this is a fake:
- Currently Stardoll has 36,257,910 members, not 36,235,668 as the scamming website says.
- If it really was for free, it would not be posted under the Posh24.com banner since it is not about celebrity gossip.
- Instead of the "Log In" button, there is a "Send" button.
- The "Join Now" button takes you to tinypic.com, which means that the whole page is made up of pictures, so it's definitely not Stardoll.
And most important, if the page is hosted on Piczo, .tk or .co.nr it is 100% it is not Stardoll and was user created!
Don't even try to get your MK jacket - this is a total hack!
The user who sent the message, Nojarama, claims to be hacked by grfl6, however it seems pretty weird to me since the girl has only 2 HotBuys, no rares, no DKNY... and no presentation, no best friends, even though her account was made on 2008 and she's Superstar!
Remember: if it's too good to be true, it is not true. Stardoll giving a Real Celeb, more specifically Mary-Kate Olsen item for free? Please. It is the user hack that could have been... and the fact that the message was sent by a "elite" member to fellow "elite" members (many of them who own blogs that could spill the juicy details of this scandal) just made the hack too public to work.


  1. Hey thanx I could of fall for that !!! anyways I alwas follow your blog I think its awsome keep doing it it really helps me as a non superstar to get more clothes and stuff for free

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  2. I don't know about the hack or cheat but I do know that you can get the jacket if you change your Medoll's legs to a 3 and save it. Then go to the Stardoll shop and find these Skinny Jeans that will actually be the jacket. But this only works if your legs are at 3. If not they just turn back not pants. Hope this works! It did for me!

  3. Wow, it seriously does look real..
    But thanks for the warning!

  4. Can't you buy that jacket at the Stardoll store anyway? I'm sure I have one similar, if not the same.

  5. That is the same way that someone called kokoko5 hacked some accounts and almost hacked mine. The difference is that the page was of the Hannah Montana club.