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17 July 2009

FREE Mannequin - Today Only!

Get this mannequin from Harumika following these steps:

1. Go to schoolunlock.info, us.worldproxy.tracking202.com, or myproxy.ca
2. In the Proxy URL Bar, type stardoll.com
3. Log in.
4. Click on the Pick of the Day - even though you can't see it you can click on it!

You have it! Since it's a pick of the day it's only free today, so hurry!
Did it work?


  1. but you cant put it on its on the mannequin

  2. Oh, and be aware of the advertisements on myproxy.ca. Some will harm your computer.

  3. Yes , it worked !

  4. It works thanks

  5. Thank you very much, it worked perfectly. :-)