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31 July 2009

Kohl's Wishlist

While doing my daily shopping with my Play & Earn money on Candie's, I noticed something: a Kohl's wishlist.

How to find it? Go to Kohl's and on the bottom left corner you'll see something that says "Click Here!". Click on it.
You can choose items you like from Mudd, Candie's and Abbey Dawn, and then you can print it or send it by mail. No, it doesn't get saved in your account, sadly.

Thoughts? Did you make one?


  1. Yes i did make one it was kinda Fun while doing my shopping at KOHL'S..

    Love Mirna_tink

  2. how do you get to Kohl's?

  3. Hey girls i'm andrea, i'm new here...and i'm here to tell you, that i've found the free way to become a superstar, i googled How to be a superstar for days and i finally find a site where they'll give you a free giftcode to stardoll... Here is how:
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    2.Then go to the option view aveliable offers, and you'll have to do some surveys or register to some sites, they'll give you points for doing that
    3. When you have 10 points after doing this. you go to the option *view aveilable prizes: on page 3 you can see the free giftcode for $10
    Hope it helps girls

  4. like we didnt know.......

  5. Can you supply a link